We get a blast from the past this week on Roommate! Our roommate's pasts are in the limelight this episode with funny and heartwarming stories from the people they love the most. Plus, find out which of our roommates didn't know how to use a straw when they first started school.

Lore: It was definitely a blast from our Roomies' pasts this last episode, and I found it equally hilarious and touching. Hearing Min Woo talk about his struggles was heartwarming. Hearing how close he had to been to giving up until the other Min Woo found him and helped him brought a tear to my eyes. On the same note, Se Ho and Dong Wook choking up during their family dinner was also tear worthy.

Speaking of that family dinner- someone needs to get Dong Wook’s sister a tell-all book deal (kidding). That girl can talk, and talk, and never fails to reveal things she probably shouldn’t. Se Ho’s sister was also humorous, albeit a little less so since she wasn’t telling stories of how Se Ho drank out of a bottle until he was in first grade. Humor aside the idea of the two families meeting was nice because it gave us a peek into the personalities of Se Ho and Dong Wook, away from the cameras.

Nana’s hunt for her homeroom teacher was cute. I admit that the way her visit excited the students was a bit intimidating (I kept thinking-- security, where is the security!) but it was probably a really cool moment for the kids of the school she visited. And her teacher was a hoot-- rock n roll! Overall I found the episode a nice watch that reminded me of what I like about this program, especially amidst all of the drama surrounding this show, its ratings, and its cast departures.

Rosie: I agree that this was a refreshing change! Everytime Roommates makes a dramatic switch, such as vacation-time to home, I always get nervous and make assumptions that this next stretch won’t be as entertaining. But after all the togetherness in the larger groups, and then the two-episode Ga Yeon special, I enjoyed seeing the rest of the cast pair off again with their original roommates.

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Specifically, I love it when they drag in ordinary people or family members onto the show and make a big deal out of it. Sometimes we get caught up wanting to know more about the celebs and we want their friends and relatives to dish the dirt (and boy that can be awesome!) but I also love it when the direction of this show makes few distinctions between the other guests and their stories.

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I liked meeting Se Ho and Dong Wook’s families because they let them talk about themselves for a little while. I loved Nana’s teacher because even if they don’t delve deeply into his past, it still appears that they care about him. Or how about Soo Hyun’s motorcycle-fan? I learned today that he can cook chopped steak, and that is awesome. I like the blending of worlds.

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Of course Roommates is about as good as its cast, and with one member after another leaving the house for various conflicting schedules or whatever, it still feels like this show is on its final leg, and that puts a big fat Gloom over everything. This week’s episode felt a little like that with several of the members telling stories or revisiting places of their past. Thanks to Roommates each of them suddenly have a whole new range of visibility in their lives, and it was beautiful to see how others see them now, after they’ve been on the show for so long. For instance, Dong Wook’s sister’s confession about the things she learned only by watching Roommates…. How sad if that’s the way your family can learn something new about you.

Qisti: I enjoyed this episode because we really got to have a look into our roommates’ past. A lot of the episodes before this one focused on the roommates trying to bond through activities and such, but this episode was refreshing as we got to hear about our roommates through other people’s perspectives.

I absolutely loved meeting Se Ho’s and Dong Wook’s family. This is what I’ve been waiting for. They had so many hilarious stories about them. I mean who knew that Dong Wook used a bottle until the first grade and didn’t know how to use a straw. Can you just imagine little Dong Wook in first grade trying to drink his milk with a straw, haha! Sure that’s a tad bit embarrassing but it was sweet to see how his sister followed up with a story on how hardworking and thoughtful he is. It’s little stories like these that get you to love a person even more.

Who knew that our Park Min Woo knew Shinhwa’s Min Woo? That was probably the coolest fact I learned that day. We see a lot of what Min Woo goes through in the roommate household, he’s had a lot of ups and some downs. It was a refreshing change to see more on Min Woo’s past. It makes me love him even more.

We definitely can’t forget the sweet moment between Nana and her teacher. I can totally see why he was her most memorable teacher. Her teacher seemed to really nice and super down to earth. I like how he nonchalantly mentioned that he likes to gather his foreign friends and just jam it out at the clubs. Can you just imagine seeing your teacher rocking out at a club?

I guess all these stories from the past leave us imagining what our roommates were like in the past. Even though they’re old things that happen in the past, it’s still new and fresh to their roommates and audience listens and gets to learn new things. Hearing their stories really made me appreciate them more.

What were some of your favorite stories from the episode? Let us know!

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