Pamela: Welcome to another week of impulses We only have one month left in Temptation. Unnis, *speaks in cheesy announcer voice* and how do you feel? *holds up microphone*

Unnichan: *sigh* There's a cluster of emotions... Equal parts relief and sadness? Going to miss our weekly chats but relieved to part ways with these characters and say "Bye, bye," as Se Young put it. Though, I do have to admit, my conviction that Temptation has become a dark comedy continues to cement. I chuckled too often and gave Min Woo one too many facetious winks this week.

DD: I’m ashamed to admit that I’ll miss that dread that seems to take over every time I push play on a new episode. I’ll miss that feeling just as much as I’ll miss the drama club. Sad but oh so very true. The unintentional giggle fits that take over me while watching will also be missed.

Pamela: I don’t giggle as much now, but I do stare like a beautiful squid (for anyone who’s seen the most recent) with my jaw on the floor...Min Woo has finally begun to receive my electronic glare, though.

DD: Wait, was I too early with the electronic glare?

Unnichan: If by soon, you mean episode one? Absolutely not. Honestly, I referred to Min Woo as "trash" a few times this week for how low in the cesspool he's swimming. I don't mind ruthless business moves but I have a severe allergy to mixing the professional and the personal, then pawning it off as shrewdness. And him stepping out with Ji Sun?! The man is repugnant.

Pamela: The man deserves some plum juice splashed in his face. On the one hand, I knew he wouldn’t become a better man or a less-ruthless business rival, but I still held out a modicum of hope for him. Min Woo, you and your hormones are no longer my friends. (But I’ll keep your face around, because it’s nice to look at.)

Screenshot 2014-08-27 16.50.17.png

DD: What do they say about not being able to change stripes? While no actual time has been given, it’s safe to say that Min Woo has not been married that long and he’s already returned to his cheating ways. So much so that the ex-wife that had lost her luster is now catching his eye with her shine again. That’s one type of alchemy.

Unnichan: And didn't Jung Jin look great this week? I couldn't help but notice that the more ruffled his hair gets the more attractive he becomes... to me. So did Ji Sun. That woman knows how to play the game doesn't she? What do you think her plan is? Get pregnant again to leverage for the other girls? In her mind it's all she's got, I get it. But can't she just lure him into bed and get another type of evidence, instead of risking her health? However, I do need her to take Yoon A and go, before that little girl ruins herself with her own anger.

Pamela: Ji Sun is doing what she’s doing to get her kids back, I should think. I figure that she will try to get pregnant again, although her subtle attempts to get Min Woo in bed will just set off familial bitterness. Yoon A is already taking on the habit of keeping grudges that all the women in her life have, and returning to Ji Sun isn’t going to stop that. If anything, Yoon A should get smacked with some Hong Joo-bonding time, and Ji Sun should just get smacked. (After she gets to see her kids, though, because she just wants her daughters.)

DD: First of all, Ji Sun getting pregnant to do anything is the worst plan I’ve ever heard and I’ve heard some bad plans. Most recently in this show! While we don’t know what her ultimate plan is (I don’t even think she knows what her plan is), she’s certainly figured out how to push Hong Joo’s buttons and that may be the key to her ultimate revenge. Hong Joo’s insecurity is her strongest weakness and it’s someone like Ji Sun can smell it a mile away. In the meantime, it seems like Yoon A has taken it upon herself to bring hell upon the House of Ajin. The plum juices incident was bad, but I’m pretty sure her blatant...ummm...rhymes with dockblocking is even worse. Even she can smell her father and stepmother’s weaknesses at such a young age! Like mother, like daughter.

Screenshot 2014-08-27 16.26.59.png

Unnichan: Yoon A certainly needs to be taught better. As I've said, someone needs to sit her down and explain that this behavior is inappropriate. I get a kick out of Hong Joo's ruffled feathers but Yoon A needs to know that she's hurting no one but herself. Carrying bitterness and hatred kills pieces of yourself, not those who caused it or its focused upon.

Pamela: It also can nearly kill an old man. One ahjussi put his heart and soul into the plum juice, only for it to be dumped on the floor. Another ahjussi has a heart attack because Little Miss Bitter’s father had to bring up the money deal to the poor, OTP-ruining man. I really wanted Min Woo to feel my electronic glare this week, in case I haven’t made the point enough yet, haha…

Unnichan: I was astounded Min Woo was at all shocked at the outcome, was audacious enough to visit, then blamed it all on Se Young. Sometimes these characters are too outrageous for my tiny ticker. I don't blame Daddy for practically keeling over or wanting better for his daughter. Problem is refusing to trust her judgment and being more invested in public opinion than your child. However, there are tons of that going around when every second word out of Momma Min Woo's mouth is "Ajin Group."

DD: I’m going to go ahead and say I’m waiting for the day Hong Joo loses it on her new mother-in-law. Granted, she has to be respectful and I’m sure there’s some guilt involved when it comes to the fact that she won’t be able to give her any grandchildren (something that should be filed in the “Things you should have revealed long ago” file). Although Mama Ajin is telling Hong Joo to basically be a trophy wife and it does not sit well with her. Any bets on how long this marriage will last?

Pamela: That’s actually a pretty difficult question to answer. There was a nice marriage earlier in the show, and there was also a fairly bored and sly one, and both of them were ended. The relationship may be uncomfortable, but there are more than a few relationships in this drama that are in discomforting and disconcerting that may remain intact in the end. Hong Joo may end up having enough of her pride being attacked by Mama Ajin, Yoon A, and her fling-ridden husband, but she may also rise above it and get her way with those she has a problem with whilst still being married.

Unnichan: Pride comes before the fall and for this character, that can swing either way. Therefore, the only thing I can hope is that Hong Joo realizes that it's time to finally accept who she is, what she's done and what she's got. Min Woo was right when he challenged her regard of him, for was there ever a time he hid the fact he played the field? She chose this path and it's best to figure out what she wants to accomplish on it. I can't say she should continue with a philandering husband or that she deserves the treatment but that she walked in, with eyes wide open, convinced Min Woo would give her what she wanted (or couldn't). If she quits here as well, I'm not sure she'll have learned a thing.

DD: I always wonder if Hong Joo truly believes that she has all the power and that she is simply using Min Woo and Ajin Group to exact her revenge. Or if she recognizes that her new family is in fact controlling the outcome of, well, everything. Any power she thinks she may have gained by her marriage is a facade if anything. But just when I start falling into the dark hole that is Temptation characters’ intents and motives, Se Jin and Hong Gyu bring on the cuteness to distract me!

Pamela: As long as Se Jin and Hong Gyu are smiling and hugging over ice cream, I will be able to crawl out of that dark hole. I’m so glad that Hong Gyu took Seok Hoon’s advice and let Se Jin back into his life...Well, after Se Jin coerced the guy’s hyung into shipping her and Hong Gyu and got them to meet.

Unnichan: Ice-cream changes things--- alls I can say.

DD: Obviously there’s that little issue of Hong Gyu needing to tell her that really important thing, but that can wait. I don’t support lying (because the omittance of the truth CAN be considered lying) but, hell, we need something after Se Young and Seok Hoon’s...breakup? Can we call it a breakup if their mouths say goodbye but their bodies say HELLO everytime they run into each other?

Unnichan: If Hong Gyu was being deceptive, I'd accept the "lie" label. But for now, he's just not sure what is best and I don't fault him for that. He's a pretty forthcoming guy, even when it can be deemed rude or hurtful, so him keeping silent is something I commend him for--- at least for now. For, he needs to know what he wants to do before he has to contend with Se Jin. However, this piece of info isn't something he should sit on for long. And, since I don't believ in "breaks," the breakup, is what it is. They have no intention of this being forever but if they think, randomly bumping into one another at a party is going to be enough to bring them back together or justify the waiting, I really don't know what we're going to do with all these silly people.

Pamela: It’s just a...break...with two extra letters added on so as to please the crowds. It isn’t much of one, since they do keep seeing each other (both in reality and in dreams), but it is just another temporary stint to the relationship. I’m not sure how long it will take for Se Young’s father to come around, but the people will only become sillier if longing stares and random meetings is all the relationship is at the end of next week.

Unnichan: No truer words, dongsaeng.

So...How long do you think the OTP's supposed separation will last? How long will Hong Joo last? Is the temptation wearing out for you all? Comment below! :)

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