This boy needs a lot of help...


Jazmine: Okay ladies! We’ll be tackling the first five episodes of this cute and quirky drama. There’s a lot to discuss so let’s start with the characters! First up, our leading man and lady!

Aunnie: I love Nebi. She’s a little spitfire and totally comfortable in her own element and the way she reigns in Dae Choong is brilliant. I’m dying to see more Woo Bin but being that he’s a bad guy in this mini-series, I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

Gina: Nebi has the strong personality that Dae Choong needs to whip him into shape.

Jazmine: I love that Dae Choong isn’t our typical male lead. He need a lot of help. Even out of all the quirky and weird male leads I’ve seen Dae Choong is definitely one that stands out for me. Nebi is adorable and I completely fell in love with her from the moment she appeared. I love her personality and spunk…..and I’m also dying to see more Woo Bin!

Who cares about image when you have chicken feet...


Gina: I love that Seo Rin is not exactly as she appears to be; it makes her even more likeable!

Aunnie: I also like the fact that Seo Rin appears to be this elegant figure but in reality she eats chicken feet, has smelly feet and is otherwise the opposite of her hallyu persona. I love it and think they’ll actually be more suited for each other than I originally thought.

Jazmine: I was happily surprised when they showed Seo Rin being this really down-to-earth girl who eats and does what she wants, but not in an arrogant way. I honestly feel like this is how a lot of hallyu stars are behind closed doors so it’s cool to see it portrayed on TV. Still not sure about how I feel with her paired with Dae Choong, but we’ll see.

Partners? Friends?...Lovers!?


Jazmine: Okay, let’s talk about Dae Choong and Nabi’s partnership? What do you think about it?

Aunnie: I got a weird feeling during episode 4 that Nebi might start to actually like Dae Choong but I’m hoping it was just me being paranoid about a possible SLS--not that my instincts were far off considering Ji Woon. I think it’s comical that she takes him to task despite obviously being younger than he is.

Gina: When Dae Choong touched Nebi’s face it made me think there might be something there! I’m not sure if anything more will come of it, but I think they’d be super cute! The only thing that we’d have to worry about is how long Nebi could remain as a human.

Jazmine: I also got the feelings like Nebi could be falling for Dae Choong. Though if that’s the case then I feel like Dae Choong would be oblivious to it. I’m also concerned for how long Nebi has as a human and what are the repercussions of her falling for him (cue Woo Bin!).

Gina: I still don’t know if Dae Choong will end up falling for Seo Rin or even for Nebi! So far I’m liking both options, so I’ll be happy either way. I also love how light and funny this mini drama is!

We’ve got competition heading our way!


Aunnie: The fact that there’s an SLS. WHY?? This is a mini-series, why did there have to be an SLS? Because an unemployed nobody falling for and wooing a famous hallyu star wasn’t hard enough, the writer’s felt that an SLS added just enough competition to make it difficult? I can’t think of any other explanation.

Jazmine: I totally agree! It’s always frustrating when there’s an SLS because there is always always always trouble! I’m hoping with the help of Nabi that Dae Choong will be able to beat him!

Gina: The scene where Nebi and Dae Choong popped all the balloons that Chun Ji Woon a.k.a the top Hallyu star set up for Seo Rin made me laugh so much because it was so random!

Aunnie: I think it’s nice that this drama is taking creative liberties but in a funny way, like with the helium and the change in their voices. It wouldn’t really work out that way but it was entertaining.

An unconscious kiss as the plot thickens!


Aunnie: This show really keeps you on your toes, especially the items that Nebi has that can only be used once. I’m actually pretty curious at what point the cat ears will serve their use. However, the best part is the white-haired oppa from TV, he’s so awkward and weird that he’s funny.

Gina: I agree about all the interesting random items that Nebi has been giving to Dae Choong. The infomercials with Joon Park are too funny!

Jazmine: I agree Aunnie. Every episode is so exciting because you’ll never know what’s going to happen. This drama is my first experience with mini-series and I’m so loving it! The actual storyline is good and the funny antics help boost the overall feeling of the series!

Aunnie: The best part is that you don’t really know what to expect, you don’t know what’s going to happen. You watch an episode and not knowing how it’s going to progress. There is nothing cliched about this mini-series and maybe it’s because it’s a miniseries that it’s not cliched. They’ve given you a general plot but how they’re going to go about it is unknown and I like that aspect.

What do you think? How is the drama so far? Do you like Seo Rin and Dae Choong together? Or are you secretly rooting for him to fall for Nebi? What about Woo Bin’s character? What do you think he’ll bring to the show?

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