Ready to complete this chapter of The Night Watchman's Journal? Good. Tiara and I are armed and ready. Start scribbling!

Rin finally invites his Ghosts inside and Rang Yi sings an eery lullaby

Unnichan: It's great Rin has opened up his mind, his heart and his house to the beings that really love him. It was genuinely a sweet moment.

Tiara: Look at our Prince growing up. He is accepting being able to see ghosts and allowing his servants to become part of his family. Adorable. Almost brought a tear to the eye.

Unnichan:However, once Rang Yi began to sing, my initial thoughts about who she really is came crashing in. I've always believed she was around Rin because she had a bond to him and after her tearful attempt to graze his cheek, there's no doubt that's true. We've been given small hints but this one was a doozy, coupled with her "throw away" comment about her age. I have a feeling there's more about this mystical world we don't know and Rang Yi may be a key in explaining a few things.

Tiara: Rang Yi about broke my heart with how endearing she was towards Rin. She may have been hard on him, but it was for keeping him on the straight and narrow path. Unnichan, I’m right there with you. My mind is on overdrive trying to figure out whom Rang Yi could be. Maybe she has a connection to Rin’s mother? He said the song reminded him of his mom. Maybe she could be Rin’s mother. The way she was caressing his face gives me the impression she may have been a mom.

Ki San deposes Sadam and vows to kill everyone!

Tiara: Hahaha!!! This poor OTP was doomed from the beginning. They both just have way too much crazy and madness for their love to continue. Plus, Sadam just can’t be anything but top dog and Ki San is King which means he is always top dog. Maybe our mad King realizes Sadam brings nothing to their relationship but a headache. I totally giggled for the look on Sadam’s face when the eunuch rats him out by telling the King he hasn’t told anyone to close the gate.

Unnichan: Ki San does nothing but throw empty threats around and honestly, I’m over it. Dude, if you are about “ending” everyone who’s out to ruin you, me thinks you won’t get very far. ‘Cause that list---- begins with you. The first thing we learn in Life School is “a person’s greatest enemy, is himself.” And we can shuffle around as much blame as we want but in the end, no matter how many fingers we point, the one that creates a stronghold, is always turned in your direction.


Tiara: I’m interested to see what Sadam plans to offer the Prime Minister. Consider the Prime Minister is a bit pissed off with Rin for condemning his daughter and his position. Also, he won’t shake hands easily with Sadam unless there is a big pay off. I bet he offers the Prime Minister the throne.

Unnichan: It’s possible. I mean, honestly, what’s left? Ki San is a psycho (undeniably) and Rin is a miscreant (technically). If I were Prime Minister, I’d say, “Keep that throne---” but, at this point, you never know. One would think, given his longevity, he’s shrewd enough to know he can rule more unhampered and free from the crown. But if Sadam is able to speak to the greediest part of him, he may slip up and make a mistake. Which will be terribly unfortunate.

Do Ha breaks things off with Rin prematurely

Unnichan: Don't you just hate it when characters jump the gun? I was never on-board with a Rin-Do Ha this sudden dependency, but for Do Ha to pull back from Rin so abruptly is disheartening. For, her actions are just as elitist and discriminatory as those from the market place. It makes her no different from the people Rin told her mistreated him. Of course, she shouldn't forget who Rin is or what his position makes him born to accomplish or acquire but that's no reason to give him the cold shoulder. I don't expect much from Do Ha but at the very least we could get some consistency in relating to others, by giving what you receive.

Tiara: In the good words of the The Ancient Booer from Princess Bride “BOO!, BOO!, BOO!” I hate when a character gets all noble idiot. I’m not enjoying her cold shoulder towards Rin. I agree Unnichan about this being disheartening. I mean both of them tried to save each from a burning building. They had a moment of connection about their feeling of loneliness and growing up without their families and being thought as the bringer of darkness. I thought they were on the same page of becoming not just friends but family for each other. This seems a bit out of character for Do Ha. Since the first moment she has gotten into town, she hasn’t cared what social class people happen to be. Yet now, she’s switched to talking to him formally and telling him her business is her own because he’s a prince. What a bunch of crap. In ways, I think Rin has liked Do Ha not caring he is a Prince, regardless of him reminding her of his social class. There is no reason for her to pull away from Rin. This isn’t adding conflict to the story, it’s annoying.

The Prime Minister and Soo Ryun have a tearful heart to heart that leads to her "almost" arrest

Unnichan: This confrontation was a long time coming and finally makes clear that Soo Ryun has been living in a dream world. Therefore, this "talk" was a harsh, rude awakening. For one of the hardest things in life is accepting your parents as human beings with flaws and to have those flaws be crimes of deception, manipulation and murder… well, guess you can’t blame the girl for catching a fit of tears. The best thing about this moment had to be Daddy PM admonishing her to get over Rin. Of course, this should’ve been said years ago and from what we’ve seen, it’s been on the tip of his tongue for awhile now, so it’s high time he said what needed to be said. It's horrible Rin overheard this encounter, however, it's high time he knew the identity of his enemies. I also can't say his measures against Soo Ryun were too harsh, for initially, he didn't want to believe she was in bed with those who oppose him and have their eyes on political control. But after this conversation, what else was he to think? Yet, as well all know, eavesdropping ears, hear nothing good. Ultimately, it's sad, Soo Ryun was used yet again, for political maneuvering and her trust and friendship with Rin was broken. But given her father's deeds and goals, not to mention Rin's never growing love for her, this outcome was inevitable.

Tiara: Finally someone tells the girl to grow up and stop believing in fairy tales. It’s about time she got her head out of the clouds. It’s true Unnichan, she got a rude awakening in finding out her father isn’t perfect and good. She has gotten to live in a nice home, wear nice clothes, and eat good food. It is easy to see why her world is very small, but she had a moment of clarity hearing her father plot to keep himself alive and in power. It’s got to hurt to see the man you think the world, not be who you thought he was. Most of the mess which happens is the Prime Minister’s fault. He should have nipped her feelings for Rin in the bud years ago. He’s probably kicking himself for not having his daughter marry. If she didn’t have such a passion for him, she wouldn’t have asked for a ship to China. Soo Ryun asking for a ship wasn’t her smartest move, but she should have told her father. He is the Prime Minister. But this is all what is. Now with Sadam looking to make a pact of friendship, it brings him and Soo Ryun closer. I see him becoming a stalker towards her.

Yun Ha spies a glimpse of Sadam's "Tuck Time"

Unnichan: Ok so, errr, this answers a couple questions, right? I mean, there was no way, Yun Ha’s Tuck tonic lasted 12 years, therefore, him sucking life juice from other young, vital women makes all the sense in the world. But seriously Sadam, you crap where others eat? Then leave your trash laying around? Yuck, man! But I guess, what has me pondering the most is how special he seems to find Yun Ha. He keeps hanging around her, though clearly there’s nothing he can “receive” from her any longer (beyond companionship). And that is what continues to fascinate me about their relationship. For she allows him to hang out in her spot because she honestly feels in some ways, she has no choice, but her complete annoyance brewing with disdain, always seems to disconcert him. Which to be honest, for the life of me, I can’t understand--- 'Cause Sadam, if you take (as in steal, plunder, rob), whatever you receive will never be given willingly. Regardless of time or space.

Tiara: Sadam sucking the life out of people reminded me of the Buffy the Vampire episode, Inca Mummy Girl. Which made me giggle a bit. Well, I have to admit this was gross. Is this how he lives forever or is this a way to charge his batteries? Both? Unnichan I agree with you. Why do Yun Ha and Sadam stick together? I’m assuming she gave him her powers to bring him back from death, but why are they continuing their companionship? Is Sadam just rubbing salt into her wounds? Or is he waiting to finish her off by turning her into a mummy? You’re right about karma coming back to bite Sadam. The world will try to balance itself out. Sadam may seem to be all powerful, but the world will balance the power out. It is just a question of when the world will hurry up to give said power to Rin already.

Word gets around that Rin has recruited a pretty sexy savvy Swordsmen

Unnichan: There are no secrets in Joseon. Yet, most gossip is nothing more than conjecture and rumor. However, oft times, rumors, bring people closer together, therefore, in the case of Rin and Sang Heon--- Thank you, noisy neighbors, loyal subjects and rumor mongers! Keep it coming! Guess, the only problem is whether the rumors are true or false, Ki San and Prime Minister will believe the former and send someone, anyone out to kill them. That's just how they roll. But with the way things ended, looks like Sang Heon may be doing some rolling too and clue Rin in on the fact his largest human enemy, has always been, Soo Ryun's Daddy.

Tiara: This is one way to get Sang Heon and Rin together. Find common ground and force them to be partners. Now if they can figure out how to deal with his impending death in getting involved with ghosts. Maybe the magical flower will do something for him. Somehow they will be able to get over this little problem to get the Night’s Watchmen back on duty. I don’t think the Prime Minister is going to be happy to find out the Night’s Watchmen are still alive. He worked very hard in exterminating the Treasury department. I felt he views the group as a threat, but he doesn’t believe in things he can’t see. The battleground of the palace was intense, what else happen from what we’ve seen? I get there is more to be learned about the past before we can make any decisions in the present.


Unnichan: Just when I thought Moo Seok was going to bore me until my eyes bled, he not only cracked a smile but had a mystery visitor. Seems everyone in Joseon has someone who is willing to cross the Divide to be near them and it's great to know someone has truly loved this kid. Now I wonder if being without her has created this stick-in-the-mud demeanor of his? Soo Ryun's betrayal hit deep and narratively, it was done well. For now, when she puts on black eyeliner and starts running with the wrong crowd, she won't be solely acting out of some school girl brokenheartedness. But from real pain based on the betrayal of someone she has deeply regarded.

Tiara: I’m right there with you, Unnichan on Moo Seok. His visitor at night was a pleasant surprise. He is a guy who believes in what he sees, but to know his sister worries about him makes me wonder if her death causes him to be a party pooper. I do believe this will help Moo Seok believe in ghosts and bring his trust around towards Rin. It helps put Moo Seok in a better light.


Unnichan: Do Ha's attack on Sang Heon was truly uncalled for. Everyone has their reasons for the choices they make and for her to throw around accusations is just plain inappropriate. He did lie to her, but truthfully, he doesn't owe her anything. Nor, does it change the fact he's never harmed or put her in harm's way. It reminds me of the argument she had last week with Rin, which she apparently hasn't taken any pains to learn from. But on second thought, perhaps I should be pleased---- at least that's one thing she’s managed to keep consistent.

Tiara: The mysterious 12 years ago. I’m getting annoyed with all the characters not coming forward to explain what happened. Sang Heon knows what happened, but won’t say. The Dowager warns Rin to never speak of what happened. The drama is trying to make it seem like a mysterious puzzle piece needing to be put together, but it's coming across as just plain irritating. It’s probably one of the many reasons it’s hard to take delight in the drama.


Unnichan: Sang Heon will divulge some history between Hae Jong, himself and Prime Minister. Sadam and his Henchman will burn the midnight oil scaring up ways to get more bottle ghosts. Soo Ryun will take her first steps into the den of the darkside. And Ki San's Figment will continue to make the most sound sense hysterical.

Tiara: Sadam will join hands with the Prime Minister. Soo Ryun will join the darkside with the help of Sadam as her teacher. Sang Heon will finally tell Rin what happened that night 12 years ago. Do Ha will go back to be the innocent, naive girl and join hands with Rin, literally. Moo Seok will begin to trust Rin and show this evidence to Ki San. The King will realize he might have to become allies with his brother to help save the Kingdom.

Got some burning questions? You know we do! Who is Rang Yi, really? Rin's mother? Another family member? If so, why is her ghost form a child? Can Prime Minister be bought? Will Sadam barter him for Soo Ryun? And now that Soo Ryun feels betrayed, will she end her plans to conquer Rin's heart?Or will she try to use her request from Yun Ha to destroy him instead?

Keep pondering Hunters! And--- May the farce be with you!

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