Tempters, are you ready for another helping of Temptation Takeaway? Well, doesn’t really matter, 'cause our couples have put in their order and the dishes are being served. Some are a little stale and overdone, while others are piping hot, but no matter the selection, none are worth the price.

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With last week’s game of musical chairs, I suppose we had to know there would be no end to the topsy turvy in the lives of our couples of Temptation. However, with each passing week, I wonder if this drama should be called “Provocation,” for they all seem to rely on someone else for their “probable cause” of taking action.

Though I will hand the gauntlet of wisdom to Seok Hoon. I suppose he did more than sip caipirinhas and sulk on the beach, during his time in Brazil, because not only did he come back ready for love, he also brought back a few pearls and nuggets with those local coffee beans. For he was the only character that not only spoke from the heart, but gave sound advice, without ulterior motives or spitefulness. But unfortunately for Seok Hoon, diamonds are his girls’ best friends and they chose to bypass his sentiments.

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Se Young is new to the love stuff and if she were eighteen, I might give her a pass but she’s a grown woman, therefore, there’s no excuse for her lying to Seok Hoon. If only for the simple fact, her new man may know a thing or two about being unable to read a woman's mind. And while confessing her apprehensions about their future is prevalent to their journey, I can’t help but wonder if these thoughts were swirling around her clunker before Daddy threatened to dethrone her.

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Back, in Hong Kong, I wanted to believe the heels Hong Joo lifted bought would be used for one metaphoric purpose, but these women walking in one another’s shoes, continues to take on new life. While I may be annoyed with Se Young’s latent epiphanies regarding the ripple effect of decision making, Hong Joo taking a nose dive into the abyss of self-deprecation is ripe and stinking. I’d love for both of these ladies to learn from one another even if reluctantly--- because well, that’s what being an adult is about.

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Out of all of our characters, Hong Joo spends the most time with her reflection, yet she observes the woman within the looking glass. And if she can’t discern and accept her own shortcomings, how can she be trusted to perceive healthy traits in others? When she described her connection to Min Woo, I was floored by the picture she painted of his character. Not to mention the hearty laugh I got from Min Woo’s abrupt proposal.

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For what type of man ushers another woman into his house to play happy family, while making no attempt to repair the damage his divorce left? I have no problem with her desire to move on, if that was what she had chosen to do and I certainly see nothing wrong with her weekly visits with Rin, however, beginning a marriage with the amount of anger and resentment she has stirring inside her, will render even her good deeds moot.

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Ji Sun is kicking up some dust with both of the ladies this week and though I’m loving every second of that, I am concerned about what she doesn’t say to her daughter Yoona. It’s wonderful that she encourages her to continue to be a loving, protective eonni, however, she doesn’t discourage Yoona’s increasing hatred of her father and brand new stepmom. For Yoona, has all the makings of a spiteful manipulative little girl (given her stunt this week) but at her age, a swift reign from the one person she trusts, would nip any thoughts of further antics.

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And though I don’t buy for one second, that Min Woo isn’t the same cunning businessman from episode, I have to commend him for doing his utmost to convince himself and Hong Joo his actions are solely geared toward making her happy. His motives are much murkier than that, and while he seems like a desperate man trying to hold onto a potential love, he’s just a strategic manchild unable to practice self-control. It’s amazing how he was able to move from one marriage of convenience to another without changing his tie.

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His relationship with Hong Joo is just as strained and shallow as his last one and I shudder to think of the amount of angry and confused, lonely children this alignment will leave in its wake. I admit, I was hoping Min Woo would use the surprise and discord Roy brought to his household as an opportunity to be a better father, but instead, it was turned into another way to placate his libido.

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