The end is nigh, It's Okay, That's Love fans! Can you believe we've only got a few more episodes until the end? The relationship bomb has finally been dropped, and now it's time to test their bond. Will Hae Soo and Jae Yul be able to overcome this newest trial in their relationship? Join Ari, June, and myself as we discuss the ups and downs of episode 13.

Ari: It’s Okay, That’s Love never ceases to amaze. I know I've probably said that in the past, but I mean it. This drama hits you hard.

June: This drama has basically taken me on a roller coaster of emotions. I seriously could not take it!

Firnlambe: This drama always has me at the edge of my seat by the end of the second episode each week. I have no idea where the writers plan on taking this show, and to me, that just proves how great at their jobs they really are.

Relationship woes

Firnlambe: At this point I just feel bad for Hae Soo. She was just given a massive game changer for her relationship with Jae Soo. Learning that your lover suddenly has schizophrenia has got to be extremely difficult to manage.

Ari: I always knew Hae Soo was selfish. It irked me that she didn’t see the signs earlier. Her denial was almost worst than Jae Yul’s. Hae Soo lying about the severity of Jae Yul’s situation made me livid! When it comes to her character I definitely have a sour taste in my mouth that no amount of sweet can change. SMH . . .

June: I was really surprised that she did not noticed earlier either. Lying about it is not going to make Jae Yul better either.

A turn for the worse

June: I was seriously shocked at this revelation. This drama ended up being something completely different than I thought!

Ari: It’s annoying me that they keep predicting suicide to be the outcome of Jae Yul’s condition. I understand being prepared, but have some faith people. They are making me feel like “It’s Okay, That’s Love” is not going to have the happy ending I so desperately want it to have.

Firnlambe: My understanding is that most untreated cases like this end up in suicide. So to me this is a perfectly reasonable way of addressing the current situation. Personally I still have hope that we will have a happy ending . . . its just gonna be a bitch getting there.

My brother. My brother

Ari: You know you're my brother right? The love between these two is the type that makes you happy and sad at the same time. I really hope all goes well and this just makes them closer and their bond stronger. This is my K-drama wish . . . . .

June: Their interactions are seriously the best. I wish we could have more of them.

Firnlambe: Agreed, Soo Kwang is so important to the relationships in this house. Everyone confides in him, and he's always there for them whether they like it or not.

Soo Kwang . . . master of subtle manipulation

Firnlambe: This man is BRILLIANT! Absolutely brilliant. As soon as I figured out what he was trying to do I literally pointed at the TV, looked at my friend Aunnie and went "Is he? . . . Oh my God he is . . . I love this man!! So smart, like ridiculously smart! WAY TO GO SOO KWANG!!"

June: Soo Kwang is seriously the sweetest and I love this character so much.

Ari: Soo Kwang is my rock. He may not be a psychologist but he’s handling this situation:

His analogy was on the money. Side Note: Kang Woo a.k.a Jae Yul’s subconscious is getting pretty creepy.

This is my concerned face.

Ari: Why won’t they just confront Jae Yul Like the adult he is. They are treating him like a child going through his mother. Here’s how it would go: “Jae Yul, we are concerned and would like to run a few tests.” No ambulance, no games. Just adults concerned about each other. They treat him like he’s crazier than a bat out of heck. He’s been functioning normally this long, I think he’ll last long enough to make it to the hospital.

June: This whole situation is so heartbreaking.

Firnlambe: I think since he's already caused himself minor physical harm they feel he doesn't have much time left before he finally causes himself significant damage. So they want to absolutely make sure nothing goes wrong.

Everyone breaks down

June: Not even going to lie, I cried along with her. This is going to be hard on everyone, even the viewers!

Ari: I can’t help but NOT feel bad for for her. I mean I understand but “secretly” I blame her. I wish she would have gotten away from her abusive husband before things escalated the way it did. If not for herself, for her boys. #i’mjustsayin

Firnlambe: I'm with Ari here. Logically I know she didn't mean to cause her sons so much pain and suffering, but the fact of the matter is she did. To me it's not fair that she gets to be in her delusional state, unaware of what she's done, while her sons are the ones paying for her actions.



Ari: Soo Kwang really is the sweetest. I love how well he is handling everything. He’s the perfect person to have with you during a situation like this. Fighting Oppa!

Firnlambe: Love this man!! He's just the emotional rock that Hae Soo needs right now.

Well that's certainly a mind scratcher.

Firnlambe: Think Jae Yul . . . think long and hard. How could that even be possible. You were usually no where near Kang Woo whenever you talked to him. Use your logic, I know you've got to have some somewhere in that scrambled brain of yours. Personally I thought Hae Soo brought the subject up in a very skillfully tact manner. Thankfully it wasn't brought up as a direct question, which could have been very bad for Jae Yul. Instead she brought it up in a very natural way, and more importantly, in a way that had Jae Yul thinking he brought up the questions on his own.

Ari: Things that make you go hmmm. This scene . . . I held my breathe the whole way through. I was really afraid of how Jae Yul would react to her question. Heck, this was something I hadn’t even thought about. All those times when Jae Yul knew more than he should about Kang Woo and his where abouts. The scene where he’s looking out the window while Kang Woo rides his bike really got me. It’s almost like Jae Yul doesn’t want to realize the truth. Or worse . . . maybe he can’t.

June: It’s time to piece two and two together now.

Well, this is embarrassing . . .

Ari: This really blew my mind. Jae Yul has been working so hard on those pages. It’s hard for me to believe that it’s all just a rewrite of his past work. Not to mention the fact that he doesn’t realize it. Wow . . .

June: I did not see this coming at all . . . . . . .

Firnlambe: Honestly--Jae Yul plagiarizing his own works seems like a very minor detail. So many other . . more important things are happening to both Jae Yul and Hae Soo, that this fact seem completely irrelevant to me.

OK Drama Clubbers . . . Now that things have finally started to really get rolling, how do you feel everyone handled Jae Yul's situation. Do you agree with their approach or do you think things should be handled differently? We've only got a few episodes left before the end so let us know in the comment section below.

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