Welcome ladies and gents, ahjummahs and ahjussis, to the Modern Farmer Drama Club. Join Aunnie and Taleena for episode one as we play a little game of: You Want, You’ll Take, You Get.

Watch episode 1:

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You Want Carnegie Hall, You’ll Take Seoul ....

You Get A Pepper Festival

Taleena:  From the heights of high school girl superfans to the depths of high school girl contempt and all Min Ki, played by Lee Hong Ki, gets for his trouble is a ginormous bag of peppers. We drama fans know that those peppers could be turned into cash by a down on her luck, virtuous waif; but a whiny, down on his luck rocker has been? Nope. The sneer around a lolly pop, the baffled gaze of the on looking seniors, and the sad, sad young men in pepper costumes made me laugh so hard.

Aunnie: It's only the first episode and already I can feel all my Jeremy (You're Beautiful) feels come right back to the surface when I see Lee Hong Ki acting. He has a dream to live and he wants to live it to the fullest . . . it's just too bad the world doesn't want him too. High Five for his tenacity though! However, bad form for these girls . . . if you liked EXO then you should know who the leader is. 

You Want a Decent Life, You’ll Take a Crappy Part Time Job . . .

You Get Cancer

Taleena: Wow! I really thought they were going to say "ulcer" not cancer.  I guess they are setting up for the epic feels around episode 10.  You know your life is pretty dismal when you are wearing dried pepper sideburns to emulate the King.  Here's hoping that the Kdrama gods revoke your cancer in a mid series twist.  Also, you look 1000% better without that weird Rasta wig.

Aunnie: Well . . . the life of an average person is less than dazzling but it pays the bills. His character had a rough introduction however, I'm glad we weren't given a lot of time to get attached to him before the cancer card was played--speaking of, I demand there be at least one nose bleed before the cancer card is played in all Kdramas. That being said, Ahh . . . Ms. Kdrama Book of Theories [Taleena] what's the likelihood that it's actually cancer? 

Taleena: Aunnie I peg him at 80% likely that it is really cancer at this point. For the mid show weepies. You can't cast Hong Ki and then rob us of his crying - Jeremy has a Bus of Sadness and he will ride it.

You Want A Civil Service Job, You’ll Take Passing A Test...

You Get A Chance to Dodge on Your Dinner Tab

Taleena: That is the exact look I get when I do not have coffee in the morning. You get the feeling that Ki Joon just had no idea what to do with his life outside of drumming, and has zero passion to become a civil servant.  I knew he would be the one to fall in with Min Ki's plans without a fuss.

Aunnie: Their civil exams are no joke, if Unemployed Romance is anything to go by. But then again, this is a country where students actually leave one school in the afternoon only to go to another school where they study well into the night. 

You Want Your 100 Million Won, You’ll Take a Kidney

You Get A Weird Flashback

Taleena: Is it a rule that all Korean gangsters are snappy dressers?  Also, you all agree with me that Sartorial Gangster has a connection to the man on the mountain who gave away the guitar?  Perhaps he is the man from the mountain - gangster hike too. If Kdramas have taught me anything it's that everyone in Korea: 1) hikes, 2) has a giant smart phone, 3) drinks like fish.

Aunnie: See, if Kdramas have taught me anything its that: 1) Koreans get sick when rained on (Rain notwithstanding), 2) Nosebleeds mean cancer . . . or overworked students, and 3) they drink like fish. I have to give this gangster kudos for actually being believably scary. The last gangster I saw had strands of blond colored streaks that I can only describe as looking like antennae (yes . . . I'm talking about Triangle). He's also creative, it's not the standard threaten→beat up→threaten some more we see from Korean gangsters. 

You Want A Nice Funeral, You’ll Take Some Extra Flowers...

You Get A Run In With an Entitled Punk

Taleena: I learned a lot about Yoon Hee in this scene.  She's thrifty, real thrifty. She doesn't take garbage off of anyone. She is happy to be a bumpkin, in direct proportion to Min Ki's desire to NOT be a bumpkin. Her feet are amazingly funny.  Breaking 2 million won sunglasses -I'm surprised Min Ki didn't name drop a brand here- will come back to haunt her.

Aunnie: I love this girl. She's incredibly beautiful in and outside of this Kdrama but while in character, she is obviously a girl who does not care what she looks like, how she sounds or what others may think about her and I love it. She's the polar opposite of what any Hallyu star can respectively date and she's an ex-girlfriend (kinda) of our Wannabe Hallyu Min Ki! Not to mention,she's tough, smart and has attitude. Ladies and Gentileman, this is a bada$$ female lead! 

You Want To Sell Real Estate, You'll Take Selling Cabbages...

You'll Get Any Help You Can

Taleena: Min Ki's not exactly the genius type is he? Hiding out from gangsters in the apartment next door was just the beginning.  Googling on a topic does not an expert make you, and I doubt he has any real idea how much hard work and planning farming takes. That he is under a gangster's deadline will not help things grow faster either. His plan seems to be Cabbage + Time = Profit$$$$

Aunnie:  I could not stop laughing through this entire scene as he's planning his cabbage-growing scheme because I knew there was no way he understood what kind of work he was undertaking. I couldn't stand working in my mother's garden, whether it was planting or pulling weeds, for even thirty minutes. No less having to plant, weed and harvest what is at least 5-city blocks worth of land!! 

You Want A Good Time, You'll Take Working In Your Dad's Hospital...

You'll Get a Chance to Harass Your Friends.

Taleena - I really thought that Kang Hyuk sold out his friends, took the band name, and was still performing under it with a new crew.  I wonder what exactly happened that broke them up.  Of all of them he seems like he isn't really taking anything seriously and is even more stuck in adolescence than the rest of them.

Aunnie: Bring on the Park Min Woo feels. I fell instantly in love with Min Woo after his role in Flower Boy Ramen Shop and he just keeps getting more and more handsome. I was a little disappointed we didn't get to see him in a lab coat but maybe the Drama Gods will cast him in a medical drama soon (those seem to be in nowadays). I was extremely glad when they showed the scene where Min Ki collapses on the convenient store table with the other two members but it immediately caught my attention that there were only three in the scene. I'm trying really hard not to like his character but seeing him flash those dimples in almost every scene is something I can't fight against. 

Well drama fans are you as pleased with Modern Farmer as we are? Is it cancer or a big old fake out? Do Min Woo's dimples stop you from being suspicious of his character's motives? Let us know in the comments!