Hey drama clubbers! Joseon Gunman has taken some very serious turns this week, but we are finally starting to get somewhere! Rebellion is high, second leads have gone crazy, and much more, so let's jump in to our newest episodes!

We started off with Yoon Kang finally, and very literally, backing Choi Won Shin to the edge. While he didn't push him off the cliff, he did take all of his built-up anger out on the man and shot him three times in the name of family he has wronged. The end result was Won Shin falling off the cliff. In an odd way, it seems as though Yoon Kang is not actually satisfied with the fact that his father's enemy is gone.

It turns out that Hye Won, the daughter of the merchant, didn't take too kindly to people shooting her father so she decides that she must also exact revenge on Yoon Kang for his wrongdoings in a seemingly endless cycle of despair. The battle of the female leads has now put them at odds again as Hye Won searches for Yoon Kang and Soo In refuses to tell her where he is. Even after dealing with Won Shin, Yoon Kang's plans are not over until all his father's enemies are taken down. Yoon Kang puts in motion plans to take down Jang Hwa Young as well, despite the protests of Sang Chu who fee like he doesn't have a good plan.

The "toads" are planning a rebellion that includes cleansing the palace of all those who they consider lowly, meaning Ho Kyung, as well as making examples of all others that they deem unworthy. That group includes runaway slaves like Yeon Ha so they plan to make an example of her and Yoon Kang to rectify the problems in the palace. After sending out guards, Yeon Ha runs from the temple and is once again lost in the woods where Yoon Kang and Soo In manage to find her later.

The rebellion begins to stir as sand is found in the rice that is to be paid to workers of the palace. Soo In and the queen have managed to become friendly by spending some time together, including the discussion of what a camera actually is. The queen finds her interesting because she has been educated to the newer technologies of the world. The king meets them in passing and asks Soo In to teach her to teach the queen anything she has learned from her father. Upon leaving the palace Soo In learns that Ho Kyung is actually the Second Vice Premier's son after witnessing guards apologize to him. She is shocked and upset by the news, clearly feeling that she can no longer trust him as she runs off with tears streaming down her face.

Yoon Kang conjures up a plan to be Yamamoto and convinces Ganemaru and Sang Chu to help, however Je Mi is taken to be punished as a runaway slave. Yoon Kang comes to the rescue Robin Hood style, demanding the slave documents to all of the Vice Premier's slaves and burning them in front of him before sending the now former slaves on their way. Yoon Kang's plan is now put into action and he meets with Kim Hwa Young, telling him that he needs help with the mining operation in Joseon because he knows that he is "the king outside of the palace". Seemingly able to convince the old man, Yoon Kang leaves, but not before they show us that Won Shin is still alive!

Oh the twists and turns... and this was all in the first episode! Do you think Yoon Kang was actually successful? Do you think the rebellion will unseat the king? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and don't forget to join us for Part 2 where we discuss all of the things I couldn't get into this post!

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