So much has happened in this drama already and it is only the third week! I am currently massaging my jaw to put it back in place after what happened in the sixth episode of It's Okay, That's Love. Join us as we wallow in a bathtub of Hae Soo and Jae Yul's family drama and unforgotten kisses and exert pure willpower to try and find a way to hold in our anticipation for next week's episodes.

Ari: It’s Okay, That’s Love is definitely giving me K-Drama realness. Was I ready for it? No. Do I want more? Oh, most definitely.

Firnlambe: Oh for sure! The end of episode 5 just left me wanting more interactions from our leading couple but the end episode 6 just had me devastated . . . things were going so well too T^T

June: Give me more of this drama! I want it to air everyday! That ending! Ugh my heart.Tell me something good . . .


Tell me that you like it, yeah.

Ari: All you gotta do is say yes. Gosh, Hae Soo is so stubborn. She mistakes Jae Yul’s confidence for him being a “player”.

June: YES! Just date already please.

Firnlambe: Stubborn female leads are the worst! It makes us as viewers so anxious. Particularly when we know in the end they're going to get their acts together and become a couple . . . its just the process of getting there that's the problem.

The Grass is always greener . . .

. . . on the other side

Firnlambe: The writers better give Soo Kwang a happy ending because I do not approve of a teary eyed Kwang Soo! That man needs to stay cheerful and happy at all times . . . no tears allowed!

Ari: I really want Soo Kwang to find love. True love. Love that quells his fears and helps him forget about his troubles. He’s is too adorable to be alone.

June: Awww. I love Soo Kwang so much.

The truth comes out, well sort of

You know you like him!

Ari: Now, now . . . There you go. Doesn’t that feel better? Okay, okay. Let it all out . . . (under my breath) Took you long enough.

June: Heck yeah you did! So just admit it and date already, for my sake ok!

Firnlambe: One does not respond to a kiss quite like you did, if one does not have feelings for the opposite party. So stop trying to fool yourself already.

Same situation?

Has this happened before perhaps?

Ari: I feel like this is a way for Jae Yul’s subconscious to “rewrite” the murder of his dad. By stopping Kang Woo from hitting his father with the rock, he was almost able to “change” history in his mind. In the new version he (Kang Woo) didn't do that horrible thing he might have done. He told Kang Woo to run away with his mom, something I think Jae Yul wishes he could have done.

June: I feel like this might be a look into his own situation but Kang Woo is in his position.

Firnlambe: Agreed, the more I see Kang Woo the more I'm convinced Jae Yul is subconsciously trying to face the things that happened to him as a child.

Don’t act like you don’t know

our house

Our house. In the middle of our street.

Ari: This blew my mind. Guys he really believes this. He has crafted a whole world for Kang Soo. I feel like him leaving his phone behind is going to clear up a lot. Was he really fighting with no one? We’ll just have to wait and see.

June: I want to know what the CCTV will show! Like would it just be Jae Yul looking all crazy fighting nothing?

Firnlambe: He couldn't have been fighting nothing . . . his cuts and bruises can attest to that. I think that he ended up imposing his delusions on this poor man who was just passing by at the wrong place at the wrong time. Although I do hope it comes out that he was fighting nothing at all, because if it ends up he fought a total stranger--that would just be devastating.

Welcome . . .

bed bath

To my Bed Bath.

Ari: This was really touching. It's a very tender moment in their “relationship”. Hae Soo is not only the first woman to enter his bathroom, but she’s also the first person to know where he escapes to every night and why.

June: I'm really liking this progress in the relationship and it's so nice to see him open up to Hae Soo. I feel like he would keep a lot of stuff to himself.

Firnlambe: I think the fact that he knows she's "broken" too has a lot to do with how much he's opening up to her. They're a set of kindred spirits of sorts.

Family Gatherings . . .

There's never a dull moment

Ari: The secrets out! Now, to come to Mom’s rescue she has been dealing with more than a lot. Hae Soo should maybe fall off her high horse for a moment. All it takes is a split second to put yourself in someone else's shoes. This is something they both need to do.

June: Finally. Maybe she'll stop nagging Hae Soo now.

Firnlambe: I'm glad Eonni came clean and admitted to mom they they know she's been cheating on dad, and I don't blame Hae Soo at all for how she's been treating her mother. So what if mother dearest has been dealing with more than a lot. When you commit to a marriage--its for life, for better or for worse . . . she's not so special that she can get a free pass on adultery just because she's been emotionally and sexually frustrated with her handicapped husband. Nope, not even maybe.

What exactly was that Jae Bum?

I smell something shady here.

Ari: Ooohhhh! I’m telling Mom. But no seriously, what is that? Jae Bum is so slippery. Not to be trusted that one. Not to be trusted...

June: Ugh I don't like or trust this man at all!

Firnlambe: How can these people around him even maybe trust him. How can they not see that look in his eyes that's practically screaming "Hi! I'm Crazy McCrazy Pants".

I love you . . you love me . . .

We're one crazy family

Ari: NOOOOOO, It burns!!! Okay writers, we need some resolutions here. It’s too much. No more. First Kang Woo and now this. Did she see him? Tell me she did. Right when things were (sniffles) working out . . . (╥﹏╥)

June: NOOOOO! Why must you do this! Right when things were going good! I should have known!

Firnlambe: After my initial shock wore off, I was absolutely LIVID with Dong Min. He knew that Jae Bum was not of sound mind. So why he just left him . . ALONE . . in his office, with readily available drugs no less, is beyond me. And don't even get me started on Tae Young . . . that jerk deserves the worst friend award. Why would you tell him where Jae Yul was?!? Especially since you know he still wants to kill him. GAH!! incompetent supporting characters are so aggravating.

Just when I thought things were going good between our star-crossed lovers one has to go and get stabbed in the neck by his brother. But what's done is done, right? Do you think Hae Soo will see Jae Yul scrawling on the ground with his brother's arms around his neck and get there in time to help him or will they magically disappear behind the truck/bus thing that passed? Why didn't Jae Yul call out to her when he'd arrived (can you say annoying?)? Hae Soo's mom finally knows why Hae Soo has such an attitude toward her-- what will she say to fix it? Will Soo Kwang ever get better? Tell us your thoughts in the Comment Section below!

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