Drama Debussie: As much as it pains me to say, we’re having to say farewell to Temptation. I’m already going through drama withdrawals that we drama fans know all too well. Ladies, how you feeling?

Pamela: Well, besides regretting that I will no longer be plagued by million-won affairs and hormones abound, I’m actually feeling fairly calm.

Unnichan: I’m doing just fine. I think if things had ended differently, perhaps my reaction would be as well. For it’s not quite relief but something extremely close. Calm is probably the best way to put it.

Drama Debussie: I have to say I’m feeling a little calm myself. Mainly because there seemed to be some clarity for each character that I honestly didn’t think they were capable of experiencing seeing that all of them were so adamant that they were right while everyone else was wrong. Se Young was never really apologetic when it came to what happened in Hong Kong. Granted, the argument could be made that she had nothing to feel sorry for seeing that she 1) saw him first! and 2) Seok Hoon’s marriage had run its course. Although, it’s hard for Se Young to find peace if she ignores the pain that Hong Joo went through after the divorce so I’m glad we got to see her at least try to admit her wrongdoings and apologize for the part of Hong Joo’s pain she was responsible for.

Pamela: In the end, it wasn’t just Hong Joo that needed to experience an apology, either one given or one received. It was beneficial for Se Young to attempt to at least make the relationship tolerable enough to end. Se Young, as far as we know, has never had to end a relationship as intense as the enemy-ship she has built with Hong Joo. Neither of them quite know how to balance life and romance, but they’ve learned a little through the trials of the drama, even if they can’t entirely make use of what they may or may not know.

Unnichan: Apologies. I think I have to go with One Republic on this one, for I don’t think the phrase “better late than never” applies. However, our characters did come to points of clarity and I suppose that is where we should find our satisfaction. Characters spoke truth and owned their piece of the rotted pie and I am glad that finally occurred.

Drama Debussie: Of course I think it’s crucial to mention that Min Woo would have to be the exception here. I can’t say I ever expected him to change his ways, but there was a part of me that was hoping he would. He kept things interesting but you do have this moment where you have to ask when enough is enough. Until the very end Min Woo wanted everything on his terms. It’s sad but also consistent with his character which is the most we can ask.

Pamela: You’re right about having some hope left for Min Woo. His face has been the best part about our experience with this character. I wonder what would have happened if that bribery case had actually gone to court. The last episode showed somewhat of a downfall for him, but he never truly was punished or redeemed for his cockiness and his ruthless business tactics.

Drama Debussie: He’s basically an older extreme version of Zack Morris. All the mischief, hardly none of the consequences.

Unnichan: Min Woo has been a lost cause since he answered Ji Sun’s first tete-a-tete invitation. I don’t think we were supposed to see any type of redemption or light bulb. He likes things his way and that’s that. He’s been clear about that from the beginning. He knows himself and there’s only so far he’s willing to go. I loved his line that he has two “hates” in the world; cockroaches and bad advice. I found it comical because it was typical Min Woo, who believes all advice that didn’t derive from him is poor and that when it comes to love, the complete opposite is true; there is no limit. I also look at the “clarity” theme as further proof this drama was about the women, the two central women in this square who weathered the storm and have learned to plan ahead to stay out of the rain.

Pamela: And while Hong Joo and Se Young fell in a few puddles along the way, the ways in which they dealt with each conflict were just that: dealing with the conflict. Meanwhile, we have Ji Sun, who connived her way through each ring of fire, and Money Mommy, who simply tried to crawl underneath each one. It took me 20 episodes to conjure up a nickname for Min Woo’s mother, but all the same, the woman was only concerned with how her son was risking his upper-class reputation that was already amazingly pristine at the start of the drama. Ji Sun and Money Mommy - both are cash-hungry, anyway - are still putting their children in danger of living a life of bratty luxury.

Drama Debussie: I like Money Mommy. There were plenty of names I called Min Woo’s mother during this series’ run but they would not be appropriate in this forum so I will refrain. I find it interesting that the people who should stop procreating altogether for fear they’ll create yet another version of themselves keep procreating and the people that could quite possibly bring children into the world that would likely be unentitled people can’t procreate at all. If there’s one thing this show was annoyingly good at, it was reminding us how unfair the world can be. Nonetheless, it was nice to see Seok Hoon step in and save Dong Sung Group at the VERY last second. We all needed a win!

Unnichan: I did think that Show did a decent job with the reality of humanity. That things happen. Not necessarily to good people or bad people or perfect people but to people. Tragic, uncouth, stupid things. Some we control, others we don’t but all, we have to live through and learn from--- for ourselves and our sanity. The argument over Se Young getting treatment is a prime example. For I felt any choice she made, was her own, for herself. It isn’t for a doctor or a boyfriend to relegate. However, her choice needed to be based on what she truly wanted and felt was best for her, with no regrets. Once she stopped pouting and wallowing, she was able to do that. And I’m thankful, in the end, Seok Hoon was confident enough to know he had to respect it.

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Pamela: That’s our Seok Hoon - using his muscles for love. Even while Se Young was deliberating her existence, Seok Hoon was by her side, trying to save both the company and her life. His romantic track record has a few scuffs, but how he treats Se Young is far different from the other relationships of this drama. Both sides were devoted to feeling their love to the fullest (not always letting loose their passions, though) and helping each other through the difficult times that tempted them to stay together. The only other couple that shares a similar level of mutual love is our cute little couple, Na Hong Gyu and Yu Se Jin.

Drama Debussie: Those two have been my saviors.From Hong Gyu’s no-holds-barred comments and their overall ability to make me squee with joy, I have to say if SBS doesn’t give them some nomination or award this season, I may have to start a petition. I would say that the joy I found in them is all the cute but it’s more than that. The absence of overwhelming baggage helped substantially. Honestly, even I was feeling bogged down by all of the other characters issues and I was just watching. That can’t be healthy.

Unnichan: I want to say Show made me a Se Jin-Hong Kyu believer but I think it was all Hong Gyu; the way he was written all on his own. Se Jin is precious and this huge bundle of sunshine but it’s Hong Gyu that made them work for me, because he seemed to realize what was most important to him and life in general. I loved that they’re relationship stayed virtually out of torrential orbit, which I thought would be virtually impossible. There will come a day when they have to have a sit down but that day is no time soon and that makes Unni extremely happy.

So the final week is here, and while the drama’s over, the fun isn’t quite done yet! We have dealt blows to each of the characters throughout the drama’s airtime, which is entertaining and all, but now we will wrap up. This is just the shiny box. Tomorrow’s post will contain the sparkly high heels inside. Until then, how did those of you who stuck through think of the ending? Comment below!

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