Aw yes! The Goddess needs Sadam to give her what she came for, Sang Heon is giving up more pertinent information, and the Watchmen are back in effect! Did you enjoy the progress of this week's episodes, Scribes? 'Cause Tiara and I certainly found ourselves breathing sighs of relief in between our note taking for this episode of The Night Watchman's Journal.TNWJ133_zps7fe55727.jpg

Rin gets the cuss out for not doing his job, as Sadam and the Smallpox Goddess have a spiritual standoff.

Tiara: What was Rin suppose to do, cure smallpox? If the Night Watchmen wasn’t murdered 12 years ago, the bringer of smallpox wouldn’t have made it into the city let alone the palace. Sadly, Ki San has no idea who the Night Watchmen are and what their real role was in the palace. Side note, I do wonder if the Dowager is kicking herself for allowing the Prime Minister do away with the Night Watchmen. Oh Ki San, I really don’t know what else to say about him except he is still riding the crazy string. The drama really needs to shine some light on what happened 12 years ago to find out why the Dowager selected Ki San as King and why the young boy went mad. Was it the King, ghosts, or did he do something he regrets? I’m leaning toward the regret being the answer.

Unnichan: As always, I will stand by my conviction Ki San's “unhinged” actions are based on his regret. He did something that night that he knows was wrong. And that secret is big and damaging. But what I appreciated about his outburst and anger with Rin, is that this time it felt more concrete and less cray cray. Of course, his expectations of Rin concerning the current epidemic are unrealistic because he has no idea what is going on in his own Kingdom. He has relied heavily on the guidance of others or hidden behind his grandmother’s skirt, instead of learning what it takes to run a country. And all that was long before he fell completely off his rocker.


Tiara: The Bringer of Smallpox is allowing Sadam to use her powers for something in return. It was refreshing to watch someone stand up to Sadam who isn’t our band of heroes. Of course, she isn’t a match for Sadam but she made sure to remind him of his promise. As for what she gets in returns, the lady has some good taste. If she is going to return to the world why not in style and class as the Dowager. I do wonder how Sadam would be able to make the switch. One of the letdowns of the drama is the lack of understanding the mythology of the supernatural world. We yet don’t understand who Sadam truly is. Why are ghosts able to wander the earth? Is there an ultimate creator? Why are people about to control ghosts? Loads of questions to understand how the world works, but none have been answered. More often than not, I feel like the drama is telling me not to look behind the curtain and to just enjoy the magic show.

Unnichan:The Goddess is an interesting character, with an intriguing agenda. I suppose that even Sadam has to barter for help. Nothing comes without a cost, I just wonder what she truly hopes to accomplish, because though Queen Dowager skin and position is quite a lofty goal, what would she do with it? And you are right Tiara, there is no clear demarcation of what the “world rules” are in this drama. We have no guide or explanation and though it doesn’t bother me too much, typically mysticism needs guidelines for the simple that the audience needs to know what is outside the realm of possibilities and how the evil can be ultimately defeated.


Rin attempts another B&E but finds Sadam summoning his flock

Tiara:This doesn't look like it will end well. The Dragon has been healed, but it can’t wake. Why do they need the valley to awaken the Dragon? What is so exceptional about the valley? Again, if the drama took some time to let us understand the mythology it might make this look like a big deal or make sense. The next few episodes will be Sadam building a temple for his dragon, yay. It appears he plans to grab Do Ha later on as he needs the shaman. Getting ahead of myself, but since Do Ha has the Night Watchman’s brand does this mean she can’t have Sadam’s brand of dominance? Quick, someone get the rule book and find out Sadam is screwed on his shaman.


Unnichan: Obstacles, obstacles. Or so it seems. But Sadam never appears completely rattled by them, at least not since he prayed and Dragon stayed asleep, that is. Everything he does now, seems to have another loophole or layer, apart of some "masterful scheme" that we remain shut out of until Sadam's forced to reveal it. At times, that can be fine, but here it's like being strung along. And is it just me or does Henchman seem to be more focused on the “goal” than Sadam? He’s always reminding him to stay on track but Sadam just verbally pats him on the head with a “Don’t worry grasshopper” quip. Henchman needs to get a clue fast, because clearly Sadam’s endgame is much bigger than Henchman knows and I’m afraid, if he gets in the way… Well let’s just say, he may find himself in one of those ghost trapper thingies.


Sadam and Prime Minister set to reveal Ki San's true nature to the public as Moo Seok tells his sob story

Tiara: Sadam is looking to fulfill the Prime Minister’s promise to render him the throne by spreading rumors about how the King being weak. Why didn’t they simply go out and tell everyone have frelling insane Ki San is? It wouldn’t be hard and I bet everyone in the palace must know he crazy. Draw him to leave the palace and make Ki San have one of his episodes of crazy, done. The people see how mad the man running the nation is, no more Ki San as king.

Unnichan: Sadam needs to build his pagoda (a house, temple, lodge, dwelling, blah, blah, blah), for his yet to be awoken from eternal slumber, Dragon god, so he spits Prime Minister some story about erecting it, to prove Ki San’s powerlessness. And the truth is, we all know there are tons of other ways he can do this. It takes me back to Sadam having the monopoly on what gets done or is feasibly allowed because he’s the only one who knows what works in this land of spirits. It’s true, they could out Ki San’s crazy but not to the people, to his court. Once the other ministers see him unravel they will immediately take action. Clearly, neither one of these men truly want that to happen. They want the people to cry out for a change, for it gives them greater control, with Ki San digging his own grave; keeping their hands clean (sort of).What gives me a chuckle is they both feel they’ve outwitted the other, while it seems neither takes into consideration how slippery the other is. And though "wise" isn’t the word I’d ever use for Sadam, up until his decision to get in bed with Sadam, I would’ve given Prime Minister that label. Now I’m not so sure. Guess only time and a couple more odd decisions will tell.TNWJ13.15.jpg

Tiara: When this scene, he is telling Rin about how desperate he was after his family's death really didn’t affect me emotionally unlike later in the episode when Moo Seok’s sister die. Yes, it is sad Moo Seok lost both his parents and sister, but I still don’t understand why he doesn’t like the supernatural. He didn’t sell his soul and it doesn’t sound like he practiced black magic so what’s the problem? This is the reason why I loved Master’s Sun explaining why Joong Won couldn’t believe in ghosts at the beginning - He can’t see them therefore they don’t exist. I'm not okay with Moo Seok’s hate for “black magic”. I would be if he had tried a charm or talisman to help his sister get better and it didn’t work. At least, this way he could have said he tried and it never work therefore it doesn’t exist.

Unnichan: Uh, sob stories do nothing for me. Because all I hear is, "My pain is the only pain that matters, 'cause my pain is bigger and badder than anyone else's. Give me sympathy!" (whomp whomp; tear, tear). So, needless to say, I didn't bat an eye at Moo Seok's recount of his past but I do understand his aversion to all things mystical. He made it sound as though he watched as his neighbors tried and failed to save their loved ones, through such means and found it all to be lies. He wasn't initially averse to the idea, and hoped there was truth to it, even came close to trying himself, until he saw that it was just a ruse or brought more harm than good. I get it. What I don't get, is why that should influence the way I see him as a character and it felt as though drama wanted it to. For though losing his family is horrific and one of the worst things I could ever imagine in life, he wasn't the only person who lost someone or everyone, during those times. And even in worse ways, I'm sure. It just felt like Moo Seok wanted me to say, "Aw, I totally get why you fancy yourself superior to anyone who adheres to the spiritual, or doesn't see things the same as you. You have no family. That explains it all. It's totally cool, man." And whoops, that ain't happening. 


Rin makes romantic promises he can't keep and Soo Ryun uses this as emotional ammo for revenge

Tiara: Guys, never promise a girl she won’t suffer. First off, she will at some point suffer because of said guy and said guy will because of girl. As for our couple, they will both suffer due to the issues of Sadam, Soo Hyun, Prime Minister, Ki San, and so on being in the way. Suffering aside, I’m glad Rin finally told her to not keep her distance. Her staying away from him is unnecessary and she should know it. Evidently, she doesn’t remember the destiny from earlier episodes. Also, all relationships will be bumpy, but they must work together if they want to stay together. Let’s watch how long this last before someone becomes another noble idiot.

Unnichan: I’m totally fine with Do Ha keeping her distance, it just makes no sense whatsoever, nor does it ring true for her character. The fact that she persists, speaking of getting hurt in some unforeseeable future, comes across ridiculous, given who Do Ha was supposed to be. I still don’t buy it (coming from her), therefore I don’t care. However, with that said, Rin making statements about not hurting her is just plain irresponsible. I understand that he wants to be close to her like before. I understand, that he doesn’t see why they can’t deal with what problems may come their way, once they actually crop up. But to imply/promise nothing will ever tear them apart? Or that a day will never come when something or someone is more important to him or their future? That’s just dumb. Perhaps we could blame romanticism, and may be I should, because just like Do Ha isn’t remaining true to character, neither is Rin in this regard. He’s always come across as a character that understood his position and predicament. And ultimately that his life isn’t truly his own. But somehow, he’s forgotten that taking charge of his own life, doesn’t erase or rewrite all the mores and taboos of his society. 

Tiara: I’m disappointed in the direction Soo Ryun has taken. My expectation seems to have been high last week watching her leave the prison a bit broken. I had expected Soo Ryun to be furious, upset, and ready to get revenge. Seems this isn’t the direction the drama plans to take her character. She was the one who pushed Rin away from her episodes ago. Not to mention, the prince was never hers to start with. She was never going to become his wife and I thought this was clear. The young lady is still living in a house full of delusions that evening the prison couldn’t nip in the bud. Did she have to become the jealous second lead who vows to destroy the female lead? Why couldn’t she simply be pissed at everyone? I would’ve understood her being bitter towards everyone. She makes a much more interesting character that way versus a jealous, bitter girl holding onto her one-side crush.

Unnichan: Honestly, when will characters actually do what they say they’re going to do, when it’s a positive healthy thing? ‘Cause of course, now that Soo Ryun has vowed to take down that "man stealer" Do Ha, she will stop at nothing to accomplish it. But when it came to clearing the air with Rin, she stopped at a hug--- that she wasn’t even apart of! She witnessed an embrace, that had absolutely nothing to do with her, and perhaps that made her jealous, but we were led to believe she was on her way to confront Rin on his choices, on why he never visited, not to play 21 questions of “Who Do You Love?” Ultimately, Soo Ryun should’ve made the effort to speak and say her peace about what he did to her. Ask him the hard questions, get the hard answers. Instead, she’s chosen the much harder road, for she’s decided to remain ignorant and burrow her anger and envy. If this was a fairy tale, she’d turn green. But wait, there must be a ghost for that.


In Hwa possesses Do Ha and confesses she’s the next in line for the Smallpox throne

Unnichan: So, not only did we find out that ghosts have their own agenda from the Goddess, we also see that they are pretty rude as well. ‘Cause In Hwa, let me tell you, you don’t get to just jump into someone’s body without permission! I get that you are scared, you’re all evil against your will and stuff but can’t you ask a girl if she wants soul company? Do Ha wouldn’t have said "No," especially, if it meant--- a) giving Moo Seok the opportunity to speak to his sister again, and b) send him ready to suit up for spiritual warfare. I admit her story is horrendous from the standpoint that clearly she chose to die, in order to spare her brother illness. And now to top it off, she’s been appointed to afflict others with the same source that killed her. Talk about doomed existence.

Tiara: I’m with you, Unnichan about asking for permission. It would have taken all but a minute to ask and Do Ha to accept because you know she would’ve allowed without a thought. The poor girl has a pretty sucky afterlife by making a trade with the ghost of smallpox. I can’t say I blame In Hwa for trying to get out of said deal. She was attempting to protect her brother from joining her in the afterlife. As for Moo Seok, wow. Those are the emotions of despair and sadness I’ve been missing in earlier instalments. These are the raw emotions Moo Seok needs to connect me to his painful past of his dying sister. I was a bit choked up over the deep affection he bore towards his sister and how much her death was the last straw to break him. It ultimately gave me light to how broken Moo Seok has become with his family all in the afterlife but him. Words were not required to explain his heartbreak just his tears of pain. Good job Yunho.



Under Sang Heon’s tutelage the Gang gets branded Night Watchmen and a wardrobe change, then sets out to vanquish the Goddess

Unnichan: Our heroes have been knighted Watchmen and internally bound to their personalized weapons; connected for life. I wonder if they understand what a huge deal that is? I like that we have them fighting as a unit and trusting the instincts of one another. I’m still not sure how Moo Seok is able to effectively fight without sight, but, it’s been done before and he has trained himself quite well. We can thank Show for letting us know, just in time, that he’s prepared for his destiny long before he knew what was in store *wink*wink.* Now that Rin has rid the world of one Goddess I wonder how long it will take for another to crop up.

Tiara: Unnichan, I perceive the scene with Moo Seok blindfold was a hint of how he will be fighting ghosts later in the episode. I’m overly excited about our band of heroes finally getting branded, new weapons, and new clothes to take up their new lives as Watchmen. Fingers crossed, the second half of this drama will go forward with our new Watchmen patrolling the streets and stopping Sadam’s schemes as we head towards the final battle with the Dragon being destroyed once and for all. I don’t know about you Unnichan, but I’m attempting not to get my hopes up. This portion of the episode really hit all my buttons in what I expected and wanted out of this drama.


Tiara: Everyone sit down because I actually enjoyed the crap out of this episode. The Night Watchmen are on duty. I’m then happy and fangirling over here at our heroes finally suiting up to keep the world safe from evil. Please tell me this is the direction the drama plans to continue going, if so, I might forgive it for the lackluster of the beginning half. Seeing I’d given up on Moo Seok, I’m surprised at him this episode. Whoever thought I would be cheering on Moo Seok, because I didn’t after last week. I can’t fully forgive earlier episodes, but I’m willing to grant him another shot for the second half of the drama.

Unnichan: Besides Show finally feeling like it's going somewhere, I also enjoyed that Ki San didn't seem just plain crazy this episode. He came across more as an isolated monarch, afraid of things he can't control or see. This is a much welcomed calm approach, though no matter how you cut it, he'll always be a whiney baby. And let us not forget that priceless glance between Moo Seok and Sadam.



Tiara: Soo Ryun is pissed because of Rin not liking her. Really, we’re going to go down this road of being jealous just because she saw Rin have a moment with Do Ha? Dumbest way to make her evil. Why jealousy? Why not go down the path of evil to get revenge on those who put her in prison? She never understood Rin never loved her and it was a one-sided crush from the beginning. I was so looking forward to bad a** Soo Ryun out for revenge, instead she’s your typical second lead type - jealous.

Unnichan: I think ultimately my biggest issue with this episode is that it took us so very long to get here. And having said that, it begs the question of where exactly we’re going. What is drama’s endgame, really? Only to take down Sadam? To hand over the kingdom to Rin? Sign Ki San up for treatment? Banish and eject Prime Minister? All these things may occur but I wonder what will any of them achieve.



Unnichan: Rin will stop In Hwa’s attack on Moo Seok but spare her life, just in time for Sadam to swoop in and whisk her away. Soo Ryun will begin to put her green-eyed plan in motion and the Watchmen reconvene to suss out Sadam’s next step. Prime Minister will get moving on the blueprints to expose Ki San’s crazy.

Tiara: Our Night Watchmen will begin to take the streets from 9pm to 5am stopping evil ghosts from hurting citizens as they try to stop Sadam. The Prime Minister, with the help of Sadam, will try to turn the people against Ki San and almost boot him off the throne. Rang Yi (little girl ghost) will come clean about what happened 12 years ago to stop the Prime Minister from taking Rin’s rightful throne.


We’re all suited up and ready to finish the fight but don’t forget your pens and night watch goggles, for you never know what may be in store! Now that the guy liner is on and the weave is flowing, it’s ghost catching time!

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