DD: Welcome back, Shooters! Another week in Joseon Gunman of one step forward, a million steps back. I swear, just when we thought our hero was getting a handle on things, something always seems to pull him right back. Is it too much to ask for a break, drama gods? Of course without the setbacks, we wouldn’t see these characters’ true potentials. Nevertheless, whew! If i’m exhausted watching them, I can only imagine how they feel.

Zombie: I honestly don’t know how any of these characters have managed to keep it together this long! At least we can totally understand where Yoon Kang’s coming from as he essentially tells the king to “shove it.” How does the king expect to earn anyone’s loyalty and trust when he keeps making the worst decisions in the world? I mean reinstating Choi Won Shin AND Kim Byung Jae!?! Really? What is this guy thinking?

Wait… you’re supposed to have thoughts to be the king? I honestly feel like he’s a flailing fish out of the water or crazy tormented with that look on his face all the time.

DD: It’s disappointing since I’ve been rooting for the king since the very beginning even with all his faults and disappointments. It’s especially disappointing to see the queen essentially protect all the wrong people. I was just getting to like her last week and now look. Yoon Kang was right when he said the royals are being selfish. There’s a part of me that hopes both of them are putting on a show in an attempt to set a trap for the opposition. I hate to believe they are so hopeless that they would rather fight for themselves than the people. If that’s the case, I will be table flipping angry!

Zombie: You mean, like Choi Won Shin angry? Boy did he flip a lot of tables this week!

I admit that I clapped at the table flipping. How often do we talk about it… and it actually happened in the correct context!

DD: So many tables lost their lives this week, but they were not lost in vain. Watching Won Shin get so angry every time Yoon Kang ruined his plans was priceless.

Zombie: Indeed! I loved how every time Won Shin thought he was getting ahead, Yoon Kang was already there, messing up plans even before Won Shin thought of making plans. It was fantastic!

DD: Even more fantastic was that Yoon Kang did all this after the king tried to force him to work with Won Shin. What was the king thinking?! It was almost as if Yoon Kang didn’t want to not only say he refuses to cooperate with Won Shin but he also wanted to show just how much he refused to cooperate with him. Brilliant.

Yoon Kang’s plan was perfection until the kind folded and gave Won Shin even more power than he needed. You don’t put the former head merchant and father of the current head of the merchant group in charge of commerce. Monopoly, anyone?

Zombie: Yes, Yoon Kang has solidified his position as the hero of all heroes, especially now that he’s taken up arms for the people. Nothing will be able to stop him if he’s got the support of the masses and Won Shin would do well to realize that. If you mess with the people’s hero, the people are going to mess with you!

No one messes with The Dark Gunman of the Full Moon! Woof, that’s not a great hero name when translated to English now is it? But it works!

Tanya: My favorite part - All the channeling of really bad kids shows. Seriously, why must we yell the other person’s name every. single. time. they mess up the plan? All I can hear is the “CURSES!!!” And it wasn’t just Yoon Kang and Won Shin but everyone. Royalty included…

DD: Let’s see, we had heroes, we had villians and we even had spies this week.

Tanya: Does anyone else think that trying to recruit Soo In to be a spy is just a bad idea? Don’t get me wrong, I love her new found backbone, but she has a history of being “too pure” to do anything but the right thing or too curious for her own good. Read that as: “stupid”.

She was pretty clutzy at first but I think she’s really grown as a character and I think her ability to stand up to Hye Won and even block an attempted smack across the face shows that there’s more to Soo In than we’re probably giving her credit for. Of course that doesn’t mean that she isn’t still a bit too “goody-goody” for my taste but hey, at least she’s not dropping boxes of gunpowder anymore.

DD: I’m taking bets on how long she’ll refuse the offer to be a spy. Something tells me it won’t be long, we all know how impulsive she can be. There’s also the fact that 1) Yoon Kang has asked her not to and 2) he’s already expressed how fulfilling it felt to help people and you know she wants a piece of that pie. That’s all the inspiration she needs to take on a job that will likely go wrong as long as she’s involved. Even though I can’t fault her for wanting to do the right thing, I find myself shaking my finger at Yoon Kang. You’re giving her exactly what she needs to make what could be a horrible decision for everyone.

Tanya: Can we serious vote on this? I say first ten minutes of Episode 19. Not only is Yoon Kang giving her fuel, Kyung Ho is as well. Soo In doesn’t know he is also a spy and think that he has betrayed her trust. She’s going to do anything she can to put him down now that she is angry with him. Nevermind she already knows what his father was capable of and, in wanting to continue her father’s work, the Second Vice Premier has got to go.

Zombie: I really don’t see her staying out of things and I’m sure that before the end, she’s going to find herself in some huge mess and Yoon Kang’s going to have to risk his life to save her and most likely, the whole thing will blow up in their faces and become the major event that brings this entire story to a close. Because that’s pretty much how everything involving Soo In goes, so why should this time be any different? I just hope things work out better for Soo In and Yoon Kang than they did for Ganemaru. Poor guy!

Tanya: A moment of silence for Ganemaru… His silent, “judging you so hard” face will be missed. Did they have to kill the only cool person in the show?!

Yeah, but if the only cool person is going to go out, they should go out just like that. Ganemaru went out like a boss! I was crying tears of sadness and excitement.

Zombie: I just can’t believe he’s gone. *sobs*

DD: And really gone. Not Yoon Kang/Won Shin fake death gone.

He will be missed!

So tell us, what did you think of this week’s episodes of The Joseon Gunman? Were you surprised by any of this week’s happenings? Do you mourn the loss of Ganemaru as much as we do? Do you think Soo In will eventually take up the role of a spy in the palace? How do you see this story coming to an end? We’d love to know your thoughts so be sure to leave us a comment below (or, for Tanya’s sake, remember we have twitter)!

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