Unnichan: *sigh* Can I just say I’m really at a point of exhaustion with The Night Watchman's Journal? Not really because it makes no sense, not because the lore and mysticism are lacquered on like shoe polish, but more because almost all the characters fall into one of three categories: Crazy, stupid and clueless. I mean when episode 21 opened all I could think was—Ki San is trash, Soo Ryun is psycho, Do Ha is useless, Moo Seok is half-dead and Rin’s hands are tied. This Show gives me nothing to work with!

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Tiara: You’re not alone in being done with this drama. The script is an absolute mess. The story continues to be incomprehensible with each episode. The lack of ghost rules is what has hurt the drama overall. You forgot to add about Sadam gaining another new power and the Night Watchmen once again lose to the bad guys. Really, what is the point of watching this jumbled drama? It sucks when I have nothing to root for when my teams continues to lose.

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Unnichan: Look, where are my vampires?! I think that would be the only thing now that would make me happy—well there is one other thing but we’ll get to that later.

Tiara: I suppose you could technically call Sadam the vampire. He was earlier killing all those palace maids by sucking the life out of them.

Unnichan: Boo! That's not good enough, Show. However, the biggest highlight was the more indignant repeat of last week’s ending. Rin bursting through the doors got me excited for a full three seconds! I was hoping he’d whip out the ring, kick Prime Minister in the chest and catch the Seal. I mean, a girl can dream right? But speaking about this last development with the Seal, what’d you think?

Tiara: I too was hoping for Rin to unarmed the Prime Minister and start playing the flute. As for the seal, I find the magical flute the drama’s way of trying to fix the solution of making Sadam super powerful. It would kill two birds with one stone. This is going to be the tool with the bow, which will stop our villain and show the people rain is the rightful ruler instead of Ki San. Goes to show the drama had no forethought about how to end the drama.

Unnichan: Ugh, Ki San. You know I have zero faith in him, never expected him to stop being insane, grow a backbone or become a decent man but I just can’t with him being stupid. ‘Cause there’s no cure for that. I mean seriously, once the demon of stupidity takes hold, you might as well lay down and take a long nap or should I say "give up the ghost?" I don’t even think the word 'disappointment' describes this man’s actions this week. And his dual personality? Show, what the heck?! He’s actually scolding himself after the switch back? After “evil Ki San” did absolutely nothing but be a cackling screw up? Does this make sense?! Wait, sorry I asked that. Of course it doesn’t.

Tiara: *sigh* Ki San’s dual personality, at the beginning, actually seemed smart and less crazy than Ki San. Yet, once he took command of the body, he acted exactly like the other Ki San just slightly more unhinged. The drama was trying to show these were two different personalities at the start, but those personalities became the same towards the latter half which made it pointless for the double persona. What is the point of the personalities? It just doesn't make much sense. I’d place my money on the bad script writing, if I was a betting woman--- which I am. As for Ki San, he was an interesting character, not so much now. I agree Unnichan, the ghost of stupid is possessing him, but he isn’t the only one.

Unnichan: I know last week I said that Show was digging him a rabbit hole of redemption but thankfully Show heard our discontent and went down a different path. But it’s also that kind of stupid that disarms me. Queen Dowager is dying and it’s all thanks to Ki San but he’s beyond rational thinking at this point; he and Soo Ryun for that matter. At least Prime Minister can fall back on the trusty “I was possessed” defense. And come to think about it, was I the only one confused as to why Sadam didn’t jack Soo Ryun up? I’m over her running her mouth.

Tiara: For a second it felt like Ki San was going to do the right thing and be redeemed, only at the last moment his hands over the magical flute to the Prime Minister. *sigh* The Prime Minister may be possessed by a demon/ghost, but he’s still at fault for all his offenses. The man has been power hungry since the beginning. It may not have been the throne, he was after at first, but the throne is what he wants immediately. You're not the only one confused. I still don’t understand why Sadam kept sending in Soo Ryun to talk to Do Ha. Fangirl wants the Shaman dead and her Prince all to herself. Good idea making her visit Do Ha. Did Sadam not hear Soo Ryun telling Do Ha to just kill herself? I mean the girl almost won against Sadam which was pretty funny. About the only smart thing Do Ha has done in all the episodes.

Unnichan: Do Ha said some poignant things about Yongshin, so I had to hand it to her because I’m personally tired of Sadam acting as though he’s just a servant of the people that come to him in distress. That was cleverly brilliant coming from Ursula but absolutely repugnant coming from this fool. I actually think it was the first time I found myself truly upset with him. ‘Cause we all know that Sadam uses the will and desires of people to accomplish his goals, yet we also know, there’s a distinct and deliberate form of manipulation behind everything he does and says as well. So of course, in the end everyone under his control holds responsibility for their crimes but there’s no denying the hand of the puppet master. I actually chuckled to myself for forgetting all about the Dragon for minute. Thank you Henchman, for keeping my eye on the prize *wink.*

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Tiara: I certainly couldn't have said it better. The Dragon. It’s been episodes since we’ve seen the dragon. Out of sight, out of mind, I guess. Obviously the drama forgot about it as well. What do you think about its abilities to give Sadam a makeover? I’d give it a 5, only because his clothes didn’t really convert. Besides, I’m not certain if I like Sadam without facial hair and I hate his new/old hairstyle.

Unnichan: He’s young and beautiful again, no wonder he wants that joker to wake up. I personally believe everyone should be happy to grow older but then again, being old and craggly isn’t the best advert for spiritual superiority. But then again, Merlin made it work. One thing I actually got out of that moment, is what a survivor Sadam really is. He always finds a way to better his situation, whether it’s branding shamans or draining damsels, that guy has done what he’s had to do to stay alive in order to revive his life source. The only question now is, what is keeping him undead and unkillable?

Tiara: Sadam seems like he’s the Master of Death. I question if he has the Deathly Hallow tucked away somewhere. Speaking of Death, Moo Seok is alive thanks to Rin for pulling him back to the living. However, it doesn’t seem like the Grim Reaper allowed them to come back fully without paying a price. Moo Seok is alive like Sang Heon, but he can see ghosts now. Any thoughts on what the price Rin had to yield? I’m beginning to wonder if the main reaper is just a reaper. Plus the expression he gave to Rin’s sword was odd. I wonder what the look meant. Also, why isn’t the Grim Reaper dude not going after Sadam for messing with the land of the dead? If merely the dead can mess with the dead and the living can’t, does this mean Sadam is already dead?


Unnichan: Oh Tiara, I don’t think we can ask Show specific questions any longer. Only rhetoricals. It’s a good idea though and the only conclusion I’ve come to. With the Grim Reaper, I really didn’t care about anything but the parallelism between Moo Seok and Sang Heon’s journey. It scared me a bit because we don’t need two. If Moo Seok is the new Sang Heon, then his days are closing in. His life has always been my largest concern and I was afraid he’d die this week but it seems Show heard my cry and will wait until that last 15 of episode 24. Also, Jung Yunho has greatly improved over the course of this drama. He’s not a good actor, but his earnestness is apparent, plus he truly seems to understand his character. And that’s something I really can’t complain about.

Tiara: If there is one character to be on death watch, it would be Sang Heon. I get the feeling he will die with his heroic death by the last episode. Once the bad guys are gone and Rin on the throne, his skills and knowledge will not be needed since Moo Seok will become his advisor, guard, friend, and Night Watchman. Seeing this is my first drama to see Yunho act, I too agree his acting has become better. He isn’t a good actor, but towards the latter half of this drama he has gotten really into the character and role for me to see his acting has improved. It may have taken him a while to get the feeling of the character, but he has nailed it towards the later half of the drama. Good for him.

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Unnichan: Since we're at the end, what are your predictions for the finale? To be honest, my head is much like Do Ha’s on this matter—empty, but I am hoping they go buckwild. Like Sadam's youthful transformation has replenished some additional powers we didn’t know he had, like flying, telekinesis, or invisibility which he'll use to try and cloak the Dragon who's now alive, talking and livid, turning people to stone and sticks with his breath. Soo Ryun and Prime Minister will die, I don't care how; arrows, poisoning, aneurysm by crazy eye --- but there will be lots of blood and fire (you know, just cause). While Ki San will kill at least three more lady's maids before he's banished from the Kingdom to a remote village only to accidentally jump to his death trying to skip his sentence. Do Ha and Rin's love will defy logic, laws and mores, while Moo Seok has regular brunches with the Friendlies, for he's now using them as his own personal G.I.s (ghost informants). Sang Heon will tell Ok Mae he cares for her, then run off and die, protecting the kids and the show will be over for me. But not before, Rang Yi is revealed as the Queen just as she disappears for good. Finally, in a time jump, we see Rin pulling double duty as King, then scoot off for his Night Watchman shift with his trusty two--- freeze frame and cue electric guitar.

Tiara: Episode 23 will be all politics on who should be King. Rin will be about to get the magical Flute back. Once the King’s Seal is in his hand, all the ministers and army will bow down to their one and true King, Rin. Do Ha will be abducted again and taken to Sadam. Sang Heon will die trying to stop Sadam from taking Do Ha. Episode 24, he will awaken his dragon and bring chaos in a small amount of time to the world. Do Ha will escape after the dragon has been awakened and will steal the Bow and Arrow. The Dragon will eat the Prime Minister, Soo Hyun, and Ki San. I mean the Dragon hasn’t been fed in years. He needs food. King Rin and his army will head into battle. Rin with the flute and bow and arrow along with Do Ha and Moo Seok will combine their powers to finally put an end to Sadam and his dragon for good. Moo Seok continues to live as a member of the Night Watchman. The drama will find a loophole for Do Ha and Rin to live happily Ever After. The End.


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