Unnichan: Hey Tempters! Have you succumb to our powers of persuasion?

DD: Another week and more ways this show has ruined every drama cliche I have grown to love. Normally when someone says that someone is their “first love” I get all gooey inside. Of course hearing Se Young say it about Seok Hoon just feels...wrong.

Pamela: Well, when she’s in her forties and experiencing her first love with a married man (even if that married man has muscles), the term isn’t exactly the most comforting.

Unnichan: I'm not sure it's wrong, but it certainly isn't appropriate. However, I get it Se Young, I do, I just don't care. Not in the way I would if Seok Hoon was... You know, SINGLE!

DD: With the way both Se Young and Hong Joo are acting I’m sure he wishes he WAS single.

Pamela: Now that he paid for those two wedding rings, and that effort has come to naught, being single would have been the more...economically safe option. Even if Hong Joo had waited long enough to actually see the wedding rings, I’m not sure she would have saved the divorce papers for a rainy day.

Unnichan: Hong Joo. Hong Joo. It's kind of hilarious to me that she spoke about standing in the background and just taking things on the chin, as if she's some type of martyr when all she's been doing from episode one is draw attention to herself and her pain. The only thing I can say is perhaps I'm thankful to Show for revealing more about her and her insecurities this week.

Pamela: She’s been taking her insecurities out on those whom they’re about and on her laundry. I’d say that skirt isn’t thankful to the show.

Screenshot 2014-08-06 16.29.13.png

DD: I swear, her insecurities must be her nearest and dearest friends. She certainly relies on them heavily. Hong Joo is now so preoccupied with making sure Seok Hoon feels the same pain that he bestowed on her that she doesn’t see that she’s making it so easy for Se Young to ultimately take her place in Seok Hoon’s life. Actually, she may very well see this, but she just doesn’t care anymore. What do they say about a woman scorned? She pushes the man she loves away so that he’s even more attracted to the exact woman she doesn’t want him to run to?

Unnichan: That's because Hong Joo hasn't learned one very valuable life lesson: A person's greatest enemy is always self.

DD: I thought you were going to say, “Beer before liquor never been sicker” but that’s even better.

Pamela: There’s also the lesson about how one shouldn’t ask the married man with past hormonal issues to sleep with oneself when feeling bad about one’s hopeless marriage, but whatever works for her. *shrugs*

Unnichan: She's this character that continues to boggle my mind with her self-delusion. One of my favorite quotes is when she's talking to Se Young and says "You let him go cause you love? You expect me to sympathize with you?" Which is what she needs to hear.

DD: Right, Hong Joo has this crazy notion that just because she feels sorry for herself, everyone else should as well. Nope, that’s not how this works. Don’t get me wrong. As much as I may criticize the women in this show, the men are not great at making sound decisions.

Unnichan: I think one thing we always come back to is we've got Hong Joo who thinks she's done no wrong and Seok Hoon who does nothing right.

Pamela: Ever since the deal in Hong Kong, Seok Hoon’s been saying that he still loves his wife, but he certainly wasn’t being loving enough or trying hard (or obviously) enough until it was too late.

DD: Who do you think you are, Seok Hoon? Thicke? As much as I may understand Seok Hoon’s motives for the three days in Hong Kong deal, his continued association with Se Young is unacceptable. At least now it is considering she’s made it VERY clear as to how she feels about him and vice versa. Granted, he turned in his resignation but it was half-heartedly given. Your mouth may say no when you’re near Se Young, Seok Hoon, but your eyes, body, and basically every other visible part of your body say yes. We can only assume what your non-visible parts are saying.

Screenshot 2014-08-06 18.16.59.png

Unnichan: Look, Seok Hoon had no business telling Se Young anything about his "feelings." That is something you keep to yourself FOREVER. I was quite annoyed with all the divulgence in these episodes because it felt like these people are unable to keep anything to themselves, for themselves. Hong Joo told her personal business to the two people that should never know a thing about her marriage and Seok Hoon shared his thoughts with the one person he knows is a danger. And Min Woo... *sigh* any time he's the only person in an episode speaking rational sense, I'm petrified.

Pamela: True gosh-freaking story right there...I’ve been ragging on his hormones for a month, but now it just seems like every character except for him and his son has his or her angry or lovey-dovey hormones flowing a little too much.

Unnichan: Aw didn't you just love how lil Roy stood up for himself? Yoon Ah is one scary Noona and he still managed to scowl and let her know he has no intention of being bullied. I had to grin for second, but then, it reminded me that he took the brunt when it was just about him and the minute she challenged his "Ahjumma" his dukes were up.... Like father, like son.

DD: Good thing too. Roy is going to need that fighting spirit because his stepmother and sisters are not going to let him off the hook anytime soon. Baffling to me as I tend to melt everytime he pouts. Who could hate that face?!

Pamela: I swear, though, if his noonas keep hating on that face and his flowers (because who doesn’t love a good flower boy?), I will personally throw myself into a tantrum on the floor. Everyone in the drama’s acting somewhat childish at times, anyway.

Unnichan: I'm thinking this drama is working on the five ingredient fix method: one proposal, two marriages,three idiots, a confession and two resignations. Wait, did I just reference Usher... Twice?!

DD: Sounds like something Dr. Seuss wrote. Other titles include:Green Eyes and Ham and How Se Young Stole Another Woman’s Man. Spoiler alert: she is not invited to feast with the Whos or anyone else for that matter.

Unnichan: She can't eat with the Whos?! Aw come on DD!! However, if that means she gets to the Grinch's lair, it's not a bad toss up. She doesn't have to eat. But seriously, these people need a Doctor. And Seus knows his stuff.

Pamela: The turkey that gets cut up at the end when everyone (*cough* no one) is happy? It’ll be cut by the tension in the room. All we need are some political cartoons (and by political, I mean criticize-the-state-of-the-marital-union), and we’ve got ourselves a war of the hearts. One woman, two women, red lips, blue...um...quips?

DD: I got nothing. Blue tacky suit that I’m sure Min Woo will wear before this show ends?

Unnichan: Or whatever ice cream flavor Hong Gyu orders on his next trip to see new working girl Se Jin?

Pamela: Pfft, he won’t be ordering blue, because blue is sad, and I will not allow this couple to be symbolically sad. *pouts* I need their aww-ness. (trademark)

DD: We need the aww-ness to give us a break from all the aww hell-ness. Something I find myself saying many times.

Unnichan: True. Hong Gyu creating addicts is the best! First it's addiction, now they're dating, next he'll be engaged, all without him knowing what happened.

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