Hello, Tempters! India aka Drama Debussie here and I’m wondering, are you still tempted? Any temptations you want to confess this week? No? Well, I don’t have a temptation this week but I do have one thing to say.


Drama divorces that is. Real life divorces are not fun at all and I wouldn’t wish them on anyone. Although when you’re dealing with fictional characters like these who have been in marriages that have run their course, you pray for the end to their misery.

I can’t say which divorce I felt was more satisfying as both came right on time. It was time to turn the page and start a new chapter for all these characters. The couples had all shifted away from each other but were stuck in the same place. The divorces were the major shifts they (all of us) needed to move this story along. Although, something tells me this isn’t the end of impulsive decisions on their parts.

While I do think it was high time for Seok Hoon and Hong Joo’s divorce, it’s obvious that their decision caught both of them off guard. Even Hong Joo who suggested the divorce in the first place! I’m all for following your instinct, but this more sounded like a decision made out of desperation and fear which can be dangerous. It leaves many open wounds and confused hearts.

As much as I love seeing Seok Hoon adorably woo Se Young, I find it odd that he moved on so quickly after the divorce especially since he was the one trying to save his marriage. I don’t know about you guys but a trip to Brazil and 56 days is not enough to make me want to move on to someone else. Unless that was a REALLY memorable trip.

This makes me wonder if Seok Hoon is forcing himself to move on with Se Young. If so, poor Se Young!

Last thing I ever expected was to feel sorry for Se Young, but first loves are always a doozy and are even more serious when you have them late in life. If Seok Hoon finds that he’s still navigating whatever feelings that are still lingering for his ex-wife, how will Se Young deal with that? Drama gods help you if you make Se Young a scorned woman too, Seok Hoon.

We all knew where Min Woo and Ji Sun’s marriage was headed but after a divorce was seemingly shot down for good by her, we could only assume they were bound to live in holy conservatory instead of holy matrimony. Turns out not even they were exempt from the claws of divorce, though. Much to Ji Sun’s surprise and Min Woo’s utter joy, Ji Sun was kicked out the house almost immediately in a shockingly heartbreaking scene where she hugs her daughters goodbye. If she comes back to raise some serious hell, I’m afraid to admit that I may support her.

To make things worse (better?), Hong Joo’s singlehood has not only brought on an almost convincing desire for independence, but a palpable hatred for Se Young that is...terrifying. The moment where she declares that she will never forgive Se Young was worrisome. Maybe because I didn’t think Hong Joo had the ability hate anyone or maybe because Min Woo was practically drooling over all the possibilities that lie within them having a shared enemy.

Three scorned women in one drama and we’re only halfway through. This show is setting the stage for a battle of epic proportions. I mean, if the dinner party, a dinner party that was tantamount to any dinner party that may be found on any reality show with the word housewives in the title, is any indication of what’s to come... Do we even need the men anymore at this point?

What am I saying? OF COURSE WE DO!

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