Welcome back to the  It's Okay, That's Love Drama Club! We are one episode away from the end (we're all sad about it, I know)! Join us as we discuss Jae Yul's condition, Kang Woo and more.

June: I am getting ready for all my tears to fall.

Ari: This one was a tear jerker . . .

Firnlambe: No joke. Now I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again . . . Hats off to the writers working on this drama. I don’t think I’ve ever watched a drama that sucks you in quite like this one did.


Ahhh, brotherly love . . .

June: I felt like this was something was about to go down with Jae Bum visiting him. Though it was interesting seeing Jae Bum's side of the story kind of.

Ari: I knew this would end badly.I think agree with Jae Bum . Yes, he was delinquent as a kid but he loves his mom just as much as Jae Yul does. He would have never ratted out his mom, he saw what she was going through. I hate to admit it but Jae Yul may have been being selfish.

Firnlambe: Jae Yul was 15 . . . and an emotionally abused one at that. He was only doing what he thought was the best course of action. That’s not selfish in my eyes. Though I’ll admit, I really felt sorry for Jae Bum after this. The look on his face just made me want to give him a big hug.

That being said, I also wanted to punch his face once he started to beat Jae Yul. There has to be better ways for him to express himself towards Jae Yul.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 4.08.25 PM.png

I see through your lies

Ari: This was sad and to think he doesn’t actually believe himself.

June: I knew it! He still sees him but says he doesn't 

Firnlambe: //sighs// As soon as he said this I knew he was lying. You can see it in the way he moves that he still believes Kang Woo exists. It seriously just breaks my heart. This man deserves to be just as happy as the rest of the world . . . he just needs to believe it himself.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 5.52.50 PM.png

How is this even possible?

Firnlambe: Ugh . . . how can he not piece together Kang Woo isn’t really there? Seriously, he’s riding a bike . . . at a nice steady pace . . . next to a moving vehicle. That’s not normal--or even physically possible.

June: I knew this was going to be had for Jae Yul to realize that Kang Woo doesn't exist.

Ari: The whole time this was happening I was just hoping he would get over it and stop hurting himself and his family. Poor Jae Yul!


Who da thunk it?

June: Well this was certainly a revelation. I would have never guessed she was in the outhouse too! It's like everything kind of made sense and all came together. 

Ari: And to think Jae Bum was soooo bitter. A piece of advice for the future “When in doubt, don’t work it out” at least not on your own. Ask questions! I’m glad he found out, this will prove useful when it comes to his relationship with his family.

Firnlambe: Dude . . . never in a million years would I have guessed that mom was down in the outhouse too. That was just a bolt out of the blue to me. As for Jae Bum, I was actually really surprised at how well he took this new news. He didn’t throw a fit, or strike out in any way. It made me feel so proud of him.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 5.57.18 PM.png

Muah *kiss kiss*

Ari: This scene was so cute. I love how comfortable they are with each other even though they haven’t known each other long.

June: Awww, I loved the interactions between these two throughout the whole drama.

Firnlambe: I’m going to miss Soo Kwang’s character. Particularly the interactions the rest of the cast has with him and the fact that each interaction is so different depending on who he’s with.


Well, that escalated quickly.

June: Well then. It's either go or go.

Ari: The question you want to ask yourself is who’s being selfish here?

Firnlambe: After reading some of the comments, I can see where Hae Soo’s mother is coming from. I do, but still . . . I feel mom and family could have gone about this in a totally different manner, and still achieve the outcome they desired.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 6.01.46 PM 1.png

Find something that just doesn't fit

Ari: You know sometimes I run around without any shoes on too. Am I a hallucination?

June: The being in second year of high school and the bare foot all the time that was just the bomb that went off. I'm honestly impressed with how the writers hid this from us.

Firnlambe: No you’re not a hallucination, but I’m pretty sure neither of us run around barefoot 24/7. The point is that Kang Woo . . . no matter what, is always barefoot and always in his second year of high school. Regardless of how much time may pass while knowing Jae Yul, Kang Woo just doesn’t change.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 6.04.22 PM.png

And reality hits 

June: This is the beginning of an end, to be honest.

Ari: I love how Jae Yul found out. It was very realistic the way it didn’t happen too quickly and Kang Woo didn’t immediately disappear . .

Firnlambe: I agree . . . the way they went about having Jae Yul come to this realization was extremely tactful and well done. It felt natural, and did not by any means feel like they rushed it. 

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 6.05.45 PM.png

Leave now . . . and never come back . . .

Firnlambe: Yes . . . leave him alone Kang Woo. You’re not needed anymore. Let this man move on with his life please.

June: I cried but I have accepted that Kang Woo needs to leave now.

Ari: I’m pretty sure I cried on this scene. It’s like “DON’T ASK ME THAT!”.

Wow that was a whirlwind of an episode! What did you all think of finding out more about Jae Yul and his mother's past? Also, what do you all think of Jae Yul finally realizing that Kang Woo is not real! 

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