Season 1 of Roommate is coming to a close, but we’re still here to get the best out of these last couple of episodes! This week’s episode was a little rocky, but we had some good stuff happening all down the line, special guests, and a whole new spy game.

Lore: First of all, Jo Jung Shik, the SBS announcer that made a cameo in episode 19, needs his own show. Because I would watch the *bleep* out of that!

Rosie: This man was fantastic! I made me wish I had regular Korean news programs on my television, because I would watch him. Between all the jokes though, I wonder if he really did have some variety experience, or if he’s just a natural. He even had Se Ho about to fall apart. Now that is talent.

Qisti: Anybody up for him in being in the new cast for season 2?

Rosie: Absolutely not!

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I mean, look at his variety skill. Talk, talk away, Jo Jung Shik!

Lore: I think one thing that has been a challenge for the show thus far (and really caught my eye this episode) is editing. I mean, the room swap between Seho/ Dong Wook and Min Woo/Kyung Jun happened a while ago. Another “easter egg”: if you were paying close enough attention you could see the puppy that Soo Hyun bought at the end of the episode during the beginning of the trivia game.

Qisti: No way! Totally did not see that. Now I’m going to have to go back and try and look for the cute little puppy. But yeah, I’ve always had issues with the editing of the show. Definitely not my favorite the about the show at all.

Rosie: The editing was definitely a little wonky this episode. Most likely due to the fact that Roommate is literally running out of material to film?

Lore: I get that as a reality show editing will occur, but when you see the sequence of events out of place like this it can cause some side-eyeing (Ruby probably was stashed upstairs somewhere). In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really matter, as long as the flow and narrative pick up where the editing leaves off.I think at some points this show has faltered with that flow, so I have been paying extra attention to little “easter eggs”.

Rosie: Ruby was definitely stashed somewhere.

Lore: It was nice to see Ruby visiting (and I am majorly excited to see how next episode’s kimchi making experience plays out).

Qisti: I’m so glad Ruby got to visit them before the season ended.

Rosie: I noticed we are down So Ra this episode. I wouldn’t think any about it except I read elsewhere that she was quitting the show due to other obligations, but this habit of roommates disappearing without a word on the program is certainly getting to me. I realize it’s a problem of the editing, and how pieces get stitched together, but with season 1 coming to a close, will they ever do a final goodbye for everyone who was here?

Lore: It would have been nice to have some goodbyes. It seems like the roomies that leave just fall off the face of the earth…

1-Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 12.51.25 AM.jpg

Rosie: Notice all those glorious framed memories behind Ga Yeon in this shot *tear*

Qisti: I hear some of them might stay, well at least I hope some of them do.

Rosie: Me too, because it’s a little sad for those left. I noticed we got to see a whole new line of bromances come alive this episode, especially between Chan Yeol, Dong Wook, and Min Woo - a threesome that’s rarely ever seen on screen exclusively at the same time. I mean, just look at this instant loyalty!

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Qisti: Yes, please! We need more of our 007 trio. I absolutely love Chan Yeol and Dong Wook together. Especially when they caught the chickens and Chan Yeol purposefully scared the chickens to scare Dong Wook. Priceless.

1-Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 7.49.41 AM.jpg

Lore: Yeah, these three were on fire this past episode. As the crowd thins we get to see a whole new set of relationships evolve. Survival of the fittest...or survival of the people who stay on this reality show or something…

Rosie: They should win an award or something. For sticking it out and not having their careers blow up on them because of it. Min Woo barely survived that ridiculous driving episode, and I’m not even sure if Nana has improved enough to get people to forget or forgive her supposedly careless attitude towards sunbaes in the first month of the show.

Qisti: Yeah, I definitely didn’t expect these bad things to happen to our roommates at all. Especially, Nana’s situation. I’ll admit I wasn’t her biggest fan at the beginning, but now I’m definitely a fan. The honest confessions she’s had throughout the show seemed sincere to me and she’s definitely entertained me, so I’m not really sure why people haven’t forgiven her. I guess haters are just gonna hate.

Rosie: Yup, but now Roommate is moving on, and the format will change. In the meantime we’ll be back next week to discuss what looks to be the final episode for season 1!

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I’m hoping for some closure for the roomies who are leaving (So Ra, Shin Woo, Ga Yeon, and Soo Hyun at last check), and good luck to the upcoming cast!

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