Hello my fellow Drama Clubbers! It's Episode 11 of It's Okay, That's Love and we have definitely gotten a little bit of everything. Join Firnlambe, June and myself as we discuss secrets that finally have been revealed, Hae Soo's reaction when marriage is brought up and our love for the housemates even during spur of the moment water fights.

Ari: My, my, my. So much has happened. It seems to me like everyone but Jae Yul knows the truth. When will our lead find out and how will he react?

Firnlambe: It better be soon. This is something that can NOT be kept in the dark for much longer. Jae Yul needs some serious help. Not only for his sake, but for the sake of those who care about him as well.

June: I knew this was coming. I'm very worried about what will happen when he finds out the truth.....

You have to use your...


Ari: Tae Yong is really going through it. I feel his pain, but now it's time to put on his big boy briefs and address the situation.

Firnlambe: I'm sure he will, but this is not a topic he can just confront head on. He needs to be smart about this. Consulting Dong Min will be a great help to him, for both their sakes. This information was sure to be a big blow to Tae Yong's emotional state. It could not have been easy seeing his friend--his brother--suddenly go from a man who seems to have the world at his fingertips, to a man that has some serious mental issues.

Ari: I see your point. This is a time sensitive matter and if he really does care he should handle it swiftly. Unfortunately, all the time Tae Yong spent not knowing affords him less time now that he does know.

June: For me this scene was just so sad to watch. It's going to be so hard when Jae Yul finds out the truth about Kang Woo.

If you like it...


Then you shouldn't put a ring on it.

Ari: Good for you Hae Soo. Now move on. If she continues to hash up the past she'll only get more of the same. You win some, you lose some, the true test is in your ability to recognize and appreciate a good thing.

Firnlambe: I can see where she's coming from I suppose, given her history with her mother and all that, but she would be missing out on so much if she just lets her feelings die off before they are allowed to gain some solid ground in her heart. I think she knows that too, and since it's already apart of her defense mechanism, she just lets comments like this flow.

June: I feel like I've heard this about 50 times between 3 episodes. I get it but I do understand her because of everything she's been through. I know it's not going to be easy putting her defense down.


It's a double edged sword, that you just have to learn to deal with.

Firnlambe: Good question Jae Yul. How you are able to put up with her is the question of the century. This "I'm so much better than anything that you say or do" attitude Hae Soo has going on is really starting to getting old.

Ari: Double sided? More like attention wh- . . . seeker.

Firnlambe: Whaaat?!?! Nooooooo, not Hae Soo *she said with extreme sarcasim*

June: Tell me something I don't know.

No, no.


That was not a question.

Ari: Must she play these mind games! I feel like she's driving him crazy...literally.It's always a power play with her. If respect is what she's after, that's not how you get it.

Firnlambe: GIRL!!! We are tired of your defense mechanism now . . . *sigh* If I were Jae Yul I would have started saying the opposite of what I really wanted. You know some of those picks were purely just to annoy him.

June: None, because Go Chu Jang >>>>> Soybean paste! haha I'm kidding. But seriously are you trying to get to Jae Yul.

While Dong Min's away . . .

The kids will play

Firnlambe: I really do love the camaraderie they've established between the house mates. It's nice to see them just having a good time. Particularly when we, as the audience, know its gonna come crashing down around them soon.

Ari: This is how roommates and friends should interact. Their relationship is so organic you can't help but appreciate it. Side note: Did Soo Kwang spitting catch anyone's attention? They are closer than some siblings.

June: The relationship they all have is one of the reasons (well out of many) that I love watching this show!

Will they or won't they?


That is the question.

Ari: Finally a little romance for Soo Kwang! I'm so proud . . .

Firnlambe: ugh . . . I would be, if it wasn't So Neyo. She's got way to many problems and an emotionally needy girlfriend is not what Soo Kwang needs in his life right now.

June: I'm happy for Soo Kwang but also a bit worried for him.

Is it dusty in here?

Or is it just me?

Ari: OMO! This can't be good . . Please tell me he's just sympathizing with Kang Woo. I said please.

Firnlambe: Does anyone else find it strange that he only coughs when he's interacting with Kang Woo? I can't be the only one to have noticed that. Same thing goes for his hand injury. We never see it bothering Jae Yul unless he's been talking with Kang Woo.

Ari: It's nice to see I am not the only one to notice. I really am curious to see how they explain this.

June: Same here. I want to know what really is going on with the coughs and the hand injury.


It makes people lazy.

Firnlambe: What crappy luck. Of course they got stuck with the judge that couldn't care less about the few cases he had left before retirement. I do like that Choi Ho is in on this information though.

I'm holding out for him being someone who will help Jae Yul once his illness finally comes to light. Plus now that he knows what happened to Jae Yul in the past, hopefully that will be enough to make him a great source of "manly" support . . . I hope.

Ari: This judge had the power to change their lives, things could have been so different. Hasn't he ever heard the saying "finish strong". All I can say is...

June: I just couldn't with this judge. SMH.



Is it me you're looking for?

Firnlambe: While the thought behind this gesture was sweet . . . they do know this is her place of employment right? And that this room is not strictly for Hae Soo's personal use.

Ari: I am assuming they are just going to cuddle. Either way, It's okay to break the rules sometimes. Nothin' like a little romance in the afternoon. Jae Yul sure knows how to sweep a girl off her feet...

June: Oh Jae Yul, you really are something.

Lies have been told, phone calls have been made and feeling have been shared. Will Hae Soo ever say yes? What will Dong Min do with this new found info? Why does Jae Yul keeps coughing?! Test out your theories in the comments below.

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