This episode of It's Okay, That's Love is certainly one for the record books. It made us happy, it made us angry, and it made us feel all the emotions left in-between. Join Ari, June, and myself as we discuss episode 14 and ponder the many questions it seems to be asking. Why does Hae Soo's family react so strongly when they learn of Jae Yul's condition? Why does Jae Bum react the way he does once he finally hears the news that his mother is the cause of all their woes? And, Can Jae Yul really beat his Schizophrenia, or is he doomed to see Kang Woo forever?

Ari: To call It’s Okay, That’s Love shocking would be the understatement of the year. To be honest I don’t really know how to feel.

June: I am a mess of emotions over this drama.

Firnlambe: I can’t believe we’ve only got two more episodes until the end. So much still needs to be addressed and yet, I'm still hopeful that things will end on a happy note for our leading couple.

Sold. To the highest bidder!

Ari: Ah. Mah. Gah. Hae Soo has some nerve, scratch that, Hae Soo has all the nerve. If she was the one who forced Mr. Kim in the first place, why would she treat her mother the way she did? Hae Soo used her mother just like she uses everyone. She has become a pro at projecting her guilt and anger onto others making it seem like they were/are at fault.

June: This was a complete shock to me considering we saw how much Hae Soo kept blaming her mother for everything.

Firnlambe: Yeah this was a shocker . . . and it makes me disappointed in Hae Soo more than anything else. She shouldn’t be so upset at her mother if she’s the one that told her to go back to Mr. Kim.

And finally those 3 little words

June: This was so bittersweet because we finally get to see her say those words to Jae Yul but it only came right before he was going to get taken away!

Ari: Hae Soo would say “I love you” now that she’s found out he’s ill. You know sometimes she is really unbelievable. This wasn’t sweet or romantic.This was a pitiful display of her guilt and control issues.

Firnlambe: I was really hoping she would have told him that she loved him last episode when they were in his bathroom. I was really disappointed when she didn’t, so to me I’m just glad she got past her own reservations about love and was able to express what she’s been feeling for many episodes.

Some things never change.

Firnlambe: I tried . . so hard after what she seemed to be doing last episode, to really open up and like this girl. Honest I did, but her going off and telling anyone who will listen about Jae Yul condition, when she has absolutely no right to do so just makes me furious with her.

Ari: Can’t So Nyeo just leave well enough alone. It was NOT her place to divulge that type of information. If Hae Soo wanted her family to know, she would have told them. She can blame it on her “condition”, but where I’m from we call that a big mouth.

June: Agreed. It was so uncalled for and she seemed to be doing so well before. Sighs . . . .

It’s the thought that counts.

Ari: I really do love his character and I’ve said it time and time again. He has really developed into a person who can hold his own and take control of a situation. He’s speaking his mind when it comes to So Nyeo which makes me proud. His character development over the course of “It’s Okay, That’s Love” has been very enjoyable to witness. Oppa’s all grown up! :~)

June: Soo Kwang is seriously so sweet and it was very kind of him to try to cheer up Hae Soo, even if he did fail.

Firnlambe: I loved that he hung his head in absolute shame after he tired and consequentially failed in making Hae Soo smile. It was if he went “I am sooo sorry noona, I tired . . really I did.”

Sometimes the truth hurts.

Firnlambe: The more I see Jae Bum, the more I’m beginning to like him. This scene just proves it to me. After learning that Jae Yul only did what he did to protect his mother, and that that was what consequently drove him crazy it's obvious that he feels some sort of remorse. You can see it on his face after he has his fit. He just doesn't know how to process all this new information.

Ari: What if there was broken glass in those bags? He would have gotten a lot more than he bargained for. Jae Bum NEEDS to learn how to control his temper. He’s so focused on revenge, that he can’t see the good his family has done for him. But I see him coming around . . .

June: We finally get to see some kind of progress with Jae Bum and some actual emotions towards this family other than seeking revenge. It’s kind of nice seeing him come around.

It’s like sadness all around

June: Well why don’t you go and break my heart even more drama! The development of Jae Yul’s character has definitely been a whirlwind but I was able to keep up. The fact that even when he’s in this situation, he still thinks of Hae Soo just shows how much he loves her.

Ari: As this Drama has progressed I have fallen in and out of love with every character except Jae Yul. In the end I find myself feeling for him more than anyone. His love for Hae Soo is very endearing, but for the life of me I can’t see why he feels the way he does. She has shown herself to be a nasty, selfish and conniving women who deserves very little respect. In my opinion.

Firnlambe: I don’t think Hae Soo is all that bad. Jae Yul is attracted to her because she is just as broken as he is, it just happens to be in a different way. Hae Soo is selfish at times, yes--but I don’t believe she’s always doing it on purpose or out of spite.

Ari: Recently Hae Soo has been rubbing me the wrong way, but I can see your point Firnlambe. You may have even made their relationship bearable. But (lol) . . . finding someone as broken as you is no reason to fall in love.

Firnlambe: I guess, but (lol) it is certainly a good enough reason to be attracted to them. Which in my opinion is what happened. He started out just being attracted to her, his “love” for her came later and was not an instantaneous thing.

Ari: Now that, I can agree with.

Hypocracy is a disease. Get well soon.

Ari: This really hurt me. Her family is proving to be worse than the people who criticize her father. Leaving when the going gets tough is a sign of weak character. If you truly love someone, staying by their side is the only option. Jae Yul is not her father and they have not right to treat him like he is. Jae Yul has shown time and time again his ability to function normally. They really need to back off.

June: AGREED. I really could not understand why they were acting this way and saying all these things to Hae Soo. The hypocrisy coming from this family was getting on my last nerve. Hae Soo loves him and if she wants to stay by Jae Yul’s side, then they should support her decision to do so.

Firnlambe: THANK YOU ARI!!! My thoughts exactly. What right do they have to get so upset with Hae Soo for sticking with Jae Yul. They were treating him like he was the best thing that could have happened to her just a few weeks ago. And now that he’s “not right” they shun him like he’s contracted some disease? Not cool family, not cool.

It’s time for the Hallyu Wave's favorite game . . . Family Feud

Firnlambe: This mother makes me so angry. What right does she have to demand this of her daughter. Who she decides to spend her time with is not her concern.

Ari: As I said before this really disappoints me. This whole family lacks integrity and character. To be honest, they disgust me. Hae Soo’s mom said that she tricks herself into believing her husband can’t understand but I believe it’s the complete opposite. She knows that he can understand, even in his physical state he has feeling too but she disregards them. Very shameful women.

Firnlambe: Again I agree, Dad may be unable to move or do basic bodily functions on his own, but to me it seems like he recognizes his family, and is certainly not dumb like mom is suggesting.

June: I really don’t understand why her mother would do and say things like this. I was so heartbroken when we learned that Hae Soo’s dad does pretty much know what’s kind of going on. Shame on you, mom.

Things are definitely not okay

June: Ah Hae Soo . . . . . . You knew that you shouldn’t have gone to see Jae Yul but you still did anyways and now he had another episode. Butttttttttt I do think in the end it will help Jae Yul out a bit. He needs to realize that Hae Soo is real and Kang Woo is not. Also, maybe she’ll be able to help him realize that he shouldn’t feel guilty for being in love with her.

Ari: Okay guys, if I haven’t made it apparent in my earlier comments, I will make it very clear now. Hae Soo is a BITCH. She’s very self-serving and she made it very apparent in this scene. She knew that seeing Jae Yul so soon would be detrimental to his progress but pushed forward anyway. GAHH! There are no words for how terrible her character is and has become. She’s a tease through and through but this time not with her “womanhood” but with her presence. She needs to know that she’s needed no matter how much she hurts those around her.

Firnlambe: I disagree. Yes she shouldn’t have gone to see Jae Yul, but I don’t believe her visit will prove to be detrimental to him. On the contrary, I think this will help him. Seeing Hae Soo will push him to actually confront his condition and face the fact that Kang Woo is indeed a figment of his imagination.

Ari: Hae Soo even said herself that seeing Jae Yul was a bad idea. He hadn’t seen Kang Woo in three days! As soon as she entered the room he reappeared. Anyone with a disease or addiction knows that relapsing is the worst, recovering a second time is always the hardest, and as a doctor Hae Soo should know that (hince her selfishness). So yes he’ll fight harder now, but i feel like he would have fought either way.

Firnlambe: I suppose, but he’d gone multiple days without seeing him in the past. So the fact that he hadn’t seen Kang Woo for three days means nothing to me.

Ari: We all know that one of the reasons he started seeing Kang Woo so often was because of the guilt he felt for being so in love with Hae Soo. Him not seeing Kang Woo for three days in a mental hospital where he is being treated for schizophrenia is lot different than him not seeing him out in public. She should have waited, plain and simple. A set back, is a set back.

With only one week left for our leading couple, can they finally make things work? Can Jae Yul accept reality or will his subconscious cling to the shadow that is Kang Woo? What about their families? Can Hae Soo's family learn to accept Jae Yul just like they used to? And will Jae Yul's mother finally be told the truth about Jae Bum's case? All we can do is wait and hope for the best, so let us know your thoughts and theories about what's yet to come in the comment section below.

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