Welcome back Drama Clubbers! This episode of Pinocchio will keep you guessing as our characters reveal more about themselves, we learn a few secrets, and a dead body is discovered! Join Suzy, June, and myself as we discuss this week’s episode!


Jazmine: Okay ladies! I think this episode was really geared towards us learning more about our characters. And first up, our leading man! From dummy to genius overnight? Well we all knew he was smart from the beginning. This episode really showed how caring he is and how much the tragedy in his life really affected him. I thought he really was going to pummel that kid in the hallway that talked about his dad, but he showed restraint. I was also surprised he got on TV, but that was like a testament to what he’d do for In Ha. I was pleased.

Suzy: I was pleased too! He’s clearly a very dedicated and driven person. Maybe the teachers sensed that and that’s why he never got held back. Kidding (kind of), but it’ll be interesting to find out more of what he’s kept hidden from his adopted family over the years.

June: Ditto! I'm so loving this character so much. It just went to show us how caring and determined he was. It's interesting to see how he's now shedding his All-Zero image to his genius self. I wonder as well why he's kept it a secret from his adopted family!


Jazmine: During this episode I also think that In Ha showed how she felt for Dal Po in her own way by going through all that trouble to find his library check-outs and whatnot. I also think she’s suppressing the fact that she likes Dal Po...she keeps telling him to not misunderstand, but it seems like she’s misunderstanding her own heart. But this is episode two...dramaland will drag this out.

Suzy: The more she tells him not to misunderstand, the more I am “misunderstanding!” Girl has feelings for him and she’s not very good at hiding them, regardless of hiccups. It was crystal clear when she was sobbing for him in the ambulance, which Dal Po should have stayed on, by the way. He was freakin’ unconscious! Look at me, trying to use logic. Anyway.

June: I love how she keeps saying not to misunderstand her. It's like the number one way to know that that character does have feelings for the other. Not going to lie, I already love those two! They are just too funny and adorable with each other. Omg that ambulance scene was too funny! Loved it! Haha


Jazmine: I actually liked him in the beginning. I just thought he was this snooty know-it-all but I didn’t think he was a bad person….until he started spreading the rumors about Dal Po. I understand that he wanted to confess to In Ha and everything but was that necessary? I’m over him now and I hope he slowly fades away in the background. (Loved the actor in Blade Man though!)

Suzy: Totally unnecessary, and I’m totally over him too. P.S. threatening to smack the girl you like across the face isn’t the best flirting technique, buddy.

June: This kid was just too much! I hope he's just a side character that was only good for the quiz part of the show. Sorry not sorry!


Jazmine: What do you guys think of Dal Po and In Ha’s relationship? It’s in the very beginning stages that’s for sure, but how do you think they’ll progress. I I think it’s going to be a long and hard road for Dal Po. Even though he admits he likes her….I think it’s gonna take him some time. I believe In Ha will be more open to the idea of loving Dal Po, but who knows….

Suzy: Yeah, it’s weird because Dal Po admits to himself that he likes In Ha, but has the whole her-mom-ruining-his-life thing going on, meanwhile In Ha could be more open to it, but still hasn’t admitted to herself that she might like him. Either way, I don’t think Grandpa’s going to take it very well when he sees his “son” and granddaughter get together. Eep.

June: I love them already but I know there's going to be a very, very bumpy road ahead of them. Especially with the whole journalist mom and then with gramps finding out the truth. I just know it's not going to be pretty.


Jazmine: Scaryyyy. I totally sympathize with Jae Myung, but when someone’s thoughts are like this it’s really hard for them to get through it all and heal. Things are about to get especially crazy too with the skeleton found by the building. There is going to “hell to pay” so to speak. I feel like Jae Myung is going to go after the reporters to the fullest of this extent once everything is revealed.

Suzy: I hope he doesn't go TOO crazy. I can’t say I’d be surprised though. He went through such a traumatic event and had no one to turn to because of it. We love you, Jae Myung! I want to know more about that skeleton though...

June: Hell hath no fury. I feel like he will raise some serious hell if that skeleton turns out to be his fathers. I just know things are about to go south. I just really hope he doesn't go too crazy. I hope by then hopefully Dal Po can get to them and maybe be able to heal together or something!

What do you think? Will Dal Po be able to look past what In Ha's mom did to him? How do you think Dal Po and In Ha's relationship will develop? Do you think Jae Myung will get his revenge? And what about that skeleton? Let us know in the comments below!

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