Hello again, Shooters! India from Drama Debussie here for another week of our favorite gunslinging hero and the characters that are intent on making his life better or worse. One thing I love about this show is that we’re now at a point where there’s no confusion as to how each character feels about Yoon Kang/Hanjo. They either like him or they don’t. Like kimchi or soju.

Speaking of the characters, I love that this show is bringing out the absolute best of each of these characters, even if their absolute best is their absolute worst.

Nothing brought me more happiness than Soo In and Yoon Kang’s LOOONNGGG awaited reunion. It was high time for them finally stop with the double-talk and get to the kissing. We have enough of the double-talk already with all the surprisingly large amount of people that have uncovered Yoon Kang’s identity. It really made me happy that the reunion came now even though we have an ample amount of episodes. Drama ending reunions between our main couple can be satisfying, but I could never complain about it coming earlier than expected.

The only downside to this is that the couple’s happiness is usually short-lived and this couple is no exception.

After a seemingly never-ending trial filled with twist and turns (mainly of the truth), Yoon Kang was unjustly found guilty of criminal charges and sent to death. In other words, the wrongly accused criminal from three years ago was found to be a wrongly accused criminal three years later. Again.

Lucky for him (and for all of us), he has a badass king on his side who saved his hide. I was originally confused as to why he would turn down the king’s proposal to join him in his fight to overthrow the opposition. I mean, I get that Yoon Kang is discouraged with the legal system and Joseon politics as a whole, but what better ally to have than the KING! Granted, he doesn’t have the greatest track record when it comes to protecting his allies and he readily admits that. Admirable but when the person who’s asking you to not only join them but also asking you to let them protect you while you put your life on the line admits that he’s failed in protecting others that have joined him, doesn't exactly incite confidence. Also, the ally that the king has failed just so happens to be Yoon Kang’s father. A debacle that he had a front row view for and also turned him into a criminal-turned-fugitive simply by default!

*sigh* As much as I would love to see Yoon Kang join forces with King Go Jung, I can understand why he would not be jumping on the opportunity to do so. Although, the idea of Yoon Kang going rogue (well, more rogue than he was before) makes me even more nervous and I'm glad Soo In shared my same concern. No man is an island, Yoon Kang.

It is nice to know that Yoon Kang can pull the trigger after he threatens to do so when face-to-face with his enemies. Seeing him FINALLY follow through on a threat to shoot someone was refreshing especially when it was Choi Won Shin. Although something tells me we haven’t seen the last of him. Yes, even with him shot multiple times and falling over a cliff, I just don’t think the drama gods are going to let him go that easily. Hey, if Yoon Kang can come back from certain death, so can anyone else.

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