Hello everyone! Last week was the ending of Joseon Gunman and it went out with a bang.... All pun intended (with no apologies)! It is hard to handle the feels as we say goodbye to the show, so let's see what happened!

Never take a rebellion lightly. Whether planned to the tiniest detail or not things always go wrong! Yoon Kang and crew attack the banquet that is being held and burn the buildings to the ground. During the sword fight Won Shin is wounded, but manages to hide. Ho Kyung finally lets his father know that he is in on the rebellion and the Second Vice Premier ends up being killed shortly after Ho Kyung walks away.

Soo In gets caught by another court lady setting up a powder charge, but manages to escape suspicion when Yoon Kang shows up and starts making a scene, yelling about the bomb. While effectively scaring the King and Queen into compliance to escape the palace, they are actually being taken hostage unbeknownst to them until the last minute. The King realizes that things are wrong when Yoon Kang walks up to him in plain view. I am happy that all of the misunderstandings between Ho Kyung and Soo In came to light while the royals were being taken out of the palace. It was good for them to make peace given that they had been close for so long.

Choi Won Shin returns to his home to rally the merchant soldiers and save the King and Queen. Despite the objections of Hye Won and his right-hand man, he demands they do as their told even without the backing of the Commerce Department. Seeing the movements of the merchants Yoon Kang realizes that Won Shin was not killed during the earlier battle. After a race to the Commerce Department seal, Won Shin accidentally shoots Hye Won and she dies in her father's arms.

Tragically for Team Enlightenment they realize their plans were too ambitious a little too late. Although the King gives into their demands for a new system and things start looking up, they are quickly crushed. The decision to bring in the Japanese in for backup was a bad idea. For once someone should have listened to what Yoon Kang was saying... The Japanese take the King and Queen back to Changduk Palace and take over the job of guarding them against the original plan.

The Royals manage to summon soldiers from Qing behind the back of the rebels and the Japanese. A battle for the palace ensues, but it is short lived as the the support of the Japanese is pulled and they leave the country. Left to their own the rebels do their best to fight the Qing soldiers, but it's not enough. During the battle they determine that the coup has failed and Sang Chu is killed.

Soo In says goodbye to her mother after refusing to part from Yoon Kang. While they are running away from the Qing soldiers with Ho Kyung the are almost discovered by Won Shin and the merchants. Soo In shot by Won Shin as they are running away and a gun battle ensues. Ho Kyung volunteers to distract them to allow Yoon Kang and Soo In to get away and also ends up being killed.

Choi Won Shin realized Yoon Kang escaped and continues to hunt him down. They are saved by Captain Moon who convinces nearby soldiers they are Japanese and need protection.

All the death and the drama! I don't think I can continue... Is Soo In going to make it? Will she and Yoon Kang get to be together in the end? Will anyone else die?! Join me, along with Zombie Mamma and Drama Debussie, for Part 2!

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