Welcome back to the It's Okay, That's Love Drama Club! Well, everyone, we have finally reached the end of  It's Okay, That's Love. We've had some happy times as much as we've had some sad times. Join Ari, Firnlambe, and myself as we discuss for the last time as the It's Okay, That's Love Drama Club the final episode.

June: I was very pleased with how this drama ended. There could have been so many ways it could have ended and I’m happy they choose this route.

Ari: Given all the sad stuff that’s happened in this drama, I like that they overcame their struggles. There really is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Firnlambe: Agreed, all things considered . . . I really liked the way they ended this drama. Everything was wrapped up in a nice little package. No plot threads were left hanging, everyone ends up happy and we the viewers feel content. Which honestly tends to be a rare occurrence these days.

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It’s time to let go

June: It’s finally that time. It was nice seeing you Kang Woo and I liked how Hae Soo told Jae Yul to thank Kang Woo for her.

Ari: Goodbyes are the second hardest thing to do. The first thing was finding out that Kang Woo was fake . For me and for him.

Firnlambe: I was so proud of Jae Yul. Finally being able to admit to yourself that this person who you’ve believed for YEARS was real, was in fact, not real had to take a lot of trust and courage. The writers did such a great job sending Kang Woo off in a way that would not make us, as viewers, disappointed.

ep16 use Choi Ho.png

Milk him dry . . .

Firnlambe: I’ve said it before . . . and damnit I’ll say it again . . . the relationship between Hae Soo and Soo Kwang is the best! It’s probably my third favorite in the entire show. Only just barely beaten out of second by Soo Kwang and Dong Min’s relationship. Which is, of course, beaten out by Jae Yul and Hae Soo.

The fact that Soo Kwang still, even with so much time past,feels the need to make Choi Ho do petty little things like this to make him pay for how he treated Hae Soo, is spectacular.

June: Soo Kwang was like the glue in all the relationships. He was seriously so sweet and awesome to everyone, which is why in the beginning when he was getting mistreated by So Nyeo I was getting so mad! But I agree, I love how he was still making Choi Ho pay for the crap he did to Hae Soo.

Ari: Soo Kwang is like the perfect little brother, if that exists. Now that this Drama is over, I’m going to need to binge watch Running Man.


And to all a goodnight!

Ari:This scene was very heartwarming. Jae Yul has overcome his obstacles so well some of his fans didn’t even think he was sick I am definitely saying goodnight to myself tonight, and you should too . . .

June: This scene felt like it made the whole drama complete in a way. Words can’t describe how much I loved this scene.

Firnlambe: I think I’m the odd one out . . . this scene just wasn’t reeeally doing it for me. Not saying that it missed the emotional nerve completely, ‘cuz it did graze it, but--I don’t know . . . I guess I was just so looking forward to Hae Soo’s inevitable return, that this scene didn’t leave me with any lasting impressions.

Ari: I see what you’re saying, but, I feel like you may have missed the point. Jae Yul was saying that he loved and cared about himself more so now, than he did before.

Firnlambe: No I got the point and the message, I just didn’t feel as emotionally attached to the scene like everyone else did.

Ari: I know it didn’t affect you, but I feel you should still try saying Goodnight to yourself.


Family matters.

Ari: This scene was so cute. Jae Bum’s hair is black! Yay!

June: I feel like this is everything they’ve always wanted to have regarding their family.

Firnlambe: I was so happy to see their family just enjoying each other’s company. Laughing like that really shows how much they’ve come together. I was also happy that Jae Bum’s hair had returned to his natural color . . . though I will admit, I think he looks better with the silver.

ep16 group shot.png

Nothing but happy couples.

Firnlambe: It was nice to see that the whole group was simply coupled off . . . with just the normal relationship drama floating around. No food fights during this soccer game folks.

Ari: Oh yeah, there was a food fight last time! Seeing them all together was very refreshing. I even like the way Choi Ho’s girlfriend was acting with him

June: I agree! It nice and funny seeing everyone coupled off and happy. No more sad moments!

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 1.08.26 AM.png

She’s backkkkkkkk!

June: Well, I really hope she didn’t expect something really huge or unexpected. lol But this is how their relationships basically were and it was kind of funny to watch.

Ari: I was expecting this big welcoming party. But I actually prefered the way they greeted her.

Firnlambe: The way they greeted her was perfect!! Totally something I would expect from Dong Min and Soo Kwang. The nonchalance attitude they had while completing the puzzle was great! And then to top it all off they just wanted to stay in the room and observe . . . man I was just about rolling on the floor while I was laughing.

ep16 dad.png

Who’s your daddy?

Firnlambe: I absolutely adore that Jae Yul is acting so smug. Both he and Hae Soo deserve to have this child. //sigh// It warms the heart . . . Jae Yul is going to be an amazing father. You could tell from the moment he held his nephew for the first time.

Ari: You could just tell that he was so proud of what he had done. Not even surprised at all. They are going to have an adorable baby!

June: Well this was a pleasant surprise! I was so excited for them!


Annnnd FIGHT!

Ari: I think everyone should have moment where they rent a white room and throw tomatoes at each other.

Firnlambe: Naaaah . . . I prefer to keep food out of my hair and clothes. I’m more of a paint girl myself. A paint war via buckets or paint ball guns is more up my alley. Though I will admit they all looked they were all having an absolute blast.

June: Whether it’s paint or tomatoes, I need to do this with my friends! It looked like so much fun.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 1.09.33 AM.png

This drama was perfectly my style TBH.

June: This drama was seriously one of the best dramas I have ever seen. I think it’s even made it’s way as one of my absolute favorites. They way they covered things that aren’t usually talked about in dramas and the chemistry between the cast was just remarkable. I’m going to miss this drama a lot.

Ari: I thoroughly enjoyed this Drama. There was not an episode that wasn’t filled with feels. They touched on human illnesses so well and the characters felt so real. They all changed just enough to where it didn’t feel unbelievable. and it ended perfectly. I would totally suggest this Drama to a friend. They will be missed.

Firnlambe: I agree with everything that has been said before me. This drama will definitely be in my top 10 list for 2014. The writing was spectacular and covered real world issues in a tactful manner, the casts chemistry was amazing, and as I’ve said previously--to top it all off, everything was wrapped up in a nice . . neat little package.

The only thing that leaves me feeling a bit biter, was that Soo Kwang got together with So Nyeo. I know she turned her act around in the end. . . but that still doesn’t stop the feels.

Wow, there you have it everyone! The final episode and final drama club for It's Okay, That's Love is finished. We all personally loved the ending, but we were wondering what were your thoughts on the ending? Did you love it, okay with it or hated it? Comment below and tell us your opinions!

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