In this episode, we say goodbye to many characters as we pave the path for the children to become adults. 12 years have gone by with surprising changes and some not so much. Come on Night Watchman get your EMF, EVP recorder, and your cameras ready to join Deborah, Unnichan, and myself as we try to make contact with some ghosts.

The mad possessed King kills everyone, but finally gives the magical growing flower to his son

Tiara: One very crappy way to go out of this world. If it is a ghost possessing the King, does it matter who the ghost was? Who is the spirit in the King? Did he get rid of the ghost or was he about to he was able to overcome the possessing for a short amount of time to be about to talk to his son? I was a bit fuzzy on the details as we had to listen to his kid whiny, cry, and talk. I got a bad feeling about the magical flower. Unless all the bad stuff is out of the flower, but shaman girl wasn’t in the right frame of mind when she prayed for it.

Unnichan: I was certain the spirit would leave once it had accomplished its goal, and it did. It was horrible, but I was grateful that Hae Jong reappeared before Rin as himself, because I was always afraid Rin's last memory of his father would be during his possession. Giving Rin the flower did concern me, but again, the evil qualities were absorbed by Hae Jong, therefore, all that was left was Priestess's initial intentions to cure him. However, I won't be surprised if remnants of its power aren't the reason Rin's ghost seeing ability is so vivid even with him being so reluctant.

Deborah: I agree with Tiara, I am also pretty iffy about said flower. Was it only possessed by the ghost or were there worse things attached to it that could attack the prince himself? I just felt the way that the ghost left was so anticlimactic. Maybe I’ve just been watching way too much Supernatural and assume every single leaving ghost will put on a big show, but I wanted more than just having the possesed king slaughter everyone then come back cured to say one final goodbye to his son. No explanation or anything, just good bye. I know how hurt Rin is and confused and scared, but he was so annoying during the scene when his father was leaving.

Tiara: Wasn’t the flower supposed to cure Rin, yet he overcame the fever without the help of the flower. If that’s true, what is the point of the flower? We know Rin can see ghost soon after surviving his fever, which isn’t from the help of the flower. The purpose of the flower is gone once Rin was healed on his own. Unless, Rin is like Harry Potter and a horcruxe is still in him. I’m with you Unnichan about Rin having a last good memory of his father. I choked up with tears when he asked where his parents were during the funeral.

Unnichan: The problem is we’re not entirely sure what Rin’s “real” ailment was. And it seemed everyone believed whatever was wrong was both physical and spiritual, if that’s the case, the flower would still have a purpose, even with him appearing to be cured. However, that could just be another mystery for another day… Nothing a random flashback can’t fix.

Tiara: What type of disease does a ghost carry? Now you're probably right Unnichan. It could have been Rin’s spirit hurt by the ghost. Could this explain why he can see ghosts? And does this mean he has some spiritual powers like a shaman?

Loved ones will never leave you; even more so if you can see their ghost.

Tiara: I did a little dance when I saw who was haunting our grown up Prince. He still has his loyal retainers, but they aren’t alive. I wonder who the little girl happens to be. Is she someone from his past? I’m surprised the Dowager allowed for Ki San to be King. If I understand this right, she didn’t want to be showing favorites since she had her son, the King, killed for being crazy mad. I understand why the Minister killed who he did since he is hungry for power. If he can’t have his daughter became Crown Princess/Queen he could rule next to the current King. Sadly, the Minister killed the wrong people since he disbanded the Night Watchman. Good job, Mister. *eyeroll*

Unnichan: The Dowager did what she had to, however, I do believe it's interesting she chose to utilize Ki San, even with Minister's suggestion. And I was confused about the little girl as well, but she must have a connection Rin if the others do right? She seems to just be along for the ride, but I think there's more to her and Rin's story.

Deborah: I was grateful for the little comedy troupe the ghosts have proved themselves to be. It is a nice way to break up the story instead of being it in the same tone throughout the show.

Tiara: I agree the Dowager had to pick Ki San to protect Rin and the Kingdom. She would rather have Ki San on the throne and be used than Rin. Which sucks for Ki San being treated like a puppet, but the little snot is a serial killer in the making. I love the little ghost girl. She has so much spunk. Can’t wait to see her in the coming episodes.

Deborah: I love the little ghost girl too, between the three of them to feel that she was helping bridge the gap between Rin and supernatural the most.

Crazy runs in the family? Psycho kid to mad crazy King Ki San.

Tiara: King Ki San is being haunted right? It would make sense since the guardian statues were never rebuilt to protect the palace. Do you think the ghost is the one who possessed his father? I do ponder how much of the haunting is him or his own demons. I’m not sure if Ki San is a good character to believe when it comes to narration. The fact he keeps seeing his own self makes me think he is half crazy already. This is the same kid who killed the beetle with a smile on his face.

Unnichan: I have no doubt Ki San is wrestling with demons of his own making, which is one thing I've always appreciated about the "spiritual" approach of this drama. From what we know, even as a kid, he's done things that deserve pause and speculation and we have no idea what else he's been up to these 12 years. However, I'm thinking the reason he's breaking down has something to do with the things we already know of him.

Deborah: Agreed, I like how this show is showing us just how deep evil can seed in a person.

The stars have aligned for Do Ha’s destiny to begin

Tiara: It is clear Do Ha is a tough country girl. I like the girl, honestly. It looks like she might have some powers like her Shaman sister. We know her future lines outside of the tribe. I get the feeling she will bring the band back together again.

Unnichan: I'm ready to see more of how Do Ha will be utilized, that's for certain. We already know she's got her sister's bracelet and Hae Jong's talisman, therefore, that places her on both ends of the spectrum. So I'm ready to see which gets a hold of her first and she taps into her abilities. Will she do this on her own or will she get a little push? Either way, I'm ready for her journey to unfold, quickly.

Deborah: Yay! Out of all of the characters that have been introduced so far Do Ha is my favorite! She has that tough, sweet girl outlook about her, but I am also interested in seeing what they do with her storyline. I can see her finding her sister and being appalled by what she discovers her sister has been a part of but also finding herself in the royal business?

Sang Heon is living under the radar, sweaty and shirtless.

Unnichan: No one was happier than I, to see our dear Watchman alive, well and sweating, working the night away. But I certainly hope he's just biding his time. And now that he and Do Ha have met, I can't wait to see how they will change and shape Rin into a man ready and willing to take over the throne.

Tiara: At first, I wasn’t sure that was Sang Heon. I agree Unnichan. Yay for him being alive. Considering the Minister killed everyone who knew about the Night Watchman, I think he is a wanted man. I’m not sure if he wants anything to do with his past. If he did, he would have lied to Do Ha about not knowing her tribe.

Deborah: I agree Unnichan, I can’t wait to see what great things Do Ha and our Watchmen will accomplish!

Sadam whispers while you're sleeping. He lies when you're awake.

Unnichan: Sadam being back in the palace means he can finally begin his plan to take over the world. Ki San is already an impressionable, pliable vessel and Sadam knows exactly how to bend and mold him to his will. And Sadam is such a wonderful cackling ham, watching his schemes unfold is going to be fun!

Tiara: I’m guessing since the King is being visited by an unwanted ghost no one fixed the guardian statues.The person who was worried about them was killed by the Minister. Sadam may have changed from the 12 years away, but his main goal is to bring his dragon god to the earth. He is going to be using Ki San as his puppet to find his dragon god and bring destruction upon the world. Of course, what he wants after he does this is anyone’s guess.

Deborah: Can’t wait to see what sort of evilness Sadam will bring to the table this time! The King really trusts him and I can’t wait to see what sort of great manipulation Sadam will conduct behind the scenes. Also, minus the scary music during the scene, I honestly thought that I was watching a BL. So many cheesy BL lines in there. Teehee.


Unnichan: The children's portion is finally over!!! The transition means very little to the overall narrative and could've been done through flashbacks, however, it's over, the adults are here and by golly that deserves some celebration!

Tiara: Yay for the child actors being gone. But the best part of the episodes happens to be Jung II Woo being on screen.

Deborah: I am also super happy that they are grown up and the child portion is over with. I also really like the addition of the three ghosts they add a different flavor to the story!


Deborah: I really dislike child Rin, glad he is gone!

Tiara: I was actually more impressed with this episode than the first two. Shocking, I didn’t have too many complaints, but one. The kid playing little Rin is horrible.

Unnichan: Horrible… atrocious, either will do for me. The first two episodes, I really tried to ignore my increasing irritation, but his moments this episode were pivotal and I could barely understand a word he said. I needed to mourn and sympathize, but all I felt was relief he finally shut up.


Unnichan: With Rin seeing ghosts, it's only a matter of time before he trips up and reveals to someone he can see what others can't. And I can't help but wonder if Do Ha will be around [a catalyst] for this revelation.

Tiara: I think Unnichan, you are onto something. Rin’s secret will be found out by our three ghosts. Those three will be helping our Rin with Do Ha to reclaim his throne as the rightful King. Do Ha will also be getting the Night Watchman back together again. It is in the stars with a side of romance with Rin.

Deborah: I agree with both of you, Rin’s medium powers will definitely bring more complications to the royal house.

Wait the hour is up. Anyone else felt this episode went by too fast? Who is the little girl ghost? What happen to the Watchman? Did someone forget to rebuild those guardian statues? Is the Ki San - aka the King is going to go crazy like his father? What does Shaman have in store for the King? Rin can see ghost, but is this all he can do? Does Rin evening want the throne? Oh man, there are some many questions but not answers. How do you feel about the grown up children? Did you agree or disagree with our comments? Comment below to get the discussion going.

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