Season one of Roommate said goodbye this week with the departure of four cast members (Shin Sung Woo, Song Ga YeonHong Soo Hyun, and Park Chan Yeol). Here at the drama club we decided there was no better time than now to take a look at our favorite moments from the last twenty episodes. Remember to let us know what your favorite moments from season one are in the comments!

Lore: They got a puppy. Yes, the last episode had one of my favorite moments. Because puppy (Lore’s kryptonite). Now I am seriously curious whose dog it is, since it was glued to Lee Dong Wook for most of the episode. Of course the episodes before the last did have some awesome non-puppy moments, I just had to get the puppy love off my chest first. Okay, now on to the rest. But first a picture of a puppy.

I loved way back in episode two when Bom and gang shaved Shin Umma’s beard. When I watched that scene I couldn’t help but get excited for this show. I mean, if the guy would shave off his facial hair on TV (that he had grown out for how many years) just because his roomies suggested it what other whacky and honest things could happen?

Another favorite moment, just because of how fabulous it is, happened in episode 3. So Ra is my hero. Sunglasses and all.

Se Ho’s fan meeting in Taiwan (in episode 15) was another moment I especially enjoyed. Throughout the series Se Ho’s past struggles have been talked about; seeing him have such a successful fan meeting was made that much better have prior knowledge of some of the hurdles he faced in the past. Another sweet moment from episode 15 was when Chan Yeol snuck out of his hotel and tasted freedom – in the form of visiting a convenience store without a mob of fan girls. That said something and made this noona a little sad.

The family meeting between Se ho’s sister and Dong Wook’s sister in episode 18 was another highlight. Secrets were spilled and emotions ran high. And it was just nice to see this other side of both men, at least in my opinion. There are many more moments that I could probably touch on (my list could keep going - Ga Yeon’s debut as a fighter, the roommate trips) but there is only so much room here, alas. Oh, did I mention a puppy?!

Rosie: The puppy was kind of awesome, especially because no one read Puppy Rules 101: which is, if you don’t want it to pee all over the carpet, don’t put it on the carpet. But I digress.

Favorite moments on Roommate? You know, as unconventional as that was in the grand scheme of things, I loved the episodes revolving around Ga Yeon’s first fight. Mainly ecause it was such a unique and introspective look at the real career of our maknae, and because it truly showcased how close the cast had become.

1-Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 10.01.21 PM.jpg

Either way, it was a beautiful send off to the rest of her public life.

Now for the entertainment value alone, who can forget the Japanese sauna, and the water slapping games?

1-Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 10.35.35 PM 1.jpg

Congrats Sung Woo for getting to experience something new and exciting. Hah!

Speaking of new experiences, Kang Joon’s failed lessons in boxing was another highlight. You really have to give the Roommates credit for trying new things, but you know what? Not everyone is made for everything.

1-Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 6.30.49 PM.jpg

Oh yeah, just look at that pro stance. Kang Joon, keep up your acting job.

Roommate was of course about its cast, but that doesn’t mean our roomies’ guests contributed nothing. From civilians like Ruby, to foreign celebs like Kong Li Qing, veteran actor Lee Deok Hwa, all contributed their parts. But one guest surely did above all others. Yes, I’m talking about Baekhyun.

1-Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 9.43.10 PM.jpg

And yes, just like this. Okay, so you know what? I’m biased. But there was a good bit of variety comedy because he was there, and it there was that sweet resting time when he got to lay down and chat with Se Ho. Almost makes up for Ga Yeon choking the daylights out of him. Hah. Lights. Get it? Sorry…

Qisti: Hahaha, I get it!

Roommate has definitely provided a lot of variety gems throughout season one. Jeez, there’s too many to pick just a few. This episode definitely had one of my favorite scenes. Who knew watching boys get manicures could be so entertaining? That manicure really brought our Dong Wook’s feminine side.

I’m so sad that we didn’t get to see them go to the restaurant with Lee Dong Wook’s nails all prim and pretty.

These past few episodes, Lee Dong Wook has had some of my favorite moments from season one. I can’t believe how scared he was when he, Shin Umma, Chan Yeol, and Se Ho went to catch those chickens.

Oh and we definitley can’t forget when Shin Umma and Se Ho visited Chan Yeol and his EXO-K members on the day of their comeback. I still can’t get over Se Ho’s dance and Shin Umma mistaking Kai for Chen.

I absolutely loved every time they tried to act or reenact some kind of scenario or scene. My favorite, hands down, is when Min Woo and Soo Hyun we’re reenacting scenes from clubbing to the countryside life.

And we all can’t forget this glorious moment: Kang Joon bungee jumping. If I ever go bungee jumping, I will try my best to imitate the 720 chopstick flip. It was just that...majestic. Cue the “You Raise Me Up” song.

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