Unnichan: Welcome back Tempters to another controversial week of Temptation Talkfest, where me and my partners gab about the lunacy that is marriage resignation and characters that find it impossible to own their own dirt. What do you think?

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DD: Well, they certainly owned up to much more than they had been. I felt like throwing my hands up in praise to the drama gods when Seok Hoon admitted that their divorce was not just brought on by Se Young or anyone/anything else for that matter. They had issues long before which is generally the case. The same applies to Min Woo and Ji Sun’s marriage which was doomed to fail as it was a business transaction from the very beginning.

Pamela: After all that growing apart, I think that the two divorces and the two time skips were simply ways to get the question of said dirt’s legality out of the way. Well, at least we got to see Seok Hoon getting all romantic(ish) again.

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DD: Awww watching Seok Hoon with Se Young not only gave us a glimpse of who he was before we were thrown into his and Hong Joo’s crumbling marriage, but it also reminded me why I love Kwon Sang Woo so much. He’s not all hot bod and steamy showers. Although that certainly helps.

Unnichan: Was that romantic? Oh, ok. 'Cause it felt more like death ray seduction stares. But all in all, I am glad he's back and ready to move forward. However, I do admit I'm concerned about Se Young entrusting too much of her business responsibility to him. I think he's good at his job and with him, she's better (someone who takes risks and views multiple perspectives) but I have a suspicion, relying on him or at least seeming to, may have negative repercussions.

DD: The one advantage Seok Hoon has (other than his death ray seduction stares) is that he forces her to escape her cold business tactics. She’s a woman in a business mainly dominated by men, so I understand why she has the persona she does, but Seok Hoon reminds her that sometimes tapping into her (and other’s) humanity can be important in business as well.

Pamela: Seok Hoon is smart; I’ll give him that. I do also think that he may be getting too much from her. Se Young is also an intelligent woman, but her emotions (well, emotion, since her “first love” has come around) are starting to set the stage for those repercussions. There’s nothing wrong with having emotions, of course. Her love is a sign of character growth on Se Young’s part. However...I have a feeling that dinner party’s getting a little too heated as a result of past weeks’ events…

Unnichan: Hong Joo and her victim mentality has her lashing out. The only thing I loved was Seok Hoon's response, regardless of how it all pans out. The entire encounter further proves how similar she and Min Woo are, which I'm still not sure how to process. But one thing is for certain, I am certainly not down for she and Min Woo as a couple.

DD: What, you don’t think the coupling of a self-obsessed, manipulative manwhore and a confused, codependent, vulnerable, and recently divorced woman is a good idea? What ever do you mean?

Pamela: Min Woo certainly got her in a lash-out mood, didn’t he? To an extent, I’d be okay with them as a temporary couple - as a sort of...rebound? (I say with trepidation.) In the short-term, Min Woo’s helping Hong Joo get over her matrimonial-mourning period, even though he’s also fueling that victim mentality a bit (by getting her to go back and confront him; I do agree with his logic on that, though). In the long-term, though, he is a player, so I doubt Hong Joo would be enough to change him. She could be a nice mother to his children, but he would be an iffy husband, based on his track record. So either a relationship that’s just temporary or just friendly.

Unnichan: Iffy isn't how I would put it. The man is an excellent business man; he's cunning, charismatic, and though these are the base lines for all honorable playas the world over, when it comes to Hong Joo, I feel she's nothing more than a conquest. Marriage can't even enter the equation no matter what kind of mother she would be. 'Cause of course she's perfect. She fits his mold of chauvinistic entitlement. And mom is all on-board, practically drooling at her perfect housewife potential, which makes me all the more sickened.

DD: I agree that Hong Joo is simply a conquest to him. A shiny new thing in the window that he has to have now that he’s gotten rid of the old shiny thing aka the mother of his children! What’s worse is that his mother, probably the only woman he slightly respects, defends his cheating ways while demonizing Ji Sun for simply doing exactly what he’s done to her time and time again. Two (200?) wrongs don’t make a right, but can you blame Ji Sun? Talk about double standards. Now that he’s single he’s looking for his next victim --I mean, significant other.

Pamela: He’s a Sly and Single Matey…(I apologize…) In keeping with that opinion, what might be a nice way for Hong Joo to grow as a character in the future would be this: she can stay with Min Woo (or his children - preferably his children) and gain the confidence she needs to stand on her own like she wants to. Then, even though it has a possibility of damaging the romance aspect of the storyline, she could stand up to Min Woo and let him know that she’s not going to hurt herself by being with a player like him. Either he learns how to keep his faithfulness (*cough* hormones) in check, or both of them will end up alone at the end of the drama.

Unnichan: Ha! Min Woo is never ending up alone. I don't think it's in his genetic makeup.

DD: I have to say I was proud of Hong Joo for making it clear that she won’t put up with his player ways and I do believe her when she says she wants to learn how to live life on her own even with all the difficulties it may bring. Now, how long will she be able to ignore Min Woo’s advances and live this difficult life she keeps mentioning? I’m not sure, but I’m sure she won’t be able to do either nearly as long as her father and brother plan to be upset about the divorce.

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Unninchan: Uh, definitely not, cause, Hong Joo isn't the only one with denial issues; it runs in the family. Hong Gyu and his father are overstepping a bit for my taste. I understand being upset about the divorce and being confused about how it all transpired but it's best to let it lie and accept Hong Joo's choice. I did enjoy that it was said, not once but three times that even if there was an outside incident, a marriage ends because of the two people involved (read: It takes two hands to clap).

Pamela: That’s true...In the end, as much as Hong Joo’s family wants reconciliation between our former lovebirds, that likely won’t happen. Take a lesson from Disney-fied Quasimodo and let the birds fly off to their own flocks. The birds need to fly from their former place of holy matrimony before the “nightmare” that was their marriage crushes them like they’re ants.

DD: While I love happy endings as much as the next drama fan, sometimes divorce is the best ending for a couple, particularly in this show. Sometimes marriages hit a bump in a road, but it can still be salvaged if both parties want it to be. Although when a marriage hits a bump, a mountain, a planet and two glaciers that have the two going in completely different directions...it’s time to pull the plug.

Unnichan: You got that right! It takes two committed people, no matter the outcome. And Seok Hoon, I don't know how you usually "snag" girls but telling Se Young to continue a "nightmare" with you isn't something I'd go with... Not unless you're certain, she's seen you in a suit. And even then[using Pam's word], it's "iffy."

Pamela: Even Kwon Sang Woo in a suit isn’t going to make the relationship easy. If anything, him in a track suit or a dress suit will create a few bumps in the road - or in Se Young’s heart. Whatever works.

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Unnichan: And mine. But whatevs, he makes it work... Then with Oppa's haircut I was reminded we haven't gotten our shower scene... It's about that time.

DD: It’s definitely time for one scene we can all enjoy as one big happy Temptation family. Seems the comment section got a little heated last week and we all deserve a treat. Just a reminder to all Tempters, be kind and respect all opinions that may be expressed. More importantly, NO TROLLING.

Unnichan: I hope all our fellow Tempters love discussing, as much as we do, and will continue to do so along with us. For, any story that was written down and shared, was created for discourse based on the opinions and judgments of its audience about the work. There's no need for condescension, accusations, apologies or plain ole negativity.

Pamela: As the mega dongsaeng of the bunch, I wish for my unnis and oppas to enjoy watching and conversing over this drama. As such, I will probably continue with my apologies (even if they keep staying in my head), but let’s have some fun coming together while the drama’s couples are breaking apart! *awkwardly trips over chair during attempt to strike encouraging pose*

Unnichan: Thank you all for reading and respecting our public service announcement and let's get back to our regularly snarky programming.

Now that both couples have had their “conscious uncoupling”, where do you think Se Young, Seok Hoon, Hong Joo, Min Woo and Ji Sun are headed next? Do you think the divorces were necessary or too hasty? Do you think they should move on to their respective interests or take another look at what they had?

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