We've got one more week of The Night Watchman's Journal, Scribes, and though we should be scribbling away on the new legends and lore introduced each week, Tiara and I have begun a different list with a heavy hand on the hashtag "sorrynotsorry." Looks like we're headed for a whirlwind trying to find a way to finish Sadam but keep all our surviving Watchman alive. Will Show make it work? Of course! But not before all of our characters have been through the ringer, donned some guyliner and blinked back some crazy eyes.

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Unnichan: With one-third of my favorite characters gone, that leaves two to live to die another day. Therefore, when Sang Heon runs out to help Rin, I was scared to pieces he wouldn’t return, for though his carbon copy was laying teetering in the Netherworld, I couldn’t be sure the sacrifice of Sang Heon’s life, wouldn’t miraculously give Moo Seok a new lease on one.

Color me relieved both Rin and Sang Heon were able to make it out alive, thanks to Do Ha finally coming into some significant use, just in time for Rin to slip in and bring Moo Seok back. And I know I’m not the only one who loved Moo Seok stepping in to guard and protect Rin. Honestly, there’s not been much in the way of bromance on their end, but it’s these small beats that give rise to the hope their partnership will last for a long, long time.

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I have to admit, I kind of wanted Do Ha take the rest of the poison. Not because of some misguided notion of agreement with that crack pot Soo Ryun, but mostly because at this point, she’d been painted into a corner that felt designed as death being her only way of regaining control against Sadam (and staying off my nerves). But overall, I’m glad Show found another way for her to be useful, not only to herself but to others.

Wish Soo Ryun could do the same, but I suppose, she’s come this far what’s the use of turning back now, right? Yet somehow, it just feels all wrong, for how dare she blame all of Rin’s choices and trials on a single person, that isn’t her very own father?! Seems she thinks everyone lives like she does, predicating every decision on an obsession with one person. And though, I am always the first to complain about the loveline between Rin and Do Ha, that kid wants it all, and isn’t solely steered by a few romantic palpitations. When you think about it, it is disparaging every woman (at some point) has been relegated to placing all their life’s worth on a man. But hilariously, the dimmest of all, has chosen to fight for the betterment of her Kingdom over her desire for romance.

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With the temple erected, Sadam is just one step away from his goals with no true end to his powers in sight, even with the discover of this magical ring and flute seal. For let’s face it, though this new development brings a possible, surefire way to rid Joseon of Sadam and his Dragon, no one really knows how to use it (now that Queen Dowager is dead), not to mention it’s currently in the hands of the enemy. I have no doubt it’s rendered benign within Prime Minister’s grasp but unlike Ki San, I’m still not keen on it being in his possession. [But wait, is this where the night watchman’s journal finally becomes a valuable tool?]

And speaking of “the worst king Joseon has ever, ever, ever had (since  Joseon Gunman)”--- Ki San betrays his family (AGAIN!), adhering to the green-eyed monster or better yet, the Ghost of Stupidity, gets his grandmother killed, then has the nerve to remind us of his cravenness by deflecting to Rin? Seriously drama, I just can’t!

Tiara: Nothing new to add to The Night Watchman’s Journal as it brings out more ridiculous plot development as we steer into the final four episodes. Once again our heroes have another unsuccessful day as they continue to be beaten at every turn. However, our villain Sadam continues to gain new powers with every episode, but doesn’t know how to come up with a good plan to use all his talents to get rid of the heroes.

I don’t mind the political maneuvering as a way to roadblock the Night Watchmen as it balances the supernatural element. Unfortunately, the drama doesn’t allow the heroes to stop and think. In the game of politics, the pen is mightier than the sword, but our band of heroes continues to bring their swords versus their brains. It goes to show you the Ghost of Stupid has been in possession of the drama since episode one.

These two episodes were spent on cleaning up the incoherence and many of the writing flaws woven into the drama. The Royal Seal which happens to be a magical flute in the hands of the one true King has become the resolution to save the plot flaw of the unkillable villain and crazy King. The drama is hoping I accept the magical flute as the saving grace. Sadly, I stopped following the drama’s crazy, episodes ago. I see the drama trying to plug the plot holes, but it’s way too late to correct the flaws of the drama.

The problems as I stated earlier, all stem from the incomprehensible rules of the world or lack there of. If the drama spent more time on the Journal of the Night Watchman as a tool to explain the workings of the world, many of the problems would be fixed or nonexistent. Each week I continue to sound like a broken record talking about the failures of the drama to which I’m sorry.

I had such high hopes for this drama as the synopsis sounded interesting of a group of ghost hunters patrolling the streets. Whoever wrote the synopsis must’ve gotten a very rough draft of the drama. The synopsis is far from the truth of the drama’s crazy storyline. The drama had all the elements to make it the next big thing in KDrama, but failed to deliver on either a decent story nor memorable characters.  

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