I'm on the edge of my seat with anticipation after this week's episode. It's Okay, That's Love has proven that it can give you everything you've been asking for, but still leave you begging for more. Family issues, confrontations and the sweetest kiss ever are just the tip of the iceberg this week. Join us as we discuss the high and lows of episode 12.

Ari: So, it has begun. I wonder how Hae Soo will react? We'll just have to wait (another week) and see . . . #Disappointed

June: Seriously! I'm itching to know how she will react and go about it.

Firnlambe: Knowing Hae Soo, she's probably not gonna take it well. Then again . . she has been known to surprise me, and given her chosen profession she may be extremely understanding.

It's decided

Jae Yul needs the treatment

Ari: Ya think?!

June: I know right!

Firnlambe: Naaaah! I don't have the slightest clue what you people are talking about. Jae Yul is perfectly //shifty eyes// normal--yeeah. It's not like he's been caught on camera fighting nothing but air--oh . . . wait . . . ummmmmmm //points off into the distance// OOOO look!!! something shiny!!! //dashes off into the sunset//

If only you knew

what is to come . . . . .

June: I can't imagine being the one that has to tell everyone the truth basically. I applaud Dong Min.

Ari: Dong Min is the glue that holds "It's Okay, That's Love" together. He literally is dealing with everyone problems and still manages to make me laugh every episode. He's definitely a favorite.

Firnlambe: Agreed, but then again, I'm not sure there's a character I don't like in this series . . . . except maybe So Neyo--I'm still up in the air with her.

It all started . . .


One fateful night.

Ari: That mom has really done a number on her boys. You know that saying "The truth shall set you free"? She should try it some time. She turned her eldest son into a "murderer" who consequently turned her youngest son into a schizophrenic. Great job woman! Not.

June: Yeah, this whole situation is just sad all the way around and at this point it's just a ticking time bomb waiting to go off.

Firnlambe: I'm curious as to why it was Jae Bum stabbing Jae Yul in the club that triggered Kang Woo's existence, and not something else. Based off what Tae Yong is saying, it seems that this started then and that there was no mention of Kang Woo at any time before then.

Struggles . . .

every family has them.

Firnlambe: Not cool writers!! We want to see a happy Soo Kwang . . . not this sad, heartbroken version. I don't like having tears well up when someone who's so kind and caring towards others gets hurt by someone they care deeply for.

June: Poor Soo Kwang! I teared up watching this! I'm like why can't you be happy for Soo Kwang!

Ari: Soo Kwang is such a sweetie. He has so much respect for a man who doesn't deserve it. He has done all he can, the best thing for him now is to let go of his father and move on with his life. As for So Nyeo seeing, she is three kinds of crazy so she can't talk.

The Truth . . .

is in the flashbacks.

Firnlambe: Personally I loved this whole sequence. It was so interesting to see how Dong Min envisioned what really went down, and it really showcases how smart this man is. Now . . . this mother needs to be woken up from her 14 year delusional state ASAP. It's not even remotely fair that she gets to live in blissful ignorance while her boys suffer.

June: We finally get to see what really happened and boy was it something. I want to know what Jae Bum will do when he finds out the real truth. It probably will not be pretty.

Ari: It's amazing how Dong Min sees a past he wasn't apart of so clearly . . . Just kidding! In all seriousness it really is nice to finally get the whole story. Their mom needs to fess up, if not to the law to her boys. She owes them that and I feel like doing so would alter their relationship for the better.

You say . . .

no way

He's just a friend.

Ari: It's funny how oblivious Hae Soo is about her mother relationship with Mr. Kim. Actually, no it's not, it's annoying. Her mother is not sad because her "pen pal" left, she's sad because Mr. Kim is/was her boyfriend. Stop kidding yourself, Hae Soo.

Firnlambe: Oh Hae Soo knows . . . but for the sake of her mother, she's pretending to not know. There is no way that Hae Soo's condition would have manifested itself if she only thought Mom and Mr. Kim where simply something as innocent as "Pen Pals".

June: That's true. I personally don't know how I feel about the mom and her relationship with Mr. Kim but I'm kind of happy Hae Soo is trying with her mom.

Ari: I feel that honesty is the best policy. If she knows more she should let her mom know or at least stop playing like she's oblivious. Keeping her knowledge a secret will only make things more stressful for her mom in the long run.

Wanna get away?


Get a call from your imaginary friend.

June: *Cries* Kang Woo! Jae Yul! :((((((

Firnlambe: Seriously . . . how have people not noticed Jae Yul's "condition" sooner. Soooo many red flags are just hanging there for the whole world to see.


Kisses . . .

and consequences.

Firnlambe: Nooooooo! This was such a bittersweet moment for me because I am not 100% ok with this pairing. I understand that Soo Kwang's feelings for So Neyo are honest. I mean--just look at the poor man during this outburst, he's so torn up and afraid that she will just up and leave him because of it. And I will admit that So Neyo handled this exceptionally well. She took in everything calmly and accepted it for what it was.

HOWEVER!! Calm acceptance of a single outburst and then kisses once you've calmed him down via one sweet motion, will not pardon you in my book. Your past actions of abusing Soo Kwang's generosity towards you and the hurt you cause him by talking about him behind his back have yet to be forgiven.

Ari: And the award for best kiss goes to . . . . As much as they've been through, I really feel that So Nyeo cares for Soo Kwang, she really understands him. Her indifference came from fear, but now I believe she's ready to love.

June: This was soooooooo sweet of So Nyeo and I think I kind of approve of them now. I just hope she doesn't take like an 180 turn and treat him badly again. He deserves all the happiness in the world okay!

The truth . . . .

It's about to go down!

June: I just want to know how she's going to take all of this. It's like the ticking time bomb is about to explode.

Firnlambe: About damn time!! Kudos to the crew for not dragging this out and telling her sooner rather than later.

Ari: All of this and she still doesn't know . . .

My nails are non existent after this cliff hanger episode. I don't know whether to jump for joy at the progress or punch a wall because it took so long. So I've got some questions. Are they going to confront the mom about her involvement in the murder? Will Soo Kwang and So Nyeo live happily ever after? How will Hae Soo react to the news? But most importantly, when will they tell Jae Yul ?! Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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