Our roommates jet off to new places to celebrate 100 days together. Wow, I can’t believe it’s been 100 days already. Half the house goes to Taiwan, while the other half goes to Japan. Unexpected things and unscripted moments can make or break a trip. How will our roommates handle these situations?

Lore: Sometimes viewers get a glimpse behind the camera (or get to see what is anything but a scripted event). There were a few of those “sometimes” in episode 14 of Roommate. While the roomies split into two travel teams, the quartet who jetted off to Taiwan found themselves in need of some behind the scenes help during their trip. Which was completely understandable – because a lot of things happened.

When Se Ho lost his phone, I felt like we saw a real moment. There is usually a lot of scripting discussion around shows like Roommate, and to a degree most reality/ variety shows are scripted (how scripted is the argument- while some shows merely sketch out suggested scenes, locations, or games, others seem to almost have the dialogue written). But the moments where Se Ho panicked over his lost phone appeared genuine, and a nice blur between those in front of the cameras and those behind. I highly doubt the scene where the film was replayed in order to find the taxi cab number was staged; if it was you can call me a fool a thousand times over.

As the roomies struggled to figure out what to do about the lost phone, a person who had been watching the events stepped in to help them find the nearest police station. It is refreshing to see scenes like this on Roommate, especially when this show walks the line between variety show-esque planned games and a reality show vision. Keep it up Roommate, I want to see more moments like this in the future. But preferably without lost phones. Cheers!

Rosie: Well Se Ho might have gone through a nightmare, but at least one Taiwanese policeman got a nice picture out of the deal.

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Just look at that genuine gratitude on Se Ho’s face!

One of my favorite things about Korean variety programs are especially these blurred realities: glimpses of cameramen taken from other angles, and the frankness that some of the cast frequently use towards the production crew just off scene. It seems most of Roommate takes place in the house, but I think Roommate is best when they take off into the world, and get into real mischief, or mayhem.

And sending the cast oversees? Perfect. I love it because it creates so many possibilities outside of what they’d normally encounter. Are viewers tired of the random and totally planned appearances of guests on the show? Enter in a whole host of normal people.

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Ruby was seriously the cutest thing in this episode, and I LOVE how the show gave her screen time to introduce herself and her life and interact naturally with the strangers barging in.

You know who else stole the show though? Cab Driver #1

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I have a feeling if I drove a cab and I ran into celebrities like this, I’d also probably act the same way. Roommate’s whole premise is to get these celebs into an environment that’s more relatable for viewers like us, which is why I adore seeing them interact with people of the real world. The fact that they give out autographs like nothing, and take pictures with every single person who helps them along the way is just icing on the cake. It’s moments like these that make the show feel more real.

Qisti: The most important thing that I learned from this episode is to write down the taxi number of every single taxi I ride in. I mean, I won't have a camera following me everywhere I go. These kinds of moments really show how real this show can get. For a while, it seemed like they weren't going to be able to find the license plate of that taxi driver but I'm glad they were able to on the end. It was great to see that the production crew and the members working together to find Se Ho's phone. It was really cool to see all the other people come out and help them as well.

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I find that the meeting with the Taiwanese singer the most interesting because of how massive he was thinking about making Se Ho's fan meeting. I don't think Se Ho was expecting any of this or the production staff. From the looks of it from the previews, it's going to be pretty epic (but from past experiences, I shouldn't have my hopes up).

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We've talked a lot about the Taiwan part of the trip and how involved everyone was, so let's talk about the Japanese leg. It was so sweet of the PD to tell Ga Yeon to stop boxing, twice, because of her shoulder injury. I don’t think anybody expected her to train and it was great to see that everyone was worried about her. From Sung Woo, Min Woo and Kang Jun to the boxing champ himself telling her to go slow in the beginning. But then what was so great about this mock fight was that he realized her passion and really put some effort to teach her. Towards the end he was extremely tired himself.

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