On this week’s episode of Roommate, Chan Yeol is home from his concert schedules, and the Drama Club is happy! Why? Well, because we missed him, that’s why!

Lore: Chan Yeol was on fire this episode. And I am not referring to his super powers. So why was Chan Yeol having the best episode ever?

Reason #1 He became a spy. To be exact he became James Chan Yeol, the youngest of the idiot trio that were out to prank Se Ho and Nana’s date.

Reason #2 He is an expert at idioms. Because idioms are important, especially when you need to apply them to super-secret date-ruining missions.

Reason #3 He is not against hugging a payphone (is that a payphone? I think it is) for mercy when the mission is in danger of being found out. Now that is dedication. Or really poor hiding skills. Either one.

Qisti: Isn’t it a machine to pay for parking? I’m pretty sure what Lee Dong Wook was making fun of Chan Yeol for during that scene, lol. Anyways, back to reasons why Chan Yeol rocked this episode.

Reason #4 He’s a baby when it comes to scary movies. Him and Min Woo both were scared, haha! Who am I kidding? I’d be super scared too. Props to Nana, who was super chill throughout the movie.

Reason #5 Salvador Chanli is a true artist. I mean who else could have created that the number 1 could be turned into a sword and the number 9 could be turned into a top. Bonus: Salvador Chanli is also a great subliminal self-promoter.

Reason #6 His driver's license photo is NOT a driver's license photo. How the frick does he look completely normal, by normal I mean freakin’ adorable, in the picture? I mean my driver's license photo...yeah let’s not go there.

Rosie: I could claim his photo looks good because he’s an idol, but then so many of them have pretty bad ID pictures too. Yep, Chanyeol’s pretty awesome there. By why else?

1-Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 12.39.02 AM.jpg

Reason #7 He’s got the logic. I mean, “If we get caught, it’s over?” Sound and to the point. Because I was definitely worried that if they got caught, the spy game would continue on. *error: severe but lovin sarcasm detected* Also, he made Dong Wook go in first to scope it out while he and Minwoo sat back and chilled on the outside. See? Smart, logical, and restful.

1-Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 7.54.49 AM.jpg

Reason #8 Expert chicken hunter! He’s not afraid to dive in there and gets his hands (or gloves) dirty. What drive! What finesse! What amazing powers of frightening the hell out of poor Dong Wook when the man finally got one in his hands!

In short, this season of Roommate is coming to close and it’s been a make-or-nearly-break experience for most of the cast, yet all throughout it Chan Yeol has shined! Perhaps we’re all a little bit biased, and he is still young, but I think this experience has given us all a taste of what Chan Yeol could be for variety TV. And I am definitely looking forward to the rest of his variety career.

So run run run with it, Chanyeol-ie!!

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