Nana + Se Ho= Love? The most surprising love line to come out of Roommate has stayed strong throughout the episodes. Now it kind of makes us wonder: is it real or not?

Lore: The one love line that has been pretty much constant through Roommate thus far is the Seho / Nana loveline. In episode 18 Seho’s sister even brought it up, curious about it. I think that is telling as far as how much confusion surrounds this “romance”, if even if the fam doesn’t know what is true…

Rosie: True, but something tells me that brother-in-law at least wouldn’t mind. ;)

Lore: Yeah, I think Seho’s brother in law ships it! He seemed pretty excited when he said that if Nana and Seho were married Nana would be part of his family too. Haha!

Qisti: Not going to lie, but I, myself, would be pretty excited too if something like this were to really happen.

Lore: I like this loveline, but that is because I recognize it as a comedic, variety show romance. This is not real life (though I am not complaining if it was), at least in my opinion. Variety show couples are some of the most fun couples to “ship”, because they are a little out there and full of laughs (Monday couple for life!)

Rosie: Yes, this has the Monday couple kind of feel to it, except that Nana is like a pendulum and some days she seems fine hyping it up for the camera, and other days she’s downright indignant that it is only a joke.

Lore: Very true. Nana seems to go between being gungho with the love line and trying to shoot it down. It seems to me that out of the two she is the one that is more uncomfortable with it.

Qisti: That’s a very interesting point. Now that I think about it, I can’t really tell if Nana is just doing it for the laughs or if she’s just not willing to put up with it. But yeah I agree, you can totally see it on her face when she’s not really up to play the part.

Lore: I can’t help but wonder if Nana or Seho ever feel uncomfortable with how their “romance” is mentioned practically every episode - by their friends, their fans, and their family. If they were dating that would be one thing, but all indications are they are just friends.

1-Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 11.33.24 PM.jpg

Rosie: And by everywhere, it really IS everywhere. I couldn’t believe all those Nana + Seho fan signs in Taiwan, and when the whole crowd started to chant her Nana. Poor Seho, I think I saw him sweat, and not just because it was hot.

1-Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 11.39.39 PM 1.jpg

Rosie: I was also a teensy bit mad and upset for him, because I can only imagine what it must be like to be Seho standing up there for his first big memorable fan meeting and all the crowd expects him to do is produce Nana in a heartbeat and then kiss her.

Qisti: That was a super cringe worthy moment. I felt really embarrassed for them.

Rosie: I feel like Seho is now in a hard place when it comes to Nana, as that quote kind of signifies. He’s gone with the show for so long that he can’t suddenly deny he likes her. And yet, none of honestly think their relationship is ever going to really happen, so he’s got to be super careful now. Admire, respect, a positive light. Those are his only real options right now.

Qisti: I agree. He definitely chose the right set of words to describe their situation. That’s all he can do at the moment without actually crossing a line with Nana.

Rosie: A problem I have with this love line now is how it seems to have a life of its own. It far surpasses all the other jokes that have comedic value, like Soo Hyun being offered in marriage to just about every eligible male in this episode.

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Qisti: I love how Soo Hyun was being hooked up twice...on the same day. Maybe in the next episode we’ll get to see a more comedic side to Nana and Se Ho’s “relationship” with the boys ambushing their “date”. I’m just really excited for next week’s episode.

On a sidenote: Do they even have a couple name? NaHo or SeNa…?

On a very last sidenote: Let’s all enjoy this glorious picture of Kang Joon, while he and Min Woo were on their bromance date.

What do you guys think about the Nana/Se Ho love line? Let us know!

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