Welcome to part 1 of  Night Watchmen for episode 19 and 20. The monarchy is in trouble as the Prime Minister has everyone under house arrest. It's time to say goodbye to some characters as we inch closer to the final battle. Once again Unnichan and I give our two cents on this week's crazy and ludicrous episodes. Come join in on the fun.

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Tiara: The two newest episodes continue on beating a dead horse. But in case we forget the drama proceeds to slam into our brains for the 100th million times, the Night Watchmen will never win battles. Sa Kong lost his life during a mission which was completely unnecessary. Moo Seok’s loyalty for his King got him seriously injured. The Prime Minister has taken the palace hostage with Sadam being the puppet master. What is the point of watching when the heroes can’t seem to win a skirmish?

Is Debbie Downer helping write this drama? Each episode continues to be depressing, which is a bit of a turn off. The idea of ‘they may have won the battles, but not the war’ is how the drama has based all its decisions on who wins. This isn’t a build up to the grand and final fight. It’s disappointing as a spectator to watch your heroes lose every single episode.

My second pet peeve is Rin being able to see the Prime Minister’s ghost possession. How come he can see the ghost possession where as Do Ha and Sang Heon were unable to earlier? Apparently, the rules of the Night Watchman Journal are rules don’t exist and if they do they can be changed. The lack of consistency within each episode continues to astound me.

I’m beginning to wonder if Rin doesn’t listen to Rang and just leave all this mess behind. I wouldn’t put it past the drama for Rin to save the day and give up his right to the throne while living with Do Ha in her tribe. Of course, he now cares about the people of the kingdom, but I just don’t know if he will take the throne by the end of the drama. Rang clearly doesn’t seem like she wants him too, yet she is glad Do Ha is beside him.

Speaking of Do Ha and Rin, these characters really didn’t get the opportunity for their relationship to grow. There were small moments over the course of 20 episodes, but not enough to bring on the shippers. Supposedly these two are very much in love, but it sometimes comes across as forced. There could’ve been small scenes throughout the last half of the drama to display the development of this couple. I can’t put the blame on the actors as their hands are tied. The blame belongs in turn to the writers for not being able to write a scene for their undying love for the actors to put onto the screen. Actors can’t make a script better if it already sucks.

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Unnichan: Crazy can be good and if this crazy had been paced throughout the entirety of drama’s run, it honestly could have been great. But with these episodes, came the death of the most important aspect of this drama to me--- Yeon Ha. I knew she was going to die, but it happened so quickly, with absolutely no resolution for her arc, whether with her sister or her captor, that by the next episode, it felt as if she never existed in the first place.

Yeon Ha had no development, beyond her interaction and connection with other people, therefore, it was only fitting that once those characters move on from needing her, she’d get nixed, but unfortunately, with that, also goes all the initial unanswered questions, not to mention those that cropped up as Show brought her story to a close. However, Show does use this as an opportunity for noble idiocy and deflection concerning the Do Ha-Rin romance.

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What I found comical about Rin pushing Do Ha away, as if this “Yeon Ha revelation” was his motivation, was basically that Do Ha’s sister, no matter what she did or didn’t do, isn’t their largest problem. And with their later conversation, I hoped Do Ha had finally gotten it. Their love may be true and pure and honest and whatever else floats their boat, but they’re callings are different, their places are different and Show doesn’t have time to prove the contrary. In what world would the public accept their King married to a shaman, raised to ward and control spirits? And a bumpkin from the back woods to boot?

This isn’t  A Tree with Deep Roots or Joseon Gunman or Hong Gil Dong or even The Strongest Chil Woo, where the striving force is to change the theologies and philosphies of government or a country’s peoples. I could even buy if the drama had gone the Ja Myung Go or The Great Seer route, where spirits and magis are a distinct part of the Palace makeup, where a ghost seeing Queen would eventually be seen as an asset. In that way, the thwarted and misguided one-sided love of Priestess Yeon Ha with a married King Hae Jong, being rectified through the union of fellow Night Watchmen Rin and Do Ha would have follow-through and perhaps a bit of merit.

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Concerning the Night Watchmen, well, they’re dropping like flies. For we lost two this week and one, “twice.” Maeng Sa Gong will be greatly missed, ‘cause there was no better bromance than he and Sang Heon. But his death, though tragic, wasn’t as upsetting as the issue of Moo Seok. What is worse than a loyal, trustworthy subject rushing to the aid of his King, only to find it’s a death trap set by the person he swore to protect? Ki San grows to become more and more of a disappointment and this spineless, punk move of his was the last straw. I guess we could see this as an act of desperation made by an unbalanced man, but to throw his greatest ally into the fire to save himself, is nothing short of shameful cowardice. 

Despite the continuous let down, the drama heads into an interesting conflict. Will Moo Seok come back a changed man? Will Soo Hyun use her fake power and money to attack her father and Sadam? Or will she finally see the light and join the Night Watchman? How will Do Ha escape becoming Sadam’s shaman? How will Ki San bite the dust? Is the ring the Queen Dowager gave to Rin the item the Prime Minister is looking for? Will the army back down to Rin as the true King? Do you see Rin accepting the throne at the end? So many questions, but we will have to wait till next week. Get the discussion going in the comments. Till then, watch more dramas.

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