Whew, are you guys feeling as overwhelmed with awesomeness as I am? Things are coming to a head on Joseon Gunman, and the final showdown is upon us. I’m already at the what I like to call flashback stage which is simply the moment I start thinking about all the moments I loved from this show. Very similar to most dramas that are coming to the end of their run.

This week’s episodes more set us up for what’s to come other than giving us the major action that is sure to give us one of the most explosive finales of the year. This is not to say that we weren't given some slight developments that leave us biting our nails for the series finale.

There’s a part of me that wonders/hopes the royals are simply playing the opposition’s game but will pull a fast one that will help the enlightenment and their cause. Call me an optimist but it’s so hard for me to accept that after all the false starts the king has had that it was all for naught. Then there’s the queen who I genuinely started to like a few weeks ago simply because she seemed to have a good head on her shoulders. Although she’s proven to be easily manipulated and in turn easily manipulates her husband into doing things the opposition wants him to do.

It’s almost as if this revolution will not only phase out the noble system but the monarchy as well which is likely why the royal family has been forced to fail so many times. In order for there to be a revolution, a system must fail and the monarchy may be that system. Remind me not to be the ruler of any countries. This show has ruined any lingering childhood thoughts I may have had of being part of a monarchy in any way.

Of course now that my royal dreams have been crushed, I could always start looking into my second career choice, spy. You know, since it seems anyone can be a spy on this show. Not that Soo In and Ho Kyung aren’t spying for the right reasons. Both of them are putting their lives on the line for a cause they believe in and I have to applaud them for that. The argument could be made that Soo In is actually putting more on the line seeing that her acceptance of the court maid position means she’s not only signing her time away but also her freedom to establish a relationship with anyone else including men. Which explains her mother’s tears and the relatively long heartbreaking farewell that was accompanied by the emotional ballad that was not helping at all!

I just wish Ho Kyung and Soo In were actually able to tell each other that they are spies. It would have cleared up the misunderstanding between them and we wouldn't have had one spy suspecting the other spy while both spies were sneaking around the palace doing spy work for the exact same side!

There’s also a large part of me that wants Ho Kyung to finally reveal that he’s a spy to everyone just so 1) we can see his father’s shocked face (something I live for now) and 2) so that Hye Won can stop flirting with Ho Kyung. Now that she's gone over to the dark side I just can’t support this pairing in any way. Sure, I’d love Ho Kyung to have someone when it’s all over, but THAT I cannot support.

Any theories on what will happen in the (hopefully) explosive finale next week? No history checking/cheating allowed!

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