Song Ga Yeon’s big day has arrived! Welcome to this week’s Drama Club for Roommate, where we take a look at how the maknae of the Roommate household has prepared for her debut as an MMA fighter and how her first professional fight went down. Ga Yeon fighting! Literally…

Qisti: First, I’m going to backtrack a little to episode 16 where So Ra takes Ga Yeon and some her fighter oppas to eat. Before taking them out, So Ra got to see a glimpse of what training is like for Ga Yeon everyday. By the looks of So Ra’ s face, it’s rough. And it is. There were plenty of times where I thought to myself, “Wow. How can she do that? Why would she do that?”


After watching this week’s episode, I can just see it her face why she does what she does. I just want to start out by saying that I absolutely loved this episode. The main focus of episode 17 was Ga Yeon and her professional fighter debut but this episode showed so much more than that.

We got to see a lot more of Ga Yeon. Not just fighter Ga Yeon, who can instantly take down any of the male roommates with a low kick, but Ga Yeon, who works hard and loves what she does. The story about her father was touching. What made it even better was that she had the chance to share it with Dong Wook and Se Ho. They all took the time to go with her to her hometown of Jeju Island (jealous!), hike Mt. Hallasan mountain, and climb back down just so Ga Yeon can relax and reminisce before her debut. That kind of dedication screams love to me.


The most touching scene of the whole episode for me was on the actual day of the fight and her roommates were there cheering her on. Even before the match started everyone of the roommates were crying for her. Not going to lie, I had a few tears myself watching the scene of her about to start her fight. It’s because we got to see how hard she trains, how hard working she is. At the same time, we all fell in love with her genuine and humble personality.

On a sidenote: can we have a special on Ga Yeon’s MMA Fighter Oppas? The nerdy side of me is so intrigued by their culture. Especially by their conversation on the topic of whether girls wear socks or not.

Rosie: Yes, Episodes 16 and 17 were all about Ga Yeon, Ga Yeon, Ga Yeon. And you know what? I’m okay with that! 17 weeks ago if you’d asked me, ‘What do you think about women’s MMA fighting?’ I couldn’t have even told you what the initials meant. And now I find myself watching upwards of two hours joint documentary-style footage of a young woman’s journey up til her first fight, and I’m loving it.

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Now, when I say ‘loving it’ I mean with the same kind of shocked persona as So Ra watching her train, or with any of the Roommates tear-stricken faces mid-fight. I’m not even sure I could have remained in my seat for the match if I knew Ga Yeon like they knew her. I’d have been a whole lot more than just a sobbing mess, if that was me.

Which brings us back to the Roommates. For all of Ga Yeon’s special episode we saw little of them these episodes. Chan Yeol was completely MIA because of Exo stuff, but the rest came around only in support of Ga Yeon. It’s an interesting reality show twist because I came into this show expecting to see celebs all the time doing fun stuff. Instead I see celebs who, like myself, are witnesses to something they’ve probably never thought of too!

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Do I dance around in my living room cheering on an MMA debutante? No, but I sure can relate, no matter how dumb they looked. This is family. A made-for-TV family, yes. But after all this time of however many days they’ve been thrust into this situation, how could any of them not fall for Ga Yeon’s sweetness and drive?

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I’d like to think Ga Yeon received good energy from more than just that championship belt. She also had her Roommates there, and probably a whole of fans from Korea thanks to this TV show. (Oh I saw those fanboys when she stepped out of the van!) Let me just say that Thank Goodness she won! I would have cried if she lost. And she even did this knowing it would aired on national TV, not just the fight itself, but the entire focus of Roommates itself. Wow.

Lore: Ga Yeon for the win. I really enjoyed seeing more of her the last couple of episodes, and like my fellow drama clubbers I was blown away by her drive. The moment that particularly “got to” me in the last two episodes is when Ga Yeon, Se Ho, and Dong Wook climbed Mount Halla. Hearing Ga Yeon talk about her Father was extremely moving and made me understand just a bit of where her amazing drive comes from.

Of course the roomies cheering her on was adorable (the dance) and understandable (I would probably have tears in my eyes too if I watched a friend fight). As Rose said, this is a family- even if it is assembled for television. It seemed like you could really see how close everyone has become with how they reacted to Ga Yeon’s debut, especially when half the roomies ended up crying when she had her first fight.

I am happy she won her first fight, but I could not help but feel bad for her competitor. It has to be brutal to lose. After seeing how much the fighters go through to prepare (which I had no idea of beforehand, how disciplined and intense their training is) I can imagine I would cry as well if I lost a fight. But, as a caption on the show pointed out, when one person is laughing and happy with their win another will inevitably be sad because they lost. Still, seeing Ga Yeon win was amazing, especially given how much attention was focused on her. Here is hoping she has a long and successful career in the future!

So what did you think of Ga Yeon’s debut? How did you feel watching the Roomies cheer her on? Let us know in the comments! Watch episode 17: Get Adobe Flash player Read more about Roommate:

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