Welcome to the fourth week of Temptation! Here, the love is made up and the marriages don’t matter! As the feelings between our leads become more complicated, let’s find ways to poke fun at their romantic troubles, shall we? Follow Temptress (or Tempter) Pamela for a fun day inside the Cave of Couples.

First, we’ll delve into the couple that had the least amount of screen time: Min Woo and Ji Sun.

This is a couple that, in a way, is similar to the married lead couple in Secret Love Affair from earlier this year. They married for money, and as a couple, they’re simply going through the motions. Ji Sun is doing so a bit more bitterly, but her cranky pants (or dresses) can’t hide her own little side-boy from Min Woo’s money-grabbing henchman.

Just in the way that Min Woo and Ji Sun are only half color-matching in that screenshot, they are only half-committed to their marriage.

I know my references to hormones must be getting old - the stage of life I’m at right now is pretty much all hormones, so I can’t help but talk about them...But really, no one knows how to keep their hormones to themselves in this drama. Be it lovey-dovey, jealous, or desperate, the only people immune to giving into the hormones of the show are (besides the newborn) the characters who are too old to do anything but stay inside all day.

Maybe it’s because she’s pretty, or because she genuinely cares about his son, or because she’s a crying disaster looking for a shoulder to cry on, but Hong Joo is still catching Min Woo’s eye. He’s seeing his opportunity to hone in on her heart, and it’s only a matter of time before some action happens here.

When the act of Hong Joo crying on Min Woo’s shoulder goes beyond him pouring her more alcohol and letting her throw up in his bathroom, my reaction will likely be similar to the one I had when Hong Joo’s woes came to fruition.

Yes…? But...No? :|

As much as we shouldn’t condone infidelity, this drama is showing us that no one is immune to it. We saw the backstory of Hong Joo and Seok Hoon, or at least how they were in love and willing to be together. Their marriage was one worth saving, and it’s an ironic shame that through his efforts to save his wife and to love his wife, Seok Hoon ended up making it too difficult for his wife to stay with him.

Hong Joo and Seok Hoon’s trust and love was beaten and dented, much like my red, aluminum water bottle that looks like some other woman with the money to buy an indestructible water bottle tossed it down a mountain. There’s no fixing it now. Seok Hoon waited until the water bottle was about to hit a ledge of the mountain before he reached out to save it.

Sorry, man, but your arms may have the muscles, but they didn’t have the speed to save the water bottle that was your marriage.

Yes, I just compared a fatally-wounded container of water to our front-and-center failed marriage.

Now we get to the woman who laid down the gauntlet - or rather, the bottle.

She’s acknowledged her feelings, and Se Young is not ashamed. Sure, she’s going through early menopause, but that’s not stopping her from trying to get her first and only love whack from Seok Hoon’s Love Shack. (This could be interpreted multiple ways, hehe.)

It’s almost like she’s trying to win over a man who looks exactly like a man she met and had a romance with eleven years ago...Hm…

So while this romance Se Young is pursuing now certainly won’t bring her up to heaven (I don’t think there are many man-stealing stairways…), she will continue to be relentless, especially since she has a confirmation of Seok Hoon’s feelings.

YES...? But...well, now that the week’s over, the “no” may not have as much weight. Thanks, Hong Joo, for ruining my ability to fake scream at your romantic nemesis. Have fun crying about your divorce to your laundry and vanity. Then I’ll apologize because that was really insensitive...of both of us.

See, they should have come to me for relationship advice. Do I have any credibility with the...zero romantic relationships I’ve had? No. I’m younger than nearly all of this drama’s characters, but I know where the viewers’ priorities lie.

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