The Roommate house is in the midst of changes as cast members have departed, or are soon to depart the show. Welcome to the second part of this week's Roommate Drama Club, where we delve into the recent cast changes and put together a wish list of who we would love to see on the show. Remember to let us know your Roommate cast addition wish list in the comments!

Lore: The roommate house is becoming a little less crowded- first Bom, now So Ra and Ga Yeon are departing the show. While Bom left because of her “scandal” (think of it what you will), So Ra is leaving for scheduling conflicts and Ga Yeon wants to focus on her MMA career. It won’t be the same without them! I am personally sad to see each and every one of them go!

Rosie: Just a few days ago I was almost okay, knowing we’d lost or would lost two ladies (Bom and then So Ra), maybe because I’ve had time to adjust to Bom. As for So Ra, she had her moments but at least for the past month I think she’s shone a lot less even than at first. But then I read about Ga Yeon and… it definitely feels like the end of an era now.

Qisti: I can’t believe that room #1 now has nobody living in it. It’s weird and super sad. I was a little surprised that So Ra decided to leave because I was really looking forward to her opening up a little more to the roommates. I’m just glad that Ga Yeon had her moment to shine before leaving. I’m sad to see her go but I understand, and I’ve got mad respect for her and her sport.

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Lore: Word on the street is the show may soon be entering season 2 - basically they will add some roomies and maybe a few more will leave (please note this is speculation/ rumors at this point).

Rosie: I have mixed feelings on another season/edition/eta etc. Mostly because I’ve grown to like the cast, and even if they just add to the pile now I will mourn slightly. Then again, Roommates has never been a ratings success in Korea, so what’s a show to do when the cast are dropping like flies? We have two ladies left now. Nana does a good bit to keep the show flying, but honestly Soo Hyun, while I adore her, cannot run a show herself, it’s clear to say. That just leaves the menfolk, and they’re awesome but… what happens when they too have scheduling conflicts? I guess that’s why people speculate new cast members will be added, or just replaced?

Lore: I agree, with scheduling conflicts and the remaining cast (in conjunction with low ratings) they pretty much have to add cast members to keep the show going.

Qisti: Same here. It’ll definitely be interesting to see how the old roommates adapt to the new ones and vice versa.

Lore: Anyone in particular you would love to see on the show (and why)?

Qisti: Kim Soo Hyun (My Love From Another Star). Who wouldn’t want to see his lovely face every week? Plus, I just want to see how Se Ho reacts to him being a roommate.

Lore: Okay - here is my future Roomates wishlist:

D.O. from Exo because this kid goes between creepy and cute in a way that fascinates me. I think he would be pretty amusing on a show like Roommate. I would also like to see actor Kim Ji Hoon join the cast, but that is for purely selfish reasons (I always need more Kim Ji Hoon in my life).

Rosie: I’d love to see him too. Actually I’d love to see any of my favorite idols, though I think we’ve sort of seen what happens when you cast people who are so busy.

Lore: With schedules it would be difficult to see some of the more popular idols (as we have seen with Chan Yeol). Basically it is not going to happen! There are two actresses I would like to see join the cast, mostly because I have little to no exposure to them outside their acting roles and would love to learn more about them. Kim Ji Won (Rachel on The Heirs, Ji Wool on Gap Dong) seems to be an interesting young talent. Jin Se Yeon (Jae Hee on Doctor Stranger, Ok Ryun on Inspiring Generation) has appeared in a few variety programs as a guest star, but she seemed so quiet she was overshadowed by others, so it would be nice to see her open up more on a program like Roommate.

Rosie: Actresses, we need! You know what would be great though? A veteran actress, or a serious halmeoni grandma.

Qisti: Does anybody know if Uhm Jung Hwa (A Witch’s Love) is married yet? Because if she’s anything like her younger brother, Uhm Tae Woong (Architecture 101), she would definitely be entertaining. Lee Da Hae (Hotel King) would be great too. It’s always fun when her and Lee Dong Wook interact with each other.

Lore: Rosie- I love the halmeoni grandma idea! That would be a hoot and really shake up the dynamic in the show as well. Imagine when Shin Umma is suddenly a younger cast member?!In terms of other people on my wish list – anyone from the group Winner (they could replace Bom as the YG peep in the house, plus I love these boys from watching their past variety/ reality shows), Heechul from Super Junior (because what show doesn’t need Heechul), and SBS announcer Kim Hwan (hilarious when he guest spots on Running Man- he seems to have a really fun personality). Okay, I think I am done. For now.

Qisti: She’s not really a halmeoni but gagwoman Song Eun Yi (she did that collaboration song with FT Island’s Seung Hyun). She’d be absolutely hilarious since she’s still single and all. Or truthfully any gagwoman would be great on the show.

Oh! How about Apink’s Jung Eun Ji (Trot Lovers)? She’d be great if she brought her sass from Answer Me 1997, haha!

Lore: I thought of Eun Ji as well! I adore her.

Rosie: Winner boys are made for variety! Not that we’d get anyone so young from their mold right now. How about Daesung though? I need more of him in Korea.

Now Heechul, Lore… he would be fantastic. But would we ever see any of the other cast? Hah! He kind of demands the camera. I still love him though.

Lore: That is true. With Heechul it is hard to get a word in edgewise. But he would be hilarious (as always), I just can’t help wanting him on the show! Daesung would be great too!

Qisti: Yasssss, please the Winner boys.

Rosie: Well, usually I like to call upon the drama gods to make it happen, but this time I guess we can appeal to the variety gods? Let’s see what happens next!

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