What an episode! We had a wedding, unfortunate losses, and the birth of 815 all in one episode! There is so much going on but we’ll try to cover it all. Join Taleena, Jazmine, and Amy to discuss episode 9 of The Greatest Marriage.

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Amy: I guess we have a marriage? Their vows were very interesting. At least they didn’t lie! Tae Yeon’s father came in and started yelling as soon as he saw Ki Young giving the congratulatory speech but that is normal. I liked the attendees’ reactions too. Surprise but approval all at the same time.

Jazmine: Their wedding was exactly what I thought it was going to be. A complete disaster. A foreshadowing to their marriage possibly? Their vows were terrible though I do have to give them a thumbs up for the honesty. I still don’t understand why the Chairman gets his panties in a bunch when he sees Ki Young. At least she’s not marrying Tae Yeon anymore. So he should be happy right?

Taleena: I would guess that at least half the people thought that they were having fun with their vows rather than being in dead earnest. It is sad. I am glad that they were not lying but at the same time those vows really illustrated the fact that they do not have a marriage the way that you are supposed to: mutual support, intimacy, and passion. As for Sun Nyeo she is going to get hauled off for assault if she is not careful.


Taleena: I kinda feel bad for Tae Yeon in his tiny white tuxedo crying his eyes out, except he NEVER told Ki Young or showed Ki Young that 815 was anything more than an inconvenience and bargaining chip at best, and actively unwanted and not worthy to live at most. Now you suddenly care enough to cry? I think he is crying less over the baby and more as a pity party over signing away any hold he has over Ki Young. NEXT!

Amy: I do feel really bad for Tae Yeon but I don’t at the same time. He obviously cares about Ki Young and 815 but he lost them because he didn’t tell Ki Young the truth and made horrible decisions to make himself feel better. I hope he learns a lesson from all of this.

Jazmine: I’m guilty of shedding a tear during this scene. Mostly because of Ki Young’s reaction. She was getting teared up when Tae Yeon was rubbing her pregnant belly. It was like that moment was testament to things that could have been. And it’s just plain sad that Tae Yeon couldn’t be a mature adult for 2 minutes and express his true feelings for Ki Young and 815. I want to feel sorry for him, but he had his opporunity.


Jazmine: I was soooo done with Sun Nyeo in this scene. I was done with her with she slapped Ki Young in the beginning on the episode, but I’m super done with her now. She went crazy on Pedro for what? Doing his job? She needs to try and listen to Pedro and find some self-worth in herself. I think Pedro was telling the truth. After seeing that display of crazy how can he possibly see her as a woman and not as some selfish crazy person who only wants revenge and throws money at her problems.

Taleena: Yes, I think Pedro is telling the truth. he has never flirted or led her on. he has only been as kind to her as one human should be kind to the other. Amy, he totally was set up by that vindictive witch. He laid some truth on her and she went full on Crazy Pants Assault Mode. The nice men with the sedatives and white jackets should come and put her under observation before she gets as far as earning a jail cell. NEXT!

Amy: At first I was impressed with Pedro because I thought we finally had a character in this drama who is using his words and telling the truth. After that thought I began to wonder if that is actually the case because in past episodes he did seem to care a lot and he told Sun Nyeo that she needs to love herself. I don’t know. I guess we’ll have to wait and see! Oh and who do you think had Pedro arrested?


Amy: I loved this scene so I had to include it! Yun Hee has been through a divorce and is still living with her ex husband who brought his girlfriend to their home and the girlfriend is all over him. Yun Hee proceeds to “accidentally” spill wine on him after getting her phone back. Ha ha ha! It’s petty but I would have had the same look on my face.

Jazmine: I don’t see how Yun Hee could stand living in the same place with her ex-husband and his mistress without committing some crime towards them. How could she stand to see them all lovey dovey is crazy to me. I’m happy she got her little revenge on him. He deserves worst. Though if I was the chef dude, I would have high tailed it out of there as soon as I understood the situation. Props to him for sticking around.

Taleena: Meh. He deserves it. I feel for poor restaurant guy crushing on Yun Hee, that is just a bad situation all around. Neither one of them are acting like adults with any recourse of common courtesy. NEXT!


Taleena: Welcome to the grim reality that is the awful, awful Park family. You want that gold you have to earn it by bowing and scraping quite literally. Now that we are on the Poor Myung Yi redemption arc we see her call her parents who fled the country through debt and crying about it. NOPE. You said you wanted the good life and designer clothes. If you really were helping poor destitute parents you should have mentioned them in Episode 1. NEXT!

Amy: Myung Yi worked really hard all day for her first memorial ceremony. Sure she made a few mistakes along the way but she corrected them without complaining. Her reward? She can call her mother in law mother when she has a son and her father in law wants her to move in! She was very happy about that. I can’t say that I would feel the same way in her situation but I’m not a gold digger.

Jazmine: I feel like Myung Yi hides her true intentions behind good deeds. She wants to seem like she’s on the big redemption path, but I agree with Taleena her actions and things that she says are so very different. And honestly, is it worth going through all that trouble and drama just for money? I’m sure she could find her another rice guy.


Jazmine: It was at this exact moment where I actually felt for Myung Yi. Everything that she had said and did all those past episodes kind of escaped my mind momentarily. I just felt so sad for her and what that must feel like. I don’t know what her mindset will be in the future. I wonder if she’ll desperately try to cling on to Tae Yeon and his money (I doubt Mama Park will allow that) or if she’ll see this as an enormous neon flashing sign to move on.

Taleena: I will grant that Myung Yi might be genuinely distraught at losing her child. It is deeply grieving to the heart, especially if you were anticipating it. Just like Tae Young however, I think the larger part of her is grieving what the child represents rather than it’s actual being. How much money you want to bet that 815 will now become a pawn in the stupid Park family politics?

Amy: This scene just tore me up. Just looking at this picture is making me sad. Losing a baby is one of the absolute worst things a person can go through. I’m hoping the grief that Myung Yi feels is for her child. I don’t think she is horrible enough to be grieving the potential loss of her marriage and the money it brings but you never know in Kdramaland. Either way this is going to be a hard time for her.


Amy: 815 is here and he is a boy! I have to say, Eun Cha was adorable sitting outside of the delivery room and greeting 815. I know he isn’t the best guy to have around but I think he is changing a little bit at a time. Ki Young is full of joy. It is one of the best feelings in the world to give birth and meet your baby and you can feel Ki Young falling in love. So sweet!

Jazmine: I was so excited that Ki Young was giving birth to 815! I seriously commend her for relaying the news while she was going through contractions and driving herself to the hospital. Like, who does that? Ki Young is definitely a strong one that’s for sure. Eun Cha can be so adorable and fun at times which is why I can’t hate him. He was a total sweetheart this episode in his own twisted way.

Taleena: Just when I want to write Eun Cha off he redeems himself: first scooting her away at the wedding, second finding her pears and honey, and thirdly everything about the baby’s delivery. Side note: that baby is ADORBS! Side Side Note: Hospital Administrators were on a power trip that night. Side note times three: Man, that anchor desk has seen a whole panoply of bodily fluids hasn’t it? I feel for the janitorial staff that cleans it.

What do you think drama clubbers? Now that 815 is here what will happen to Ki Young? How will Tae Yeon react to the loss of Myung Yi’s baby and the birth of 815? Is Pedro completely out of the picture now? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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