Turn the page, scribes, and join Tiara, Deborah and I as we record our thoughts on the latest installment of The Night Watchman's Journal.

Prime Minister versus Sadam - Fight!!!

Tiara: I’m not so sure the Prime Minister is going to be a villain in this story. Misguided, yes, but I do think he has good intentions to a point. I just hope he will listen to the rest of the ministers and look into the King. How can no one realize the King isn’t always there? Also, why are the Ministers allowing Sadam to stay so close to the King? You would think these ministers would be worried about how much control and influence Sadam is gaining from the King. I’m pleased to see someone not afraid to go toe to toe with Sadam.

Deborah: I agree, Tiara, I was so happy to see the Prime Minister stand up to Sadam. If only people will look into what Sadam was actually doing. But Rin saw didn’t he? Did he not process what was happening or can he put a stop to the spell that Sadam is placing on the King?

Tiara: I’m not sure Rin has been around Sadam enough to really say one way or another. He knows Sadam lied about the ghost during the test, but then again Sadam may not know what a palace lady looks like. I hope Rin can stand up against Sadam’s evil tricks. It would kind of suck if Sadam has this much power and our team of heroes have none to battle against complete power. Is is wrong to hope the Prime Minister joins the ghost hunting team? I bet he will bare witness to the King talking to his evil self. Good news, he still controls the army which means he has some protection.

Unnichan: Prime Minister continues to intrigue, regardless of his motives. He's been around for a long time and he isn't going to allow Sadam to chew up this order and spit it out, like he did before. What concerns me, is his determined denial of the spiritual realm and its power over the monarchy. I understand that he doesn't want to verbally concede to the evil going on around him and would rather denounce Sadam as the treasonous charlatan he is, but refuting Sadam's power is not the way to win this battle.

Our three friendly ghosts and Do Ha get an official introduction

Unnichan: Ghosts expect to be ignored or invisible, so making a connection with someone living is certainly something special. Now that the trio knows Do Ha can see and hear them and I can only imagine this as a development bubbling with ghostly antics and incessant hilarity. We know the ghosts serve a dual purpose in protecting and steering Rin from danger, but their comic relief adds flavor to our group of heroes. And I won’t be surprised if they begin shipping our main couple much sooner than the rest of us.

Tiara: Despite not having enough scenes with these ghosts, they are one of my favorite parts of the drama. I love the idea of these loyal subjects leaving their master unprotected. I completely agree Unnichan about the group, adding great comic relief. Do Ha has let them know she can see them, I just hope after this episode, Rin will stop pretending not to see them. These ghosts want to help him and I don’t see why he wouldn’t let them help him. He certainly needs all the help he can get. I think the ghosts know more than they are putting on. Also, I really want to know who the little ghost was alive and what her connection to Rin happens to be.

Deborah: I love the girl ghost the most, she has this no bullshit attitude about her to keep the other two in check. And she definitely seems the most perceptive. I really hope she gets a larger part in the trio.

Moo Seok see only in black and white.

Tiara: Moo Seok only believes in what he sees. The evidence against Rin proves his guilt, but he doesn’t understand in the political game things are deceiving. People are used as pawns to gain power or to be able to take power away from someone else. I wouldn’t call it coldness but maybe pride. This is going to be a hard lesson for Moo Seok to learn the world isn’t black and white, but colored with shades of gray. I bet that lesson will be Ki San blaming Moo Seok for something he didn’t do.

Deborah: Agreed, Tiara. I want to see Moo Seok’s character development for one that gains warmth both for others as well as situationally. I think with Do Ha as well as the Rin situation, this will be happening soon.

Tiara: Agree about Do Ha and Rin being the ones who will help Moo Seok see the darkside of politics to where one has to make a choice. For someone who thinks of others first, how can he not see the wrong happening in the kingdom?

Unnichan: Moo Seok needs a lesson in intuitiveness and perhaps his time spent with Rin will do the trick. If he wants to be the best soldier he can be, he needs to have a better understanding of what makes people tick. His world doesn't have to be as colorful as those around him but he can't be rigid in the notion that color doesn't actually exist.

Do Ha’s sister maybe closer than she thinks

Tiara: I’ve been wondering if the sisters would recognize one another, considering this is the second time they’ve met. She’s been to China with Sadam for over 10 years. Why couldn’t she go back to her tribe? Why did she stay with evil Sadam? Is she going to stop Sadam from taking Do Ha? Is the bracelet going to bring these sisters back together again? The bracelet is important as we keep on seeing the darn thing. The question is what will it do when it gets back to Do Ha. Could this bracelet and the one the King left to protect both Rin and Do Ha from Sadam?

Unnichan: No one is surprised to see Yun Ha still kicking about with Sadam, for I don't believe there's a such thing as "going back" once you're owned by him. However, I am still pressed to be convinced she was forced to remain by his side. Even in the earlier episodes, her willingness was evident and now, after ten years, there seems to be a comradery between them. I don't believe their goals are the same nor their motivations and she's not his slave. But theirs is a relationship I hope to know more about --- and soon. That bracelet is most likely a type of tribal charm and since it's gotten Rin detained and investigated, it must have a story, all its own.

Deborah:I hope that their partnership is consensual because the thought of her being a slave for over ten years is a bit hard to bare. I was saddened by the scene where Do Ha was meant to sell the Chinese calligraphy but was instead humiliated by everyone and Yun Ha barely came to her aid. I wonder what is going to happen after Yun Ha learns that Sadam wants to employ Do Ha for his evil deeds or whatever he wants her for.

Tiara: That is a good point Deborah. What will Do Ha’s sister do when she finds out Sadam plans to use her sister? I don’t get the feeling when Sadam uses Do Ha, she will be alive after the ordeal. I get the feeling the man plans to kill her while trying her power. Yes, Yun Ha went willingly to Sadam yet I still think there was more going on than what we saw. She told Do Ha she did something she shouldn’t. Whatever this means we can only guess. Was it kissing the King? Was it knowing she made the King possessed? Was it guilt some of the reasons she stayed with Sadam? She has to have known her sister would try to find her.

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In Joseon, everything and everyone has a price

Tiara: The poor girl can't catch a break. Yes, she needs to learn manners, but she shouldn’t be subjected to being made fun of. Considering these are the people who run the government and will laugh at someone who is unable to read, speaks volumes of how the higher class thinks of the real people of the Kingdom. Do Ha’s sister doesn’t help matters by throwing money at her like a cheap whore. For Do Ha, money isn’t worth anything, but family is worth everything. Good for her for standing up for her morals.

Unnichan: Do Ha is simple, that's true, but her lack of education doesn't make her less of a human being. Unfortunately, that's not how it works in Joseon. This is an instance where being a fish out of what isn't comical or frustrating but disappointing and disparaging. But Do Ha has enough spunk not to be swayed by small mindedness and since she's so thick herself, I don't see the "powers that be" influencing her outlook on life much either. Rather, she will rub off on a future King, I'm just grateful, dim, isn't contagious.

A wounded Rin spends the night with Do Ha.

Deborah: Some of the things that Do Ha does and says just annoys me. I understand that she is a simple minded, naive girl; however, bringing up the man who had arrested the guy is not the best way to get said guy to take medicine. Also, why did she listen to Rin’s giant tantrum and leave her OWN room? Yes, she wants him to get better but she should not have put up with that childish nonsense, especially given that she has proven herself to be one who does not take other people’s crap.

Unnichan: Tell me about it! But being Do Ha softened toward Rin after seeing him treated so poorly by his brother and since we all know that’s the first step to love, it was no shock that she went on to save Rin’s life, nurse him and bring him back home. Proximity is the best way to perpetuate closeness and understanding. It’s a drama shortcut to creating a bond and that is certainly something from which Rin could benefit.

Tiara: I kind of hate Do Ha being in a room by herself with him. It's not fair I tell you. How to get your leads to fall for one another, close quarters. Did you see Rin’s smile when she told him about the medicine? He is smitten and jealous. Of course the mood is killed when he finds out who gave Do Ha the medicine.


Deborah:The storyline and characters are developing slowly but surely. I still don’t care that much for a lot of the characters but it is definitely more than it was in the earlier episodes.

Unnichan: The story is developing its characters well, where I am truly enjoying the hole Ki San continues to dig for himself, the trouble Rin gets himself into and the scheming of Sadam. However, more and more I like that we are getting to know Moo Seok better. I see him as a character that will grow and expand his way of thinking and even if he never bends, I'm certain, he won't be breaking either.

Tiara: I agree Moo Seok is growing on me, slowly. (I AM GOOT!!!) I like how this episode is setting up for Moo Seok to learn a painful lesson about the game of political chess. He's always thought about others. He is being complex by keeping to his honor, morals, and justice. It is good to have these qualities, but one has to take a side at some point. Rin just continues to be adorable. There is a seriousness about him, but I enjoy seeing his playful side. I like how we got to see how he hasn’t gotten over the night his father attacked him.


Tiara: I’m disappointed in the lack of power the minister seem to not have. Where are the ministers who just disapprove of everything the King tries to do? Where are the factions fighting for their right to control power in the palace? I want to see the political game fighting against the supernatural world. I’m also ready for our group of ghost hunters to get together. This is suppose to be the Night Watchman’s Journal. Don’t tell me this is going to turn out like Gu Family Book and never actually get the darn book. If the Night Watchman isn’t form and they don’t start going ghost hunting, I just might throw something.

Deborah: Agreed, there have been a lack of “night watchman’s journal” going on. Honestly, it is all just politics right now and not enough supernatural for me.

Unnichan: To be honest, Show waiting to give Yun Ha her fateful flashback, until now felt like a narrative inconsistency and a little dramatically manipulative to me. I could understand if she'd had it later, after seeing her twice. But to blink upon her in this episode and the memory come tumbling back, just didn't sit well, especially since the moment would've had much more punch when she saw her caged last week. I get that rationally she may have paid little attention to a village interloper botching her presentation but I can't help but feel the insertion was an afterthought. However, what was so startling about that moment was the apparent change in Yun Ha’s demeanor. She is not the eonni Do Ha is looking for and at this point, I’m not sure we can blame that entirely on Sadam and his voodoo.


Deborah: Rin and Do Ha will be together through the anger. Moo Seok and his cousin will get friendzoned. Rin will get so distracted by Sadam that he will ruin not only his life but also damage the kingdom.

Unnichan: Rin and Do Ha will be stuck or thrown together in as many ways as possible to get them to begin to depend on one another. Which isn’t much of a feat, for either of them, for neither has a real friend in this world.

Tiara: Moo Seok is going to continue being super nice to Do Ha and end up friendzone soon after. Rin is going to continue being a jerk for a few more episodes and then turn on the charm to be interested in Do Ha. I say episode 10 or 11 will be our first kiss.

Well scribes, it's time to close another chapter on TNWJ. Lives have been threatened and saved, pride and faces have been slapped, identities and insecurities uncovered and through it all---- King Ki San is still crazy.

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