Captain's Log, 1400 - It’s been a long shift as smallpox has quickly spread throughout the metropolis. Our fellow Night Watchers are busy debating over if they’re able to handle the training required to become a new recruit. The Prime Minister joins the dark side because it possesses a throne while his daughter get interrogated by the King. As two sleeping dragons continue to sleep and wait until they may confront one another. Grab your pitchforks and torches and join Unnichan and me as we march on to Maeranbang.

The Goddess showers her afflictions on the Palace, while the gang hit their first stumbling block

Unnichan: As a collective, this is the first time the gang has come together as “unofficial” Watchman, for one central purpose and failed. And though they didn’t find what they were looking for, it was nice to see them working with the same mind. Rin and Do Ha know what they see is real and relevant to the happenings around them and are committed in their pursuit of an end to the bonds of evil that are stirring the people. The Goddess of Smallpox is no easy foe and her illness is quick, contagious and quelling. The people won’t bounce back, nor will the city, even if they are able to exterminate her.

Tiara: This isn’t the first stumbling blocks our likely heroes have come across and probably not the last. The villains appear to gain two steps forward and our team of wannabe Night Watchman stumble back 10 steps. The villains have all the power evening when they don’t. Hopefully, the counterbalance of power will evening out soon. The bringer of smallpox is a delightful tool to bring about wickedness and destruction for the little people and for our heroes much like the fire ghost was used. A point for the drama is the usage of the ghosts Sadam uses for his evil deeds. Knowing someone can control and communicate with ghosts makes the palace politics much more interesting to follow. Sadam needs power, but not the same kind of power the Ministers of the palace try to acquire. It simply makes it easier to have a King under your thumb to do all your wicked things. He truly isn't any different from the Minister.

Ki San withholds medicines from his people until his tantrum threatens a loved one

Tiara: If Ki San wasn't crazy, maybe he would have passed on the medicines to his people before it was too late. Heck, the Minister who's been whispering into the King's ear could've have thought of something. Nope, the fashion plate was too focused on getting rid of the Prime Minister yet in the end by not giving the medicines out on time the Minister and The King helped the Prime Minister to become a hero. I reckon the only person to keep Ki San in line may have been the Prime Minister. The reason could be Ki San being afraid the Prime Minister could replace him with Rin.

Unnichan: Ki San and his power play felt more like a petty child’s gimme gimme game. He is so caught up in his own psychosis and beef with his Cabinet, he purposefully harms his people. I know that none of us were ever under the misconception that Ki San was a King that revered his crown as a symbol of humble servitude, but his lack of compassion for those dying daily due to his stubbornness was blood curdling. I would try to understand if he was a cruel King or an ambitious politician, like Prime Minister, but for his motives to come down to him being a big fat baby? Errr, no.

Sadam poisons the city against Prince Wolgang and finds comfort in his only “living” friend

Unnichan: Can I say that Sadam chanting his brainwashing spells on subliminal loudspeaker was pretty great? He's pulling out all the stops to create his army of vengeful spirits and if I were Dragon god, when I woke up, I'd give that man an award for his dedication to evil excellence. The townspeople have no choice but to believe what their own hearts and minds confirm is fact and having them turn on Rin isn't only good for Sadam's overall scheme but a perfect way make him outlaw enough to have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It puts him in the prime position to use isolation as a tool to reclaim his kingdom.

Tiara: Sadam, sometimes surprises me and this episode I can say I was surprised. He has lived long enough in this cosmos to know people have power in massive groups. It was smart thinking for him to utilize the people against Rin. Very true Unnichan about his prime place. He receives the Prime Minister on his left, has the King in his pocket, and the bottle ghosts in his right. You could say he is “the king of the mountain” since he bears the higher ground. For his sake, he better hold his promise with the Prime Minister or he could abandon ship Sadam before it sinks.

shback on Make A Gif

The Night Watchman is back in action

Unnichan: Sang Heon stopped pretending, then took a back seat so the kids could collect evidence but now, he's armed and ready for battle and I was ecstatic! I truly just love to see this man take control, though I can't freely relish the moment because I am also equally concerned about his overall health. Him taking the sword out on his own proves that he is certainly a man of action and "all in," come what may but that wound serves as his biggest weakness and the audience's greatest fear and I need him to stick around as long as possible.

Tiara: Huzzah!!! We are steps away from the Night Watchman being reformed. *Snoopy dance* Sang Heon grabbing his sword to hunt down the bringer of smallpox was downright awesome. I want more darn you. Hurry up already drama and have Sang Heon start teaching the kids how to be equally awesome as him. Drama Gods, I ask for ghost hunting action for the remainder of the drama. I promise I will be very good if I can capture some more action and less starring, standing, and talking. Love Tiara ^_^

Rin extends a challenge to Moo Seok, who later spies a secret meeting of maniacal minds

Unnichan: With Moo Seok's hypocrisy and disbelief, you'd think Rin would leave him to stew on his own, but like any born leader, he can spot a good warrior and knows he also needs a skeptical mind to make his team complete. And now that we know why Moo Seok has never been ruled by his devious uncle, perhaps seeing him with Sarah will give him another push in the right direction. I know ultimately it's going to take an act of Dragon god, for him to leave crazy Ki San to his own devices, but he'd be a complete idiot to believe he alone can bring down this duo now that they've combined forces.

Tiara: Agree Unnichan,you would think Rin would just leave Moo Seok to fend for himself, but he just won't pass up on his warrior friend. I genuinely do believe he thinks of Moo Seok as his friend. Yes, he is emotionally upset at Rin for turning in Soo Ryun, but the educational stick in the mud guy understands why the prince turn his cousin in. I too believe Rin sees the loneliness in him. He doesn't have many friends. Yes, Moo Seok is loyal to Ki San, but he is honorable first as we seem him defend Rin against the King. Plus, Rin doesn’t have many friends or people to count on either. At least with Moo Seok, he recognizes he will always tell him the truth evening if he doesn’t want to hear it. Oh the bromance :)

Soo Ryun is released from prison and Rin removed from his position, as Sadam reenters the Palace as head of Sogyukseo.

Tiara: Soo Ryun is the character I’m looking forward to discover what she does next. She could join the darkside with her father or she could take things into her own hands. Sadam held a modest interest in Soo Ryun and could be the key to destroying him. She came out of this episode broken and strong at the same time. Once she is healed, I can’t wait to discover what she does.

Unnichan: Soo Ryun is free and it will be interesting to see what she chooses to do next. I seriously doubt she will take this opportunity to go back to business as usual in the clinic. However, I also doubt she will quickly move on to the dark side without a smidge more coaxing or a face to face with Rin. I am ready for her to have some significant narrative purpose besides the love-lorn, poor little rich girl or Daddy's personal political pawn, but I also want her make choices that she won't regret, even if they aren't coated in gumdrop sweetness. At this point, I have no problem with her turning against Rin, but I will be highly annoyed if she's just deemed as another rogue woman based on her unrequited love. For there is much more to her story than Rin never returning her feelings.

Tiara: As for Rin being removed from Sogyukseo this isn’t something to lose sleep over. Anyone else wanted to slap him for leaving the bottles of ghosts? Why would you keep the item the villain wants in the open? Not the smartest thing to do by leaving the bottles of ghosts out in the open and hoping they won't be removed. *eyeroll* He’s very much his father's son. Look at where the Dragon Statue ended up. Sure Rin’s father didn’t put the Dragon Statue in the courtyard, but packing it home not most intelligent idea ever. Now, smashing the crap out of the statue has some merit. Sadam now has his bottles of ghosts, the library/dragon statue in hand, the Prime Minister behind him, and the King in his pocket. Does this mean we shall see a Dragon Statue come back to life? Oh wait, he does need a Shaman aka Do Ha. Is the next few episodes hunts for Do Ha? He can’t alone awaken the dragon. Drama if you make Do Ha agree to assist him for her finding her sister, I’m going to be really angry.

Unnichan: No one is distraught about Rin losing his job (except Rin... maybe) and Sadam replacing him was always the most viable option. But the way it was done was shady, therefore, I understand a little pause on everyone's part. With the turn of events, this shift will limit Rin's legal access to the Palace, while giving Sadam and Prime Minister a basic monopoly. I can't wait to see how Sadam uses his first large step toward absolute power but also how Rin will sidestep this disadvantage.


Tiara: Soo Ryun was the most interesting part in this episode. The expression on her face as she left her prison makes me wonder what she plans to do next. It’s like she’s a bit worn and bit free at the same time. For such a quick scene, it made a great impact. I do believe she is going to be out for revenge for those who put her in that position. I approve of this evil, dark, revenge getting Soo Hyun. It makes her character a great deal more interesting than the dotting naive little girl waiting for her Prince. I like it.

Unnichan: I too believe, if Soo Ryun going her own way is done well, it can give this drama a significant boost in enjoyment. Regardless of how she chooses to rectify her betrayal, if she proceeds in an appropriate and sensibly devilish manner; where her actions are understandable, given her current knowledge and circumstance, her devices can work in our favor as viewers and make her character trajectory one deliciously entertaining. For though Rin may not entirely "deserve" Soo Ryun's disdain or full throttle revenge, it most certainly can be tons of drama fun to watch for self-proclaimed sadists, like myself. *wink*


Unnichan: Scurrying Queen Dowager off to the edge of Joseon to hold up in some shack, isn't how I would do it, but I can't say I'm sad she'll enter the ranks of "out of sight,out mind." However, I do hate it's taken this long for both of her grandsons to recognize her care for them, along with her determination not to break her stern exterior. Regardless of her deep seeded or heart felt motivations, this truly may have been the last time she sees either of them and the kindest expression she could come up with was --- "Get out of my face!"

Tiara: Why isn’t anything going on? Is it me or does it seems like the episode consisted of standing, sitting, staring, and some spiritual moments? This isn’t pre-historic times when the world had nothing to do. It’s like the drama is running out of stream and created ideas. I just don’t see the point of dragging out some of these narratives. 12 episodes into the drama and nothing has passed. Ki San is still insane, the Prime Minister is continuing to hold onto his power, Do Ha still looking for sis, Rin still trying to find answers, and Moo Seok is still indecisive on which side to join. The drama proceeds to contradict itself with every episode, it's become a drinking game for me. It isn’t silly bad/right, but frustratingly unpleasant.


Tiara: Soo Ryun will get her revenge on those who put her in prison, which may include working against her father. Epic Montage Training for the new enlistees for the Night Watchman will begin. (Come on, let it be Eye of the Tiger) Moo Seok will finally give in and become a Night Watchman to save his sister’s soul. Ki San will be boosted out of his throne as the Prime Minister tries to fix himself up as King. Sadam will begin to awaken the Dragon, but will also rouse the true Dragon and King of the nation as it’s the final countdown.

Unnichan: With Soo Ryun released from prison she'll choose her method of vengeance. Though Prime Minister and Sadam should be working as a team, they will take turns one upping and double crossing one another. But through it all the Night Watchman will grow in size and respect for one another. Do Ha will use the connection of In Hwa in Saddam's camp to kill two birds and to knock smallpox out of the city for good and prove In Hwa's presence to Moo Seok.

Captain's Log, supplemental - Training is still being put on hold. It appears it will be reschedule for next week. At this pace, it could still be a while until an epic montage training will begin. Alright recruits, how would you grade this episode? Did you harmonize with us or are you against us? What do you hope to see in the next instalment?

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