Our second week of Roommates abroad, and the Drama Club is still in awe of their experiences! Join us this week for a look of some of “firsts” the cast gets to experience in Japan and Taiwan.

Lore: Travel can be an amazing kick start to trying new things. Just ask the roommate cast. In episode 15, the cast experienced a lot of “firsts”--including trying out a sauna, holding a fan meeting, and meeting owls in a café. I really liked this episode for these “firsts” and how they were initiated by the roommates' travel.


Chan Yeol finally got a taste of freedom by sneaking out of his hotel room (to do something as simple as drink tea in a convenience store). It made me sad to think that out of all of the times Chan Yeol (and his group mates) have been overseas they have to stay put in their hotel rooms. When something as simple as dropping by a 7/11 is a major event, noona has something in her eye.


Se Ho’s fan meeting was another “something in my eye” moment. He really did not expect much, so it was that much more powerful to see 2,500 fans show up for the event. You could tell that he was touched by the event (and so was I). To reiterate what I have said in past drama club posts – there is something about Se Ho, his difficult past, and his comedic present that make me love him. When he had tears in his eyes during the fan meeting I think my love for him only grew.

Travel is a great way to try out new things. I was in Taiwan last year to visit my brother, who was attending a Mandarin language center in Taipei at the time. I tried a lot of new things during my stay (the food, temples, meeting new people) and I cherish the entire trip. It is awesome to see the roomies (in Japan and Taiwan) get to try out new things and grow together through travel. Here is to another 100 days, and another Roommate trip in the future!

Qisti: When traveling to different places, whether it be to an unfamiliar country or to the next city over, you'll always experience something new. It's super cool to see the roommates trying new things and experiencing their "firsts".

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Can I just say that one of my favorite parts of this episode was the roommates in Japan at that hot springs? So many firsts happened just in that one segment. Shin umma visiting a sauna for the first time. Ga Yeon spending that much money on her single room. On accident. And the water slapping game. I have no idea why the water slapping game was so amusing to me, but it was and now I need all the roommates to try it, lol. There’s a first time for everything, right?

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The most surprising first for me was definitely Chan Yeol’s. I knew that idols had it hard but there were so many security guards on his floor. All those fans who were waiting out there. It was crazy! It’s kind of sad to me that he’s been to so many countries but hasn’t been able to go out and explore. All he really did was go to a convenience store and have a drink with Se Ho. I’m glad he was able to have a little fun on his small excursion.

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Rosie: Just travelling abroad would be a first for me. Thankfully I have TV (or rather, DramaFever) so I can experience it vicariously through Roommates. Although, maybe Chan Yeol should watch more TV and/or sneak out more. It’s sad and pitiful that this was a ‘first’ for him, and the only place they made it to was a convenience store.

I have a feeling the first place in Japan I wanted to go to last week was someplace beautiful and exciting. Now though I just want to eat food and visit an Owl Cafe. Seriously - owls. Is that even humane?

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Mind you, I was rather impressed how brave they were to even touch the animals, but I maybe received a glimmer of satisfaction when the evil looking one took a nip at Kang Joon. Hey, how would you like to spend your day died up by your foot and being pet? It was still pretty mind-blowing though that such places exist. Before I only knew about Cat Cafes. Roommates should’ve gone there!

I think I’m with Lore here on my favorite ‘first’ and that was Se Ho’s first fan meeting in Taiwan, and first meeting ever! It’s also the first time I cried watching Roommate. 2000 fans coming out to meet Se Ho, most of them with their little banners or phones blasting out his name absolutely killed me!

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Sadly, or maybe fortunately(?) there was one ‘first’ we didn’t see. With so many Seho/Nana shippers in that crowd, I think Nana was very lucky that there was at least one person there prettier than her who could take her place for the pleaded ‘first kiss’.

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Kong Ling Qi, aren’t you just adorable….

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