Hello my fellow drama clubbers! It's episode 5 of It's Okay That's Love and things are beginning to heat up in more ways than one. Join us as we sleep in the bathroom, save somebody from drowning, and splash around in a magical waterfall full of kisses and fairy dust!

Firnlambe: Good grief . . . whoever wrote this show is brilliant at what they do . . . I usually am able to predict things while watching, but this drama has got my brain going in circles.

Ari: This Drama is like kettle corn, and I’m not just saying that because I scarf down bags at a time while watching it. It’s sweet, salty and über addicting. Mama likes.

June: I really thought I knew what was going to happen in the future episodes, because let’s be real, K-dramas are pretty predictable but this one has just got me all over the place.

Now this is embarrassing . . .

kang woo

That awkward moment when you get caught talking to no one.

Ari: So close, but so far away. This scene frustrated me and left me with so many question. Like... what's wrong with Kang Woo’s (imaginary) hand? Grrr. Any who, on a lighter note. So Nyeo is the definition of adorable. She is definitely becoming a favorite of mine.

June: I agree! So Nyeo is adorable and I can't wait to see more of her! Seriously, who or what is Kang Woo exactly? I need to know more about him!

Firnlambe: I'm also curious about Kang Woo's imaginary hand problems. Maybe, if the theory of Kang Woo being Jae Yul's self projection of his younger self that's been milling around the comment pool is correct, Jae Yul might have injured his hand when he was a kid. But in regards to So Nyeo being adorable . . . I guess I'm the odd girl out, because I find her extremely annoying, and unless she shapes up soon--that's likely to never change.

Something smells funny here…

What exactly is going on between you two!

Ari: This. Is. Adorable. Controversial? Yes. Do I care? N. O. Okay so, “technically” it’s wrong... But I do not want it to be right. HEY! Don’t judge me.

June: I seriously want to know how this is going to play out considering she is a minor.

Firnlambe: I'm with June on this--unless she's only just barely a minor, because if she's gonna be legal in like a few months, I don't see the problem with him going out on dates with her. . . . also, I'll give you guys this one. The scene was defiantly cute . . . but I'm contributing that more to the adorableness that is Soo Kwang, not So Nyeo, lol.

WARNING: Objects may be sharper than they appear.


Rated O for Ouch! Those with hemophobia must be accompanied by an adult.

June: That has got to hurt.

Firnlambe: Hae Soo handled this situation extremely well, all things considering. I was under the assumption that she couldn't handle the sight of blood and what not . . so that's why she went into psychiatry.

Ari: Ooohhh!

Teasing at it's finest hour

Hey Jae Yul, I think your mind is trying to tell you something.

Ari: We know you think she’s gorgeous . . . (singing) You think she’s gooorgeous. You want to kiiiiss her. You want to huuuug her. You want to smooooch her. You want to looove her.

June: Ugh. Can Hae Soo and Jae Yul just date already!

Firnlambe: He becomes such an adorable child when it comes to dealing with his feelings for Hae Soo. I agree with everyone that they need to just date already . . . Omo! so what's gonna happen if Jae Yul tries to introduce Kang Woo to Hae Soo O.o

Tick-Tock . . . Tick-Tock

Excuse me . . . but you seem to be ignoring my imaginary friend

Ari: I was so sure that Jae Yul’s relationship with Kang Woo was going to be discovered. Seems to me like I’m not the only one who’s oblivious to his secret. Goodness gracious . . . FIGURE IT OUT ALREADY!

June: I am very curious as to how Jae Yul will react whenever he finds out nobody can see Kang Woo except himself.

Firnlambe: How he has not been discovered yet is beyond me. First of all, he's supposed to be this huge celebrity right? If I saw someone that famous just chilling in the hospital having full blown conversations themselves I wouldn't just stand there and gawk . . . OK that's a lie, I probably would just stand there and gawk because I would be too shy to come up and speak with them--regardless, how the people who are particularly close to him have not noticed this change in him is indeed very baffling. Actually, I wonder how long Kang Woo has been involved in his life? It had to have been before Jae Bum stabbed him with the fork, so was it shortly after his step-father died? Gah!! Too many questions!!

Also! side note. I'm surprised at how good D.O's acting as become. In the first episode he was just sort of awkwardly placed around Jae Yul, but now that it's been revealed that he's technically not even there--everything feels much more natural. Kudos to you D.O!

Foreshadowing at its finest

Ari: This is very deep. It pertains to Jae Yul completely. As I was watching I couldn't help but wonder if he was thinking the same thing.

June: Counting down the episodes until it happens, to be honest.

Firnlambe: Same . . . and Jae Yul fits this description perfectly! Plus he is practically a ticking time bomb right now. We know things will not go over smoothly for everyone involved once his mental state is made known.

It’s a long story


But I've got time

Ari: Hae Soo is always very calm when it comes to Jae Yul and his many quirks .This has always puzzled me. Hmmm? I don't really know how to feel about her response.

June: Not going to lie, I was wondering like what the heck is he doing there!

Firnlambe: Personally I love the way she deals with the onslaught of information Jae Yul has basically just thrust upon her at random. I think its one of the many reasons Jae Yul is so attracted to her.

Opening up one's past

Seems like someone is finally opening up

Ari: This really warmed my heart. Jae Yul trusted Hae Soo enough to tell such an intimate story. This says a lot about their relationship.

June: We've got some progress here! Yes!

Firnlambe: Poor Jae Yul . . . getting beaten by both his step-brother AND his brother must have been really taken a toll on his mental health. Particularly since he doesn't even realize he is hallucinating on a regular basis.

Deja Vu for Round Two!!

. . . They Kiss Again . . .

Firnlambe: I have a feeling this damn drama is going to seriously spoil us on the romance meter for the rest of the year. So much is already happening between our leading couple and it's only episode 5 o.O I can't wait for when they officially become a couple. Granted it doesn't really help that their chemistry together is awesome.

Ari: You knew it was coming! I could cut the romantic tension with a knife. Jae Yul’s gaze and Hae Soo with her guard down made for a squeal worthy scene. This is definitely a slap the person sitting next to you moment. In this case the sequel was much better than the original.

June: YES! I want my ship to sail, sail, sail!

Oh gosh they kissed! And boy was that a kiss. One of those ones where you feel like you can feel it through the screen. What did you think of the kiss? How do you think Hae Soo is going to react? Kang Woo is becoming more and more of a mysterious character. How do you think Jae Yul is going to figure out he's not real (Kang Woo, I mean)? Is he just a projection of his younger self? Who is So Nyeo? Was Hae Soo overreacting with the whole "Just at that moment. But it's not the case now. How would you feel? Tell us in the comment section below!

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