The Roommates are still on travel mode this week, and so are we!

Rosie: I must say, the show really flows better when the cast are given something to do, or rather, somewhere to go. There’s more focus, the editing is better, and best of all it’s entertaining.

Lore: I agree - when there is focus on a game or a location everything just flows better. Maybe it is because the show takes on a more variety show feel, or maybe it is just because all of the action is located at the same place. Whatever it is I completely agree.

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Rosie: The panda agrees.

Qisti: Same. I have definitely enjoyed these past few episodes.

Rosie: Of course, planned ventures are great and all, but sometimes it’s the unplanned things that more interesting. Ga Yeon arranges to meet up with a boxing champion, and instead of just her Min Woo and Kang Joon learn some things as well, and we learn that Kang Joon would make a mighty dancer… in the ring… while he’s getting beat up… to smithereens if that guy had been serious.

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Qisti: Kang Joon’s like that guy who’s super close to being perfect but is missing that last 2 percent. But hey, I’m not complaining, I absolutely love Kang Joon the way he is.

Lore: Let’s just say Ga Yeon should continue being in charge of the MMA / professional fighting skills in the house!

Rosie: Or Min Woo! He didn’t do too bad.

Of course, nothing says travel like over-spending! Poor Ga Yeon. Here she is as the appointed treasurer and somehow she ends up in the family suite with all the guys laughing at her mistake.

Qisti: I feel for her, did a little overspending myself this past weekend. I guess hers was on accident, mine was...not.

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Lore: I felt bad for Ga Yeon when she saw the final bill at the sauna! It seems like she is trying really hard to be a good treasurer for the trip so the bill had her flustered. But I have to say it was hilarious she used the family suite on her own. Ha! Living the high life I see..

Qisti: I know, she felt so guilty afterwards. But hey, Ga Yeon was the only girl on their trip and she’s on a super hard diet (which is the hardest, at least in my opinion), I think she deserves the family suite ;)

Rosie: Good point! And since she’s obviously not spending much money on food...

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Lore: Can we take some time to talk about how awesome the roomies' hosts have been during their trip? Ruby and her family seem so sweet (and I want to steal her dog), while Sung Woo’s fan and her family were funny and genuine. I loved it when Sung Woo’s fan tried to set her daughter up with Lee Dong Wook because he is the “hotel king”. Haha.

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Rosie: Hah! Dong Wook nearly got a foreign bride! Talk about unexpected travel plans.

Qisti: Sounds like something my mom would do, lol. But yeah, Sung Woo’s fan’s family was so sweet and nice. I loved how she introduced everyone to them. It’s like Sung Woo and his roommates are part of the family too.

Rosie: I’m still in love with Ruby and her family. Especially with the inclusion this episode that Ruby’s dad was the chef all those times. Se Ho looked positively frightened when he was grilled on the man’s dishes.

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Qisti: I just want to say that Ruby is my language hero. And the good looking translator that Kong Ling Qi had.

Rosie: Ruby will always be my hero. :D

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Wasn’t that street, Jiufen, absolutely beautiful? Shall we all take a trip there together?

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