Welcome back to the It's OK, That's Love Drama Club! We have a lot in store for episode 10. From Jae Yul's move to a bunch of other really important revelations, come join us and discuss this week's episodes!

Firnlambe: THIS is what I was talking about last episode! Finally some progress in the main plot points.

Ari: I am so excited! We are finally getting to the nitty gritty of "It's Okay, That's Love". I am excited to see how the characters react and evolve. Secrets are out and that means loyalties will be tested.

June: I felt like I was totally unprepared for this episode but then again I felt like I was prepared. Point being, this drama always takes me on a freaking roller coaster!


It's starting to look a lot like romance.

Ari: This is absolutely adorable. No matter how hard she tries to fight it, she really is just a girl who's crazy about her boyfriend. The secret's out Hae Soo! We know how you really feel.

June: I know Hae Soo can get on some of our nerves but this scene just showed how much she does miss Jae Yul. I just thought it was really sweet and like her I felt like I was missing Jae Yul as well.

Firnlambe: I love how they're showing that Hae Soo is honestly missing Jae Yul. I think it shows a lot of progress for her.

The truth can't set you free

Firnlambe: This revelation must have been hard for Jae Bum. Here he is, finally able to get the truth out and it won't do anything in helping him.

June: I was pretty shocked by this. Even if the truth comes out, it still won't be enough for Jae Bum to be free and that truly sucks.

Ari: They need to get a cop or a judge in during these sessions. Someone who can actually help needs to know the truth. None of them should be punished, it was self defense through and through. That is unless Jae Yul planned this from the start o_O . . . Just the thought of that gives me chills.


Heck hath no fury like a brother scorned.

June: This was pretty sad to watch but on the other hand, he's been acting crazy towards Jae Yul and that's what kept me from really feeling bad for him.

Firnlambe: I feel bad for Jae Bum . . . I do . . . but the way he's screaming that Jae Yul killed him makes it seem like Jae Yul did it on purpose when, in fact, he did not.

Ari: Me last week...

Me this week...

Murder he wrote or more like an accident

June: So it really wasn't a murder but more of an accident maybe? I feel like there is still more to the story that I'm trying to figure out.

Ari: Jae Yul may have "killed" him but it was not murder. They where two boys with an abusive step father trying to defend themselves. He was a monster that in my opinion deserved way worse than what he got. My only question is why they did not plea self defense . . .

Firnlambe: I'm not sure why mom acted the way she did but I am convinced Jae Yul didn't stand up for Jae Bum because he thought it would be good to send him away. No more beatings in his book . . . he was just expecting Jae Bum to be gone for only a few years not 11.

Well . . . Don't they say, blood is thicker than water.

Firnlambe: This made me sad. Jae Bum was just looking out for his little brother. Unfortunately he got a judge that was just a hard-ass, who wouldn't look at the facts of the case. I'm really hoping this family will not come out in tatters at the end of the series.

June: I was supra surprised at this because it always seemed like Jae Bum hated Jae Yul or something. So seeing this side of him does show him in a somewhat different light.

Ari: Wow. This really showed a side to Jae Bum that I did not know existed. He was caring enough to take the fall for a murder he did not commit to protect the people he loved. I am beginning to believe that I've got the villain of this story all wrong. I think Jae Bum was telling . . . the truth.

♫ Noooobody knows . . . the trouble I've seen ♫

Firnlambe: Ok . . . so Tae Yong know knows Jae Yul is aboard the crazy boat. Hopefully he goes about discussing this knowledge in a safe and tactful manner.

June: So now someone knows the truth......


You got the wrong number, well because this one doesn't exist . . . .

June: I am starting to wonder why nobody has brought this up to Jae Yul yet........

Ari: Come on man, put two and two together! If I was in his situation I would confront Jae Yul. The mans dating a doctor for crying out loud, tell her if you have to. Tell somebody!

Firnlambe: Agreed . . . now that he's finished playing detective he needs to tell someone. I'm guessing he'll tell Dong Min since he's already trusted him with Jae Bum case. I just hope he doesn't accidentally let this information slip around people who don't deserve to know, like Choi Ho . . . he doesn't trust Jae Yul as it is. He doesn't need more justification to try and rip Hae Soo and Jae Yul apart.

no one has to know

Got a secret, can you keep it . . .

June: Seriously, I was like what is up with Jae Yul! This is such a no no in my book. Like she's your girlfriend and you should want to show her off to everyone!

Firnlambe: I am having a tough time understanding why Jae Yul is so against having his work place know he's dating Hae Soo. It's not like he's kept his past relationships under wraps before . . . so why start now?


Well that was such a roller coaster of events that happened. What do you all think of Tae Yong now discovering that Kang Woo doesn't actually exist? How do you think this will effect Jae Yul? Watch episode 10: Get Adobe Flash player

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