Captain's Log, 2200 - It’s been a long night as Rin and Do Ha are finally told a crude draft of what happened 12 years ago. Soo Ryun is arrested for her crimes, which brings the Prime Minister to shake hands with the evil Priest. The King believes he won his kingdom while Moo Seok believes in being righteous, yet condemns Rin for telling the truth. Quick, we need a doctor stat as the ghost of smallpox was summoned by Sadam. Join in and talk about this episode of The Night Watchman's Journal with Unnichan and me as we up suit as doctors to battle a case of smallpox.

Prime Minister learns Sang Heon is alive and welding, while Rin and Sang Heon repartee about Yongshin

Tiara: It’s about time Rin and Do Ha find out about what happen 12 years ago. I however think these bedtime stories should have been said episodes ago, but better late than never. I’ve expressed before about Do Ha being very dumb before, but Rin is just as unintelligent. Sang Heon finally tells Rin about his father going to acquire the special flower for him, but was stopped due to “that woman”. Who else could the “that woman” happen to be, but the shaman who prayed for the darn thing. Hello, put two and two together already. Sure, they’re receiving a rough draft of what happened 12 years ago, yet it’s enough to figure out or guess what happened.

Unnichan: Sang Heon holding back the information he had was frustrating at times, but I understood why he was making his choices. It wasn’t just a matter of his life, but the lives of others, by opening up old wounds (literally) and divulging his past. But now, with Prime Minister up to his same old tricks and Rin being willing to take the risk, he now realizes it’s best to tell the kids what he knows, along with a long list of “bewares.”

Tiara: In the mind of the Prime Minister, he feels he is getting backed into a corner. He thinks Rin has betrayed him by throwing Soo Ryun under the bus by getting her arrested. The King is looking to overturn his power. Then he finds out the captain of a department he murdered is still active and working with Rin, he is going to end up desperate for even Sadam’s help.

Unnichan: Prime Minister can’t be trusted for anyone that blocks his view to his endgame (whatever that may be), is in grave danger. I didn’t want to believe that he was willing to do “anything” for the things that has encompassed to achieve, but after his failed attempts on Rin’s life, his greed and ambition is much greater than his moral compass. Rain has been a thorn for awhile, but one, that he kept around for he felt he was a dormant problem that he could pit against others, but now that Rin has used his influence to bring charges on Soo Ryun’s wrongdoing, well, the Prime Minister isn’t standing for that. However, what I find the most disconcerting is I don’t believe the Prime Minister is moved by the overall well being or “innocence” of his child but moreso what her imprisonment means for him and his reputation.

Do Ha returns the talisman and positive memories back to Rin, just after he has a mini battle breakdown

Unnichan: My biggest fear was always that Rin would harbor horrible memories of his father and that is exactly what happened. It’s terrible to think about the nightmares he must have had to overcome, then couple that with the fact that he was alone. Not just presently but feeling he’s never had someone to lean on. Which of course is what makes the reality of Yun Ha being one of his enemies so very disheartening. Rin has found companions to rely on, but he doesn’t understand the bond that love for family creates. Once, he realizes who Do Ha is, not only to Yun Ha but to Sadam, there’s no way that truth won’t change things. However, will his “love” for Do Ha be so prevalent, that he takes the pains to understand the extent of Sadam’s control?

Tiara: Those are good points Unnichan. Rin totally has post traumatic stress disorder as determined by his nightmares and by his lack of remembering anything good from his father. The poor Prince doesn’t remember what is feels like to be loved. Ki San is King which gives him the right to bully Rin. The Dowager has given him the cold shoulder. Both of his parents are dead. Then comes Do Ha who doesn’t care for social class as she is as much of an outsider as him. Rin has bonded with her over their crappy childhoods and forged a friendship/family as neither has never owned one. (Of course until Do Ha became a noble idiot from last episode. Thankfully, she left it at home this episode.) However Do Ha has given something again for Rin, she has given him her memories and bracelet of a devoted father towards his son. Initially, I do believe he will be upset towards Do Ha about learning Yun Ha being responsible for his father’s madness. KDramas have to make the OTP separate for a short stop before getting back together. This will be what keeps them from being together, but I don’t see Rin staying away from Do Ha with Sadam in the corner waiting to claim his woman.

Moo Seok gets physical over Soo Ryun's detention

Unnichan: Moo Seok is truly a hard character to like or even sympathize with. However, drama continues to humanize him with the genuine feelings he has for sister lost sister and his cousin. His attachment to Soo Ryun is much deeper than relational and I greatly appreciate that. For it’s she and the King, who was there for him in his most significant time of need, which clarifies his determination to side with Ki San and Soo Ryun regardless of his dogged convictions. These moments make Moo Seok a much more relatable character and chipping at that part of his humanity certainly softens his edges. Now, the question is, what is In Hwa’s story? Will anything she has to share change the way Moo Seok views his King, his job or his principles?

Tiara: I genuinely don’t give two figs about his dead sister. I simply can’t feel any empathy towards Moo Seok. A constituent of the reason is Yunho’s lack of acting. No doubt he is the straight guy of the drama, but I conceive he is taking being the straight guy too far. Moo Seok gives the same expression which is laborious for me to care about anything he does. I can’t feel his pain or be happy with him. This scene drove me bat crazy. Rin did the right thing and was honest, but Moo Seok is angry at him because it is his cousin who got caught. Um, hello dude, you're the one who told Rin to rat his cousin out as she was in the wrong. Is he trying to allege it is okay to let people get away with things as long as they are family? On a side notation, I think my face has more emotion than Moo Seok’s did as I watched this scene. In the end, I just don’t care much for his lackluster character.

Unnichan: There’s no doubt Moo Seok was being hypocritical and honestly, the entire confrontation was annoying---Yun Ho’s acting aside (cause there’s no immediate cure for that), for Moo Seok chose to berate Rin for taking his own advice, which is unacceptable. I could have understood if he’d flown off the handle, then remembered the conversation and apologized for holding a double standard. But rather, he knew and didn’t care. Because, for some reason he feels Rin owes Soo Ryun something for loving which, plainly speaking, he does not! There have been times that rain comes across clueless, which can be insulting, but regardless, he has never, ever led her on.He’s been respectful and genuine and truthfully, that is all one can ask for. Moo Seok has unattainably high standards that comically, given this moment, he doesn’t live by, however, that doesn’t mean, the drama hasn’t given us a valid reason (in this episode) to comprehend why he is both irrational and misjudging regarding both Soo Ryun and Ki San.

Tiara: On a side notation, I loved seeing Rin accept his ghostly family. It’s taken him long enough to inquire them what they know. Lamentably, they don’t seem to know much of what happen as one was dead and the other not in the palace. Did anyone note how uncomfortable Rany Yi became? Almost like she has information, but is unwilling to partake. Anyone catching the feeling she might have been present on the dark night 12 years ago. I’m still questioning if she might be Rin’s mother. I recognize it is an odd guess, but the girl knows more than she is letting on.

Unnichan: Rang Yi is keeping several secrets in that tiny bun of hers. She was there on that infamous night and she knows much more about the details of what happened than she’s “purposefully” letting on. Our suspicions led us to believe to she’s a Rin’s mother and she very well may be but there are so many questions that need to be answered beyond her true identity, I’m willing to wait for some of the more pressing ones to be answered first. However, I’m thinking her reasons for keeping quiet lay within that mystery, therefore, I doubt we’ll be hearing the truth from her any time soon. All we can hope, is she’ll continue to be as as bad at hiding her feelings in future as she was at this moment.

Ki San uses Soo Ryun's arrest to take full control of his throne; while Prime Minister takes the opportunity to rid Soo Ryun heart of Rin

Tiara: Ha, Ki San seems to have won this bout. He's gotten rid of Sadam, the Prime Minister is losing favor and his power, and Rin has lost his backing. Of course, this win is temporary at best. I love how he believes he is running the government yet, the idea of casting Rin against the Prime Minister was the other Minister's idea. I hope he realizes the Minister with the plan is looking to move up the food chain, not to make Ki San look good. I guess evening mad Kings need to preserve their illusions.

Unnichan: I don’t think Ki San has ever been under the delusion Prime Minister was on his team in any shape or form. Especially after threatening with the Dowager debacle, Ki San knows there’s no love lost between the two of them. At the very best, he’s willing to step on him to gain all the power and control for himself. Plus, Ki San has an inferiority complex where he believes he’s always been second best, not just in his family but in his Kingdom as well.

Tiara: I can't say I'm outraged by the Prime Minister telling his daughter Rin isn't coming to her rescue. I'm really happy he is breaking this relationship. Granted a little late in the game yet I appreciate the sentiment. She really needed something to break her ties with the Prince and what better way than him putting you into jail. I'm still saying this mess the Prime Minister is in happens to be the making of his own choices.

Unnichan: Outraged isn’t the word I’d use but I was disappointed by it. Deception isn’t the way to get what you want, no matter what game you’re playing and willfully manipulating his daughter’s feelings is just plain despicable. The truth is always ugly enough. She would have been hurt, simply by knowing that Rin turned her in, without consulting with her, just because she broke the Law. Siding with the people, in her view, that have made his life so miserable. I’m not saying Rin was wrong but from her point of view, she’s always had his side, his back and would never have ventured to make such a choice, whether he was guilty or not. Soo Ryun won’t react the way her father hopes, for she is hurt and betrayed and while he may believe this will turn in his favor, I’m certain it will cycle back and punch him in the jaw. Making a spoiled delusional girl into a bitter, vengeful one, causes more harm to everyone. And I’m certainly not in the mood to watch her self-destruct. The only saving grace will be how Sadam plays into the inevitable shenanigans in store.

Tiara: The Prime Minister is using tough love and a bit of deception, but I’m all right with it. This is how his character handles problems. It would have been out of character for the Prime Minister not to stop Rin. You do hold a point Unnichan, Rin could have gone to Soo Ryun and asked why she did what she did. He could have utilized what little power he had to protect her. Nevertheless, the King is looking for any wrong step to get rid of Rin. When he was put in charge of finding out who was behind this problem, Rin became stuck between a hard spot and a rock. This is why he went to Moo Seok to ask for his honest judgment on how to handle this issue at hand. Rin told the truth, but he wasn’t failing to leave her in prison. He had a plan, unfortunately he just wasn’t able to succeed through on his plan as he was blocked at every turn. So yes, he seems like he is an ungrateful prince which is the plan the Prime Minister wants. As for Soo Ryun, this will either get her stronger or be destructive. I’m hoping it will empower her to be smart, but I do believe intelligent went out the window episodes ago.

Sang Heon stops pretending and gathers the gang for a plan to stop the rise of the Dragon

Tiara: Sang Heon was born a Night Watchman and will perish as one. Yay for him making up his mind. The first time he died, he may not have felt like he did much in his lifespan, but I wonder if he felt this way due to failing his King and friend. Was Sang Heon too late to protect the Queen and the King killed her? Was he forced to wipe out his King? There is still much being left out of the story from 12 years ago. What happened after the Queen left Rin? It seems Sang Heon carries around a lot of guilt? I'm not sure Rin would blame Sang Heon. Taking a blade to the heart makes it hard to put the blame on the guy. Fingers cross for talisman, fighting, and weapon training from Captain Sang Heon.

Unnichan: I’ve been waiting for Sang Heon to put words to what we already knew, his life is only lived, when he’s a Watchman. Regardless of what the Grim Reaper assessed in his demeanor, the role that this man has undertaken is one he’d never trade. It’s true, he’s now putting his life back on the line, but he wouldn’t have it any other way, and that’s how I like to see Sang Heon, fully available and alive (in mind, body and will). However, he is reopening old wounds, which may prove to take him quicker than any of us may desire. But I wonder if once his wound is completely exposed, he’ll have a real chance to heal and recover?

Sadam turns tricks not only as a witch doctor but a psychology professor

Unnichan: Sadam has been busy this episode and I really appreciated it. For finally, he’s doing something that warrants a little extra thought. He’s not only doing one thing, but several and it seems he’s doing his best to continuing in the planning to bring about his ultimate scheme. Conjuring the Goddess was certainly inspired, given what’s going on with the medicinal supplies and then spouting about sneaking into cracks of fear was just dubious enough to sound clever. I certainly have no desire to see him succeed but I’m glad I’m finally intrigued by what he may bring about for our heroes to overcome.

Tiara: Unnichan, you're right about Sadam being a busy bee. Who would have imagined the drama would put on its thinking hat, not I. Color me surprised, but Sadam gets the MVP award this episode. He is in reality being a smart villain. He calls upon the bringer of smallpox while there is a shortage of medication. This will help him come back into the favor of the King by "proving" a priest is needed to control the evil energy in the city. Sadam sees the Prime Minister as a backup plan to help him regain the power he lost from the King. This is the Sadam I enjoy viewing each episode and hope to see more of this in future instalments.


Unnichan: It was great to see our crew finally working together, even with Moo Seok pulling in the rear reluctantly. I appreciate the incorporation of the smallpox epidemic because this will be his segue into becoming a believer. We’ve all been waiting for him to just decide to believe, but now he will have a tangible reason. I look forward to watching that unfold.

Tiara: Sang Heon's moment with Rin talking about his father has to be my favorite scene. He wants to tell Rin everything but is holding back in reverence of the tangible truth. It may be my bias because of I love Jung II Woo, but his tears almost made me choke up. I could feel his mixed emotions hearing his father truly care for him, but all he remembers is his father's sword pointed at him. You could visualize the young Rin looking at the present day Rin. He may have turned into a man, but his pain from being a boy is still there.


Unnichan: Yun Ha hiding Do Ha from Sadam would have made total sense, if I actually believed Show intended for this not to be a “blood is thicker than water” moment. If this had been about one woman trying to save an innocent prey from an evil life force sucker, I’d be onboard for this froo-froo moment of bonding and understanding, but it wasn’t. Until this time, we’ve never seen Yun Ha care about anyone, but herself and her agenda, nor has she seemed moved by Sadam’s inherent evil. It’s true she’s just been made privy to his “drain killings” but I for one, would have received it better, had it been dropped in the narrative Yun Ha was shielding all her female employees from him, and then, in creeps a clueless Do Ha. But instead, this scene was used as an opportunity to show Do Ha a glimpse of who her sister used to be--- the one person who was willing to protect and guard her. And once again, it felt superficial and forced.

Tiara: I've already talked about it already, but Moo Seok is a character I hate with each episode. I don't want to lay all my hatred on the writing, which we all know the writing is bad, but the acting is just as unsound. I want to like the character, but it's hard when the actor doesn't bring the emotions to the role. Moo Seok is a plane and one dimensional character which frustrates me.


Unnichan: Soo Ryun will be saved but it will be a coin toss by which camp and think Rin has completely abandoned her. Sadam will do his best to ensure Queen Dowager dies of small. And the gang will use the Friendlies to find out more information about Sadam, his plan and the Prime Minister’s involvement.

Tiara: Soo Ryun will be saved by Ki San who will use her as a pawn against her father and Rin. The Dowager will be on her death bed and will tell Rin what happen 12 years ago - the final cut. Night Watchmen training will start. Sadam will shake hands with the promise to the Prime Minister. The promise with be to dethrone Ki San, kill Rin,and make him king. Moo Seok will finally believe after he hears his sister's final wishes.

Captain's Log, supplemental - The Night Watchman look like they might make a come back to combat the smallpox ghost. It’s about time they establish up. It appears like they may need some new recruits. Anyone interested in joining up? While we await for the posting, join in on the discussion of this week's episode. Are you with or against us? What did you like and didn't like? What do you see happening next?

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