Season two of Roommate kicked off this week, injecting a slew of new roommates and their quirky personalities into the mix. While this episode was focused on introducing the new roomies, our carryover cast members from season one were front and center in getting the new additions acclimated to the show. Time to delve into season two! Cheers!

Qisti: Room #1, which previously housed So Ra, Ga Yeon, and Park Bom, now has new roommates including veteran roommate Nana, comedienne Lee Guk Joo, and Kara’s newest member Heo Young Ji. After watching this first episode, all their personalities seem super fun and I’m excited what’ll come out from this room.

I’m here to have fun too and I’m like 99% sure that Lee Guk Joo is going to the life of the party in room #1. I was scared that I wasn’t going to like her as much as the other new roomies but she’s just so much fun. She takes everything like a pro and even has some cute reactions to follow. We can literally be best friends because of her home meat griller with special infrared lights. I need to see that thing in action before I believe it to be true, lol. Can you just imagine all the roomies in the loft area, grilling meat at midnight? That’s my kind of house.

And another octopus appears! Kara’s maknae and newest member, Heo Young Ji, brought one of her favorite foods to the roommate household on her first day. Can we be best friends too? I’ve always wanted to try live octopus. Anyways, she’s adorable and really friendly. I’m pretty sure she’ll get along with everybody in the house. I mean it already looks like she’s pretty comfortable with Sunny, Kang Joon, and her one of her roommates Lee Guk Joo.

Now I’m excited to see Nana thrown into this mix. Maybe she’ll have a bit more fun this season and forget all the bad stuff that happened to her last season.

Aww, poor Kang Joon. Just when he thought that he could leave room #5 for good, he gets put right back in it. But hey, I’m not arguing because I think I’m going to absolutely love this pairing. Room #5 will have Kang Joon and GOT7’s Jackson sharing a room and I can’t wait for all the adventures they’ll have.

I think that both of them are variety gems. Jackson’s pretty loud and made for variety. Sometimes it’s hard to see Kang Joon, but when we do we get some pretty classic comedy from him. Plus, I was just impressed by the number of times Jackson did his martial arts flips. I can’t believe he did it every time he was introduced. Both of their variety styles is unpredictable, so I have no idea what’s going to come from them.

All I have to say now is that I’m excited.

Lore: Room #2, which was last used by Min Woo and Kang Joon, is now playing host to Ryohei Otani (actor) and Park Joon Hyung (of g.o.d. fame). These two seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum personality wise, which means this should be a pretty interesting room.

Ryohei Otani seems like a rather staid and gentle person (tho he did freely admit he doesn’t wear underwear around the house, so something tells me he has a bit of a 4D side as well). I am hoping that he speaks more in the coming episodes because I am very interested in getting to know more about him. I watched him in the recent drama Joseon Gunman and thought he did a fantastic job, seeing the man behind the acting chops intrigues me (so please don’t be too quiet)!

Park Joon Hyung on the other hand – I don’t know how this guy has that much energy. From the moment he appeared on camera he was loud and outspoken (and ready to break any awkwardness – love when he tried to bro high five Bae Jong Ok)!

I feel like Park Joon Hyung may get on viewer’s nerves because he is so outspoken, but so far I like him. He seems to be someone that will really help the other roommates break out of their shells with his outgoing personality (and the fact that he is kind of unpredictable with what he says).

Room #3 (previously belonging to Nana and Soo Hyun) is now home to three of our original cast members – Se Ho, Dong Wook, and Min Woo. I admit that I would have liked to have seen a new roomie thrown into the mix just so we could see some new interactions (swap out Joon Hyung or Otani for example). That said I can’t really complain about this room assignment because these three had such a fun dynamic in season one.

I particularly enjoyed watching these three greet the new cast members. Se Ho and Min Woo added some comic relief to the moving day while Dong Wook brought his comfortable presence during dinner and the evening meet and greet. It will be interesting to see how these three people, who we got to know through season one, will show off new sides of themselves while interacting with the new cast members (and helping them get comfortable along the way).

Room #4 (previously home of Mama Shin and Chanyeol) has been assigned to Sunny (of Girl’s Generation fame) and Bae Jong Ok (the eldest on the show, she is an actress). I am really looking forward to seeing Sunny and Jong Ok grow close – I have a feeling they will have a very Mom / daughter like relationship that will be adorable to watch.

Bae Jong Ok is now the oldest in the house, which was more than evident when all of the other roommates came to greet her rather formally. She won me over when she told everyone to call her big sister – she seems to have a rather fun personality. I think she will be a good presence in the house for the younger roomies (stepping into So Ra’s shoes if you will).

Sunny was really cute this episode. She seems like she has a lot that she can learn from others in the house (cough – cooking – cough) but has a lot to teach as well (she has been in the business for seven years after all). My favorite moment from Sunny this episode is when she came home from her schedule and found Kang joon and Young ji alone. She basically scolded herself for coming home too early since those two looked good together. Ha – love how you speak out your inner monologue Sunny!

I am just excited overall for where Roommate is going. I think an injection of new roomies was needed to keep this show going (let’s face it, season one dropped off as people just kept disappearing). Here is hoping that season two keeps up the pace that was set in the first entry of the season, with a string of entertaining episodes to follow.

What do you think of the new cast members? Do you see any potential conflicts coming up between our new roomies? Let us know in the comments!

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