Welcome back to Episode 13 of Mr Baek. Break out your tissues as our lead, despite having gained every reason to stay, seems intent on making preparations for his departure. It is a bittersweet episode as Choi Shin Hyung continues to cross off items on his bucket list, without realizing that Dae Han is doing all he can to help fulfil those wishes. Meanwhile Ha Soo and Shin Hyung cement their relationship with more tender moments, even as he nudges Dae Han closer to Manager Hong. So join Amy, Wendilynn, and me, Cici, as we discuss the ups and downs of this most recent episode.

Cici: Amy, you know how you may have mentioned that you hate waiting? Yeah, me too. To be more specific, I hate cliff hangers. But I’m jumping the gun.

Wendilynn: Just a little. How about we start with Ha Soo finding Old Man's wish of not hurting anyone before he leaves and instantly figuring out that something is not right. Dae Han wasn’t a slouch this episode either in figuring it out.

Amy: Yes. I HATE WAITING! I’m glad Ha Soo and Dae Han finally figured things out. I didn’t want them to be kept in the dark about what was happening to Old Man. I think it is better to know when someone may die than just have it suddenly happen.

Wendilynn: I really dislike when characters won’t give people advance warning of heartache thinking they are being kind. They are NOT being kind. It’s very selfish. Thankfully the clues were there for Dae Han to pick up on.

Cici I agree! But while Ha Soo is pretty certain that Shin Hyung has something very wrong with him, she hasn’t actually figured out who he is, right? She’s still too busy being in denial to overcome the illogical notion that he’s the Old Man. It seems like Dae Han is the only one who actually has that part figured out.


Amy: Yeah. I’m pretty sure Dae Han is the only one who knows for certain that Shin Hyung is actually his dad.

Wendilynn: Dae Han has actually had it figured out for awhile now, he just couldn’t reconcile what his heart knew and what his head said was not possible. He clearly decided to hell with all of that and chose to deal with what is.

Cici I was so touched when he decided to start making his dad’s bucket list wishes come true. The surprise trip was awesome. And even when he was on the verge of breaking down and showing what he knew, he held it together and kept things light. Well, at least through dinner, lol.


Amy: I know. My Dae Han is too sweet. I love how he takes care of everybody and gave Old Man a hard time for not giving a blanket to Ha Soo. You can tell he’s a warm person by how he interacts with everyone. I really wish Old Man would have just said I love you, though!

Wendilynn: The camping trip was as close to an I love you as we’ve gotten so far. Dae Han used the light to “speak” to his dad and then the Old Man used him sleeping to let him know how proud he was of him. I’m pretty sure Dae Han was awake during all that. What do you think?

Cici Definitely. He kept his eyes closed just so he wouldn’t cry, but you could see his jaw muscles working and he swallowed. Dead give-away. Though how he managed it when his father was tenderly wiping his tears and stroking his face, I’ll never know. (The FACE TOUCH...aughhhh! Tissue grab!)

Amy: I cried. This episode just made me want to hug Dae Han and give him milk and cookies. I’m glad Manager Hong will be there for him.

Cici I am happy to stand corrected in that regard. This was the first episode where I thought that maybe something could work out between the two of them. And I was very impressed with how completely Dae Han has backed off from Ha Soo. Good job, Dae Han. Here, have a cookie. And a glass of milk.

Wendilynn: You guys crack me up. Milk and cookies?!! He’s not 10. lol My feelings towards Dae Han are a little different. He’s owned my heart since his first tears and I've just fallen harder each episode. I was also glad to see him finally facing Manager Hong’s feelings and attempting to be considerate towards her.

Cici I was very relieved that her stay in the enemy camp was so short, and that Dae Han figured out what she was doing and brought her back in. By the way, can I just say that Director Jung as a villain is very disconcerting? He’s far too good looking and seems far too mild-mannered to be anything other than a Superman. I’m having a hard time hating him properly, even though his backstabbing ways are thoroughly despicable.  

Amy: I’m having a hard time separating the villain from the character he played in Rooftop Prince. Every time I see him I get excited and then sad because he isn’t nice big teddy bear.

Wendilynn: I’m thoroughly enjoying him being the bad guy. I also feel conflicted because his past characters have been such wonderful people,but he’s a total scoundrel here. And the Old Man’s realization that he’d trained him to be the underhanded monster he’s become was chilling. He had no clue he was corrupting him so badly. We know from Manager Hong’s involvement with him that he was a good guy at one point. So to know he’s not now is sort of hard to take.


Amy: Hmmm. There is still time for him to turn around. Maybe he’ll make a 180 and be the good guy again. What do you think will happen to Old Man’s brother? Old Man tried to teach him a lesson but that just made him more angry. He needs to learn from his mistakes too.

Cici I’d have more hope for him if he wasn’t surrounded by such evil witches. Between his wife and his sister, they’ve got him pretty well shanghaied. I honestly don’t think he has the backbone to stand up to their bullying.

Wendilynn: The whole family needs a wake up call and it looks like they are all going to get it with this Cruise Hotel mess.

Cici I’m not the best at following the business deals in melodramas, but it sure looks like Shin Hyung has something up his sleeve, what with that under-the-breath “I feel bad for you,” comment. When it comes to business, he really is the Old Man. Sly old fox.

Wendilynn: I want to see how this is going to bite the Lawyer. Karma doesn’t play nice.


Amy: Oh yeah! I forgot about that part. I’m sure he does have something under his sleeve then. I also don’t get all of the business talk. I kind of space out during those parts. So totally unrelated to business, didn’t you think it was adorable when the girl got couple rings and slipped one on the hotel worker guy? Hee hee hee!

Wendilynn: That was so creepy. I would be so repulsed if someone I considered a shallow numbskull just slipped on a ring and then whined for me to accept it. *shudder*

Amy: Yes but you’re thinking about real life, Wendilynn! I’m in dramaland where that kind of stuff is adorable. I wouldn’t like it if a guy did that to me in real life either. Ha ha ha!

Wendilynn: ROFL!! True, although to his credit, he looked creeped out too.

Amy: He secretly liked it. I could tell because he didn’t take it off.

Cici Well, you may think it’s adorable/creepy or whatever, but I’ve gotten to the point where every time that girl comes on the screen I get annoyed. Because it means that they’re going to waste precious minutes fleshing out characters that don’t matter and that I don’t care about. Come to think of it, this happens whenever we get near the end of a drama and I still have no freaking idea how it is all going to end. There. End of rant.

Wendilynn: True. This drama is not giving us any clue whatsoever.

Amy: More waiting to be had.

Cici Bloody cliffhanger. And yes, that was a spoiler.

So, is this the end for Shin Hyung? Will his love for Ha Soo be enough to save him? Or has he put off making a decision that could prolong his life until it's finally too late? Do you think the angels of death should give him one more chance? Share your predictions in the comments below, and be sure to join us next time as we draw even closer to the exciting conclusion.

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