That's right, it's time for another tantalizing week of Temptation, with my amazing partners in persuasion, Drama Debussie and Pamela! Got any thoughts about Hong Gyu finding out the "truth" and ending his relationship with Se Jin? Are our main couples moving too fast? Tell us your temptation, because you know we're definitely not going to keep quiet about ours.

DD: Welcome to another week of Temptation and, I’ll be honest, I don’t know where to begin.

Pamela: How about with Cha Seok Hoon’s face next to yours first thing in the morning?

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Unnichan: I think that's a delightful place to start dongsaeng! Why didn't the creators think to do that way back in episode one?

DD: That got my raging hormones going for sure. I’m frankly shocked that Se Young and Seok Hoon are progressing so quickly in their new found relationship. Most shows would do the “will-they-or-won’t-they” after a character gets divorced if only to silence the critics that would protest that no one would move on that quickly after a divorce. *silently points to self*

Pamela: In a way, the drama is still playing that game. Se Young even hinted at it when she asked Seok Hoon about if their relationship would last if she had nothing. When he had nothing, it certainly didn’t work out for Seok Hoon and Hong Joo. Now that he’s taken off with Se Young (slight pun intended?), we have to wait and see how close to the breaking-up point the couple will go between Se Young’s, Se Young’s father, and Hong Joo’s revenge.

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Unnichan: I'm pretty convinced Se Young and Seok Hoon will end some time soon down road. But not necessarily due to money. I've always believed their relationship would run its course, no matter how quickly it began. However, now that she's lost a piece of what made she and Seok Hoon incompatible, who knows?

DD: Which begs the question, does money always win out when pitted against love? Seok Hoon and Hong Joo claim they don’t care about the money their new interests have, but it’s easy to say that when they still have the wealth. Of course it seems Hong Joo is more concerned with her revenge than anything else.

Unnichan: People love to lie to themselves. Money is a factor whether you have it or you don't and from thick awkwardness and quick a few side-eyes in these episodes, our characters are fully aware of the elephant. And honestly, wasn't it money that catapulted everyone into each other's sphere? As for Hong Joo, every episode is a testament in the unassuming novella humbly entitled “The Girl Called Na Hong Joo: A Journey Devoid of Self Love.”

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Pamela: Hong Joo’s motivation for marrying Kang Min Woo would make the latter a tad pitiful, but I will try to take a break from pouting on his behalf because I know that...he’s not really doing anything that’s worth deserving much else but a marriage for bitter backlashes.

DD: Indeed. What’s worse is that he’s so eager to fulfill her request to destroy people who officially have nothing to do with them anymore. Some brides ask the groom for a romantic letter or a keepsake before the wedding, Hong Joo asks for payback. How romantic?

Unnichan: I promise this drama is redefining so many things in my Dramaverse: first love, resignations, romance, temptation...

DD: Turning my drama world upside down! Granted, it’s not as if anyone has to beg Min Woo to inconvenience/destroy Se Young. It’s fun for him and now that it will likely get him laid by his new wife, he has even more incentive to do so.

Pamela: Well, whatever works for our charming, un-devoted husband…This is what happens when old friends become business rivals.

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Unnichan: Uh, let's use the word friend loosely please. But then again, the rich tend to interpret common vernacular much differently than us regular folk.

DD: I’m very interested to see how these new relationships will pan out for the respective couples. There are obvious fears that they have after they’ve all just ended long term relationships and none of them want the same problems they had previously. Although, with eight episodes left (and no indication that any of the characters will change themselves or their habits), bumps in the road are certainly headed our way. Will they make it?

Pamela: Or will they end up as old cat ladies and gentlemen? They should because...Nah, scratch that - this is Kdrama we’re talking about. But I’m slightly worried about how long it will take for Hong Gyu to get out of his understandable pout and reunite with Se Jin.

Unnichan: I feel another redefining moment on the horizon. ‘Cause though rationally, no one would want or seek to repeat the same disastrous mistakes, the majority of these characters are falling back in line. And though I don’t agree with Hong Gyu sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong, then jumping to conclusions, I don’t blame his reasons toward ending things with Se Jin. His actions were poor though. No doubt about that.

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DD: As much as I love seeing Se Young and Seok Hoon together, I adore HongGyu and Se Jin’s Pinky and the Brain relationship and I too need them to reunite ASAP. They give me hope! Also, Hong Gyu is so fed up with everyone’s drama. He needs someone who witnesses the same insanity. I mean, he’s going crazy trying to get explanations from people who have no idea what they’re doing. He punched a tree. HE PUNCHED A TREE.

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Unnichan: He did. He did, poor tadpole. That kid needs an ice-cream cone. STAT!

Pamela: If Se Jin doesn’t get to give him a hug and heal up the blood on his knuckles, I will happily try my best to...before telling him to return to her because of her smile. Sure, we are able to see more of the chemistry between Seok Hoon and Se Young - which is always nice to see - but Se Jin’s smile when she sees Hong Gyu’s face is very important.

DD: I wish Se Jin’s smile would rub off on Hong Joo. I have to say, I’m starting to feel sorry for her. Her anger is taking over to the point that all she wants is her revenge. That’s a lonely existence and this marriage to Min Woo can only make her an empty shell when it’s all said and done. Something it seems Min Woo’s mom would be just fine with.

Unnichan: If I believed Hong Joo had spiraled into some substantial mental instability and wasn’t so hellbent on being a victim, I’d really take some time out to care (I would, I promise!). And she is angry but she’s gladly displacing that anger, finding pleasure in the idea of wrecking lives --- instead of examining her own. When she waxes about pride and respect, I wanted so badly to believe her, but all of her other actions (and words, for that matter) contradict this stance. Mom clearly doesn’t care about anyone that doesn’t possess a Y-chromosome, so oppressing yet another woman makes no difference to her. She just figured [incorrectly] Hong Joo was a simple little bird she could trample.

Pamela: Even though Hong Joo’s new mother-in-law was supportive of her...existence...there’s still a wariness - as well there should be, considering the money. Rich people problem: believing that people marry for monetary reasons (for the first exhibit, please take a look at former daughter-in-law Ji Sun) instead of for emotional ones. You know, like love. Or anger. Anger works just fine.

DD: Speaking of Ji Sun, I think she’s going to be the one to bring the pain. What’s more terrifying than a scorned woman? A mother whose children have been taken from her.

Pamela: Wise unni speaks the truth. She’s obviously posing threats to her ex-husband and her competitor in motherhood. At the same time, people don’t really take her too seriously. Each of the adult characters in this drama carry with them a sort of confidence (swag, if you will) that is felt with every glare, smile, and line. Ji Sun’s ignored a bit, but she’s still exuding her own power in a slower way. If only so I can keep giving my computer screen the oh-that-was-just-awesome look, I look forward to that pain.

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Unnichan: Ji Sun certainly gave our main women a little taste of the other side of the coin of misunderstanding. Hong Joo has been spewing her vitriol but never stopped to think about how her own similar actions could be perceived. While Se Young sits ever so calmly on her high horse pretending she’s superior in her thinking and understanding of everyone. It was great Ji Sun gave a couple physical and verbal slaps. I had no complaints.

Pamela: So last week, we talked about Hong Joo and Min Woo becoming an official couple, and...uh...that happened. I wonder if, since Ji Sun and her slaps of motherly pain have come up this week, we can look forward to a nice villain session with her next week...What predictions do the rest of our Tempters have for the coming weeks? Comment below!

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