DD: Hello again, Shooters! Welcome to another week of political warfare and REVOLUTION on Joseon Gunman! At least I think we have a revolution on our hands.

Zombie: Well, things are certainly chaotic, if nothing else. I’m not sure rushing a revolution is a great idea but hey, what do I know? It’s not like I’ve ever rebelled against anything… Unless you count my teenage rebellion against my parents but that hardly compares to this!

DD: Teenage rebellion is certainly nothing to sneeze at, but the rebellion on this show certainly seems like it’s on another level. Although I do have to question on which side I want to be. Obviously we all want to be on the side of the Enlightened but their goal is to take all the power from the King while they call all of the shots from the background leaving him as their puppet. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this what the opposition has been doing? Wasn’t that the big problem to begin with?!

Tanya: I’m pretty sure no one in the show knows what they’re doing at this point. You can’t use the current king as a figurehead. He’s already made it clear he’s not going to put up with that nonsense. Enlightenment will be needed to progress forward and the ways of the old generation are falling out of favor. So where do we stand?

Zombie: That’s exactly what I was wondering. If both sides want to take power from the king, who’s to say which side is right? Personally, I lean towards the group calling for enlightenment and revolution but I can’t really see that there’s a difference in their ultimate goals. Both sides want to rule, it’s just one side has better ideals and principles than the other. Of course how far will those ideals carry over? Ultimately, both sides are run by people and, as we all know, people are fallible, which means that, in the end, things could end up just as screwed up as they are now. Of course you could take a look through the history books and see what actually happened at this point in history but for the sake of this drama and our discussion, we’re just going to act like we don’t know what’s going on and make up all kinds of fun speculation.

DD: Nothing spoils worse than actual facts and history.

Zombie: Exactly! So, throwing history books out the window, I have to ask, where do you see this rebellion going? Do you think it will be successful or will their rushing the whole thing really mess things up?

DD: Here’s the problem, everyone on both sides are too smart! As soon as one side plans some huge move, the other side finds out almost immediately. So the rebellion could quite possibly be a success but with everyone attempting to be one step ahead of each other it’s hard to call it. There’s a part of me that questions whether I would want the rebellion to be a success at all. I would love for the Joseon people to prosper and to live in equality, but is it guaranteed under the Enlightened? Of course Yoon Kang, Ho Kyung and Soo In certainly seem to think so which makes me want this brighter future to be a reality so bad if only for everything they’ve been going through.

Tanya: That’s totally unrealistic by the way. If anyone in this show was intelligent, the other side shouldn’t be figuring things out as quickly as they do and how many times have we wanted to flip tables because they were too slow on the uptake? It’s like they are super fast at strategies, but almost as slow as a Kamehameha when it comes to the feels. I am confident that all of our leads will end up in decent situations though. Maybe not the ones they originally thought but definitely content, if not happy.

Zombie: I agree that they all deserve a happy ending, I’m just not sure betting your life on a rebellion that may fail is the best way to go about finding one. I mean, if this rebellion fails, you can bet your boots they’re all going to be executed for treason and maybe finding your true love in another life works for them but it wouldn’t set well with me. I think, had I been in their shoes, I would have found a way to secretly leave the country and go live my “happily ever after” as far away from Joseon as I could. I know that’s not a very heroic way to go but at least I’d get to spend a long and happy life with the one I love, as opposed to a short and miserable life separated by my loved one. Honestly, I’d rather be happy than heroic but that’s just me.

DD: That, my friend, is how I know you are not a Soo In (thank goodness). Soo In, as we all suspected last week, agreed to be a spy and pretty much threw all hope of a happily ever after away from Joseon down the drain. Sure, many may call her brave but I think we all know that her bravery generally comes with missteps. Let’s remember that everyone in the palace pretty much figured out that she was a spy almost immediately making her a disastrous spy just as we had suspected her to be. Although what may have been more disastrous was the exchange between herself and Ho Kyung when they came face to face in the palace while both on spy business.

Tanya: We did call Soo In disastrous ways, but she did make it past our guess of the first ten minutes of the episode. I was surprised that Ho Kyung waited as long as he did to make his feelings known and then he really picked a bad time to do it. Soo In felt betrayed, so the hurt they both have was clearly evident on their faces during the palace run in.

Zombie: If only they knew how close they both were to completely blowing everything! I was actually holding my breath on that one but, thank goodness, the fact that both of them are at odds with each other, kept them from giving everything away. It’s a good thing Soo In thinks Ho Kyung is a traitor or they would’ve let Hye Won in on all the rebellion’s secrets and then where would we be?

DD: Where indeed. I love that Yoon Kang finally picked a side and agreed to train the enlightenment’s soldiers. His skills should certainly be shared and if there was ever a time to share them, it would be on the eve of a rebellion. I have to admit that I had a serious Mulan moment while watching him train the men. ♪ Somehow I’ll make a man out of youuuuuuu ♪

Zombie: You know a drama’s good when you’re inspired to start singing Disney songs… I too am happy that Yoon Kang finally decided to do more with his life than seek revenge. He’s too good of a guy to waste his life on something as meaningless as revenge. I get that he’s still doing all of this as a means to bring down Choi Won Shin but at least by joining the rebellion he’s channeling his efforts into something greater than himself. I guess that’s what makes him the hero. He’s willing to set aside his petty desires to bring about change for the greater good. Well, sort of… He’s still after Won Shin but at least now he can justify killing his arch-nemesis, rather than seeking his head in cold blood.

DD: Am I the only one that misses Won Shin’s table flipping this week? I feel like those moments were the most satisfying simply because we knew Yoon Kang was really getting under his skin. It’s been established that one (or both) will have to die before they stop plotting to end each other but they’re both getting smarter about how they plan to end other. Also, let’s call it what it is, things are so much bigger than whatever grudge they have against each other.

Zombie: Honestly, I can see this drama ending on a very tragic note and a big part of that would be from Won Shin and Yoon Kang’s final showdown. It wouldn’t surprise me if they both ended up doing the other in because really, I can’t see one of them coming out over the other. They’re both intelligent and skilled gunmen who have been one-upping the other throughout this entire drama. To me, it seems more likely that their duel will end with both their deaths, than having one triumph over the other. Not that I want things to go this way, it just seems that this whole story is set up to be more of a tragedy than anything else.

DD: It’s certainly possible. Both of them have cheated death once. Doubt the drama gods will allow them to do it again. Which leads me to wonder if that’s such a bad thing. We love Yoon Kang and the last thing we would want is to lose him. Although I’m starting to think Yoon Kang is fulfilling whatever purpose he was sent to Joseon to accomplish and if that’s the case, what’s left? We may be jumping the gun here, but it’s very possible not everyone will make it out of this rebellion alive. Our hero is no exception.

So tell us, dear readers, what do you think of our rather tragic theory? Do you think Yoon Kang will triumph over Won Shin in the end, or will our hero and his nemesis both meet their demise? We’d love to know your thoughts so be sure to leave us a comment below!

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