Tempters! It's time for another Temptation Test of wills, patience, and cognitive strength--- and though the journey has been long (and dare I say arduous?) we can finally see the end in sight. But have our characters done more than weather the storm? Have they learned some life lessons from their journey? Well, even if they haven't, I'm certain we sure have!

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One thing I keep coming back to with this story, is whether our characters have truly learned anything from their experience with love, marriage and divorce. But within the course of a two drama hours, my answer swings the pendulum between the basic answers of “Yes” or “No,” a myriad of times. Though they all seem to talk a good game, they continue to make decisions based on whims and “feelings,” instead of weighing their issues rationally, based on reason and consequences. For the choices these characters have made go beyond the tantalizing hangups of our everyday lives like deciding between heels or loafers, wine or water, and the couch or the gym.

However, what has caught the most notice, is the women of this drama push the momentum in the personal lives of these characters. Women who are mainly selfish, manipulative and vengeful. Women who choose inconsistent and unreliable emotions and schemes to guide their actions.

Se Young finally goes in for full treatment but once she’s armed with the knowledge she may not be able to pick up life where she stopped at her check-in, she chooses against being forthright and transparent and reverts to the cold and comfortable. For now, unlike before, it’s nothing more than a facade to block and shield her from further happiness. Being she’s experienced something she’s been afraid allow in all her life, it makes zero sense to take the dive and halt any progression, for no explicable reason.MWSnap736 2014-09-10, 19_04_11.jpg

I suppose that could bring us to vanity and pride (which all our females unabashedly suffer), for she cites this as the root cause for shutting Seok Hoon out, when she’d decidedly needs him most. And though anyone could understand saving your loved ones the burden of pain and suffering as unduly witnesses to long term illness, for Se Young this is only an excuse to travail alone.

Even her father, comes around to believing his daughter needs a partner, yet she doggedly ventures to break-up with Seok Hoon, just because.

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Though I suppose, Hong Joo still wins the medal for quitting quickly, for she walks out on Min Woo (and the children), after the smoke has settled but before the debris has been cleared. It’s true her situation was a sticky one; with a precarious husband, an unflushable ex-wife, a trifling mother-in-law and a spiteful stepdaughter, however, I can’t bring myself to believe she made the right choice at the right time--- this time around either.

I did appreciate her father for being a parent that chooses to love and accept his daughter, believing the best of her, no matter the amount of mistakes she accrues in correcting an initial wrong. For his views were made clear early on about the pitfalls of marriage, which he takes no pains in repeating, while also holding out his hand in unyielding support. Mama Min Woo could take a few pointers from him about siding with your child, without being blinded by them.

And speaking of “a mother’s love---” while the phrase is constantly excerised to cover a multitude of transgressions, it can not be used to disguise Ji Sun and her attempt to [insert appropriate verb] her way back onto Min Woo’s family registry. For though her plot at impregnation was dubious, I believe the most repugnant part had to be her inability to foresee her health as an issue for her current children. She first contends her motive is to have her girls with her, but then decides her life is a game she doesn’t mind losing, disregarding them altogether. Adding her older daughters to the bout of neglect her practically nameless infant is inherently facing. For she never stopped to consider how her children would survive without their mother, if she’d bore the child and died or if neither lived due to the fragility of her uterus.

If I hadn’t already landed on the idea she’d flown off the deep end, there’s no way to miss it now. "Cause once she fails, she still determines to use her children as leverage! This not only makes her careless but wreckless; all in the name of “winning” or just plainly, getting her way.

The men of this melo are neither saints or victims, but if there is one thing Temptation should teach, it’s that women are equally culpable in their circumstances, regardless of the role of any man. For each of these women are not only equally responsible but the creators of their own demise.

Guess Momma was right again: “I can do bad, all by myself.”

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