Tanya: Well, it’s our last week of Joseon Gunman. Can I ask, are we really surprised with the way things ended? The only person I didn’t expect to die was Ho Kyung.

Zombie Mamma: I’m not. I had a feeling there would be a whole lot of dying before the end, and in a way, I’m a little surprised both Yoon Kang and Soo In made it out alive. I was fairly convinced this drama would end rather tragically so I’m happy our OTP finally found their “happy ever after”.

Drama Debussie: Anyone who is at least a bit familiar with Korean history is probably not surprised as well as anyone with half a brain. I will say I was actually surprised Sang Chu died. Sure, he could be considered a minor character, but he had such a bright future that I saw no reason to kill him off. I mean, would it have hurt to let someone else live besides our OTP?! Not that’s complaining. Our main couple walked away into the sunset and it’s hard to complain about that. Although I may have some complaints about Yoon Kang’s new look…

Tanya: I was praising whomever let him have long hair again. Could have done without the facial hair, but Joseon. So let’s talk about all of this action. The rebellion, the fake one this time, completely backfired because, let’s face it, it’s apparently all about the double-crossing and then realizing that was a very bad idea.

Drama Debussie: There were so many bad ideas this week that I lost count. Everyone seemed to have this look on their face that was very Gob Bluth once they had finally realized what a huge mistake they had made. I mean, asking the Japanese to help fight a rebellion that should only involve the Joseon people is bad. Of course accidentally shooting your own daughter is quite possibly the worst mistake I saw. I’ll admit one or two tears found their way down my face during that scene.

Zombie: I know I shed a few tears over the death of Hye Won. She was such an interesting character. So strong, so determined, with just enough evil in her to be labeled as bad but not so bad that you hated her. In fact, I liked her more than I liked Soo In, so I was sad when she met her untimely end. To be honest, I was a little sad when Won Shin met his maker as well. He was such a good villain and such an intelligent man that, despite his evil ways, I really liked him. He kept this entire drama interesting, always keeping pace with Yoon Kang, sometimes getting ahead and I’m convinced this whole thing would have fallen flat without him. Sure, rebellions can be interesting enough on their own but the added element Won Shin provided, really kept things hopping.

Tanya: I’ll agree with that point. I think that the writers deserve some praise with keeping these characters interesting. There was really only one character that I would consider one-note and that was because someone needed to have consistency. I’m looking at you Soo In. I love that fact that you could watch the characters grow though… and not in a “they aged them” physical manner, but rather you could see their maturity level changing. It was reflected in attitude, expressions, everything.

Drama Debussie: Early on in the show I felt that the characters were all over the place because they couldn’t decide what side they were on. Towards the end lines were absolutely drawn which cut down on a lot of confusion for me. The argument can also be made that the main characters didn’t so much follow one side, but more their hearts and what they thought was right. I don’t think either side was the best choice, just one was the lesser evil of the two. I guess that’s politics.

Zombie: I think the reason the characters were so likeable was because they did follow their hearts. Rather than being confined to a formulaic set of rules (for example, having the hero always doing the most noble, self-sacrificing thing), the characters were free to follow their feelings, much like we do in “real” life. Yoon Kang spent a lot of time trying to decide if he was willing to set aside his desire for revenge, in an effort to support a more noble cause and I liked that for a long time, he stuck with what was heaviest on his heart. I don’t think I would have liked him half as much if he had just given up on avenging his father’s death when the king asked him to. I also like that when he did finally decide to pick a side and act, he did so because it’s what his heart told him to do. He wasn’t swayed by the higher-ups, nor was he swayed by Soo In… It wasn’t until he could see the world through the eyes of that little boy that he decided the world needed to change and he could be a part of making that change happen. I admired his compassion, even more so when he decided that helping people was his life’s purpose and he continued the cause long after the rebellion failed. He’s such a heroic hero!

Drama Debussie: Particularly heroic considering he still kept fighting the good fight after all the ups and downs (mainly downs) he experienced during this entire ordeal. Seemed like every step forward was immediately followed by some event that set him back even more. I can only admire that tenacity and willpower.

Tanya: That is also part of what made this show more realistic. It was hard, although sometimes ridiculous. I enjoyed that they had a struggle bigger than their relationship issues and it wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine though.

Zombie: This drama certainly had a much bigger scope than your typical angsty romance, which I suppose should be expected when you sit down to watch a sweeping historical drama. I liked how this story started off sweetly, then turned rather quickly into a story of revenge and then turned again into this epic national revolution, with our hero morphing from a man out for blood to a champion of the people. It’s quite a change, both in plot and in character development and it really made this an enjoyable drama to watch.

Drama Debussie: All in all, I felt that no stone was left unturned and no plotlines were left unresolved which is all we can really ask.

Well shooters, it has been fun spending the last 11 weeks with you! How did you feel about the ending of Joseon Gunman? Anything you wish would have happened differently? Anyone you wish was still alive and well in the drama universe? As always, let us know in the comments below or send us love on Twitter! Until next time!

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